Offset: “I Cannot Vibe With Queers”

Published: Wednesday 17th Jan 2018 by Sam

Migos member Offset has been a fixture in the headlines of late, after being exposed for cheating on girlfriend Cardi B.

And while the ‘Bodak Yellow’ femcee has been forgiving, it’s unlikely the LGBT community will be.

For, he’s just offended them in a pronounced way.

Guesting on YFN Lucci‘s song ‘Boss Life,’ Offset raps the following (at the 0.23) mark…

“I cannot vibe with queers”


Having seemingly weathered the storm of the cheating scandal, he’s in for quite the awakening as this gains traction.

What is the actual point in rapping that?

Silly man.

Your thoughts?

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  1. TheOne January 17, 2018

    Dude has tattoos on his face, so who really values his opinions. At least he made his stance known and the gay community can choose to not support his music.
    Stop letting him vibe off y’all dollars!

    • Belladonna January 17, 2018

      Same I’m over Migos but I’m also over Cardi B as well I can’t support Homophobes or the people who marry them. I can’t have negativity in my life for 2018.

      • GAslickmouf January 17, 2018

        Facts bro

      • jim November 9, 2018

        ur just a b**** bro that dont even affect ur life, ur just mad cause ur prob a q**** urself

    • Exodus January 18, 2018

      Lol anyone with tattoos on their face catches the crossfire huh. Ignorance.

    • Matti January 18, 2018

      Yes the dude is a total asshat, but devaluing him because of what he put on his face is stooping down to his level. But I’m glad this came out so I can officially not like him and the music he puts out.

  2. Ciara January 17, 2018

    Thats because you are a q****…

    • TheOne January 17, 2018

      Funny how we have so much courage behind protected screens lol

      • Electrikblue January 17, 2018

        Yep guess you’re referring to yourself to then?

    • Thomas January 18, 2018

      You a silly ass chick…..sitcho dumb ass down somewhere

    • Rex January 18, 2018

      That thought crossed my mind as well.

  3. BOOMKACK123 January 17, 2018

    For someone who doesn’t vibe with q***** he sure loves wearing their designs and dressing like one. Silly boy indeed.

    • Julian January 18, 2018

      That’s what I was thinking, Migos themselves are “q****” (meaning adhering to non-binary gender identities, not necessarily gay) in the way they consciously reject or at the very least play with traditional images of masculinity, so that statement is beyond dumb. But that’s none of my business. ??‍♂️

  4. Mami January 17, 2018

    He’s homophobic and his girlfriend Cardio refers to black women as ROACHES…they belong together #TrashOnTrash

    • _EssenceOfSean_ January 17, 2018

      Oh stfu. Cardi calls herself a roach and she’s TRINI & DOMINCAN! She is BLACK!

      Pls do yall research.

    • Amoe January 17, 2018

      Cardi even refered to her self as a roach.. stop letting ppl cut and paste things to look a certain way.. she wasn’t calling someone a roach because of the way they look, but because of their financial status.. there is a difference

      • DanYiel Iman January 18, 2018


    • KING B!! January 21, 2018

      STFU B****!!! Shes Not Black!!! She even said it Herself !!! ??

  5. Danyboo January 17, 2018

    They be on his mind heavy to shout them.

  6. Jasmine January 17, 2018

    TGT is back at it again with only posting negative articles of black straight men. Who cares what Offset thinks or raps? You either like it or you don’t. How about posting some positive articles for a change?

    • Xscrape January 17, 2018

      That’s a pretty newsworthy line coming from a Billboard-topping rapper. How can people like it or don’t if news/gossip sites don’t report it?

      • Jasmine January 17, 2018

        Xscape you are falling for the TGJ okey doke. Offset is no Drake or Jay-z or Nas. He is a nobody. Homophobic rap lyrics is nothing new. Some of the best rappers of all time have used homophobic lyrics at some point in their songs. See the bigger picture TGJ is trying to do…paint straight black men in a negative light. Jay-Z wrote a song about his mother being a lesbian and how proud he is of her but you won’t see that get posted on TGH and we all know Jay-Z is a bigger artist.

        TGJ also does not support gay hip-hop artists. I have yet to see any article posted about Big Freedia, ILoveMakonnen, Angel Haze, Mélange Lavonne, Cazwell. Why not support your own. I love Big Freedia and she deserves to be promoted too. I guess people like Big Freedia does not fit in with the straight-black-male bashing-while-not-supporting-gays TGT constantly does.

    • Paulo January 18, 2018

      Here she comes Captain Save A Donkey… keep stretching and seething Ho! This blog is pro-equality deal with it

      • Jasmine January 18, 2018

        Paula open your mouth again so I can pee in it b|tch. Last time you did not swallow all of the pee.

    • unicode January 18, 2018

      Jasmine is back at it again with only posting negative comments on rap reviews. Who cares what TGJ thinks or raps? You either like it or you don’t. How about posting some positive comments for a change?

      Speaking up about stuff you don’t like is a super ordinary thing to do – otherwise you wouldn’t have spent time calling TGJ out for calling Offset out

      • Jasmine January 18, 2018

        unicode at least I have an opinion. You have zero opinion except coming for me. Get a job loser.

  7. KingMe January 17, 2018

    But aren’t you wearing garments that were designed by gays whose style and look is the revelation of a q***** image? You wear your dreads in a high bun, choker necklaces and designer “man bags” but yet don’t vibe with q*****??! I’m tired.

    • Oliver January 17, 2018

      That it’s choice . But dude you ugly and no gay will want you .. they will not want you not because you only ugly and not attractive you also lack of tolerance and education about what’s differency.. your gf is a stripper and you a monkey do the math . Bunch of stupid wanna be stars .enjoy your 2 mins of fame

  8. Francis January 17, 2018

    This could hurt Cardi in the long run, she has a lot of LGBT fans. I don’t give a f*** about Migos, their songs all sound the same. Quavo has some nice features though

    • Jasmine January 17, 2018

      I doubt that. Go listen to Cardi B – Wash Poppin. Clearly she is homophobic too but the gays love her just like the gays at The Gay Juice love Offsett. They loathe and lust after straight black men which is why they are always pathetically trying to bash them for being straight.

      • iluhmesomeCHRIS January 17, 2018

        Yea, none of this is accurate at all. You must be from the bible belt. That sounds like the crap being peddled to the evangelists and baptists. You fks believe anything

      • YoKing January 17, 2018

        Nothing on that song is Homophobic shut up

      • Jasmine January 17, 2018

        @YoKing Tell that to TGT regarding Offset’s song. In regards to Cardi B’s song I heard it a while back and distinctly remember her saying verbatim: “Silly muthaf|ucka who raised you? A n|gga with a p|ussy how disgraceful.” That is certainly homophobic.

      • Navy Gravy January 17, 2018

        That actually wasn’t toward homosexuals she was talking about sexist men hating on her success. I’m a die hard Cardi fan and she hasn’t touched the gay subject yet. She said in many songs and ig videos that a lot of men attack her on a daily basis and she’s saying to these men “why you hatin on a b**** for getting money?”. A lot of people in general were like “where did this rat girl come from”? And it hurt her feelings even more when it was coming from ‘straight men’. That’s who she was referring to as n!ggas with a pu$$y. She even says in this upcoming song “I’ll smack you and the b**** that you act like”. Referring to those sexist men. She’s not homophobic and even if she was she knows not to say it.

      • Jasmine January 18, 2018

        Thank you for clarifying Navy Gravy. I guess I am out of touch with today’s hood ebonics. The slang has changed with this new generation. For example, why have hos been called THOTS (That Ho Over There) the past 6 years. A ho is a ho. No need for extra words that do not make sense. The ho could be standing right in front of someone and I hear people calling the ho a thot which makes no sense to me. For Cardi’s rap…a pu$$y n|gga is a pu$$y n|gga. There is no need for the extra words (which make no sense…”n|gga with a pu$$y”) because the extra words can be interpreted as homophobic. A “n|gga with a pu$$y” is a t***** to me and not a pu$$y n|gga.

    • SMH January 18, 2018

      Cardi won’t be affected. These new generation gays are idiots. They will still listen to her even though she’s marrying a cheating homophobe.

      • Caleb January 18, 2018

        What happened to the days when gay people supported artists who publicly support them, like Janet or Madonna back in the day? These new artists being held up as ‘gay icons’ don’t say s*** in support of us.

  9. Malc January 17, 2018

    His ugly ass is only relevant because of Cardi. If he wasn’t with cardi his ass would’ve been left of bad and bougie too. ?? if he didn’t have money he would still be a regular ass n**** selling dime bags on the corner. Not to mention, we (the gays) don’t even f*** with you. Boy rap about something else.

    • Jaquan Duncan January 23, 2018

      Uhhh Cardi only got with Offset after Bodak Yellow. This n**** was poppin years before Cardi. He might only be relevant to gays or whatever y’all want to be called. The world don’t revolve round your asses. Sorry he hurt your feelings. But you know what? Don’t prove him right! Y’all are showing why he don’t vibe with q*****. All they do is get sensitive all the time.

  10. _EssenceOfSean_ January 17, 2018

    lol I’m gay and I agree with him. My circle is enough tbh!

    I don’t vibe with Transgenders or white people that much either. I don’t hate the. just I rather not

    • Drew Jen January 18, 2018

      What’s wrong with trans people?

      • Jasmine January 18, 2018

        Nothing is wrong with trans people except some of them feel the need to be accepted by straight people as if they are thirsty for validation. I don’s see straight people feeling the need to be around trans people for validation. Do trans people not support each other?

      • Paulo January 18, 2018

        Jizzmene is so f****** dense it’s funny and tragic at the same time… first of all, the opposition is CISgendered vs TRANSgendered as trans people can be either gay or straight or bi for that matter… second, straight cis people do not lose their jobs for being who they are, straight cis people do not get ousted from improvement opportunities such as attending lessons and classes for being who they are and most importantly straight cis people do not lose their lives and safety for being who they are. shut the f*** up dumbass

      • Jasmine January 19, 2018

        Paulo stop stalking my comments F A G G O T bully! I don’t care about your fagggoty thoughts. They are meaningless to me! What I said is real and what you are bothering me with is a nonfactor.

  11. Achooo! January 17, 2018

    Offset the monkey is at it again. Offset need to realize that the entertainment industry is dominated by q***** and everyday he has interacted with a q**** whether he knows it or not. Always the ugly ones. Smh

    • Ashanti#1Fan January 17, 2018

      You tell no lies. Always and forever the ugliest black men bashing gays

  12. Cbeylive January 17, 2018

    Lawd Jesus here we go again ??

  13. iluhmesomeCHRIS January 17, 2018

    Migos (Quavo, Offset & Takeoff): you queens are goin learn someday that homophobia is ALWAYS an internalized disorder. Constantly commenting against the LGBTQ + homophobia. They don’t hate us; they hate theirselves. Homophobes = closet cases, i hope Cardi figures that out before she mouths those vows…


    oh and Migos- it gets better boos. Learn to love yourselves on the inside and then worry about comin after me on the outside you closet case bottoms

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      Why the bottom-shaming though? ?

  14. _EssenceOfSean_ January 17, 2018



    Oh how we forget! He said VIBE! and people should look up the word Q****!

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      And she didn’t seem to mind Eminem using that word on her album enough to pull out the song.

  15. Mark111 January 17, 2018

    And? It’s funny how people pick and chose what’s offensive. I can list a few lines in music that people don’t vibe with. Nicki said “eff a skinny B”, Chris Brown said he “don’t F with broke B’s”. I didn’t see people getting hot and stop supporting music over those comments. Y’all gonna have to deal with the fact that gays don’t run rap, this will not effect his audience, you don’t matter, sorry. Now go back your Gagas and Beyonce liking.

    • Paulo January 18, 2018

      Your closet act is so try-hard you gon pull a muscle or have a seizure lol

  16. DS January 17, 2018

    He looks like Dionne Warwick… LOL

    • Haters Gon’ Hate January 18, 2018

      DEAD ⚰️

  17. KB January 17, 2018

    He should stop dress like a q****.

    • TaylorDuh January 17, 2018

      Facts haha hilarious

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      They dress like some damn power puff girls

      • Fabian January 19, 2018

        ROTFF You right about that my dukes. Dead ass!

  18. Ropeburn January 17, 2018

    I appreciate it when the (likely closeted) homophobes out themselves. It takes the guesswork out of it and let’s me know who ain’t gonna get any streams, views ,or coins from me.

  19. TaylorDuh January 17, 2018

    It’s whatever I can’t expect everyone to like or vibe in his words with the LBGT community. I also don’t think it’s fair for us to force them not to express how they feel its Freedom of speech no need to get offended until he say q***** should go to hell I’ll listen to a bop if he ever release one. But all he said was he can’t vibe. Theres alot of mofos I can’t vibe with either.

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      He can say however he feels and others are free to express their distaste.

  20. Jermany January 17, 2018

    Ain’t nobody checking for this dog faced negahhh. Cardi made him relevant. I can’t vibe with q***** either tbh.

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      How she make him relevant when the migos were at #1 half a year before her?

  21. #TeamTinashe Stan (Tinashe’s New Music Comes Out THIS THURSDAY!) January 17, 2018

    The song actually sounds good!

  22. Charles January 17, 2018

    Offset definition: the amount or distance by which something is out of line. Small wonder.

  23. I hate Blacak. And Whiyte bitczhc January 17, 2018

    Soooo..offset can say n.igga, ho. Or btch. .but can’t say q****…oh God offset said q****… give me a break its hip hop

    • GAslickmouf January 17, 2018

      If u are blocked bro u don’t wanna be called a n***** from a white person. Same if u gay u don’t wanna be called q****. Point blank.

      • Caleb January 18, 2018

        Ikr how hard of a concept is it really?

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      He doesn’t identify as gay so why does he feel the need to call gay people q**** and talk about how non-vibable we are?

  24. Leeder January 17, 2018

    Your whole fiancé a q**** so stfu. You out here insecure about ur own sexuality you can’t be comfortable with others being themselves like it’ll affect you. God will judge your cheatin, fornicating a** just as he judges q*****. No one asked yo lizard crack head malnourished mutha fuggin a** to vibe, but ur barely passed fifth grade vocabulary having a** will respect it. **drops mic and walks off stage**

  25. Ljay Bolden January 17, 2018

    Honestly I could care less I don’t support his music at all but Cardi better be careful before she loses fans messing with him may be toxic to her image

  26. Lucinda Shankle January 17, 2018

    It is as song are a rap song, why make if personal that’s not right it is a rap song…if he says that personally then you can hold against him ..he probably didn’t write it just singing it ..

  27. Jamie January 17, 2018

    Chile please. Ain’t nobody thinking bout no damn Offset–a criminal/poor example of a man has never had an influence on me. He doesn’t even make my dyckk hard whatsoever. He has no kind of sseexx appeal and I bet his breath smells like pure doo doo. #Nextcase

  28. BOBBY January 17, 2018

    WE BOYCOTT U !!!!

  29. Donta Perkins January 17, 2018

    This is real s*** bro I was a fan until now u lost my vote and now all logos songs are coming off my iPhone ? I mean I know it won’t make u a difference right ? F*** your fans . You know the people that made u famous I been listening migos since 2014 …… before your dreads grew out I would have rathered you kept you opinion of rocking with the gays to yourself but hey f*** it …. & @cardib I wonder do you really know the man you said yes too ?

  30. Willow January 17, 2018

    I’m gay and he was once my favorite amigo until now

  31. Ratedxxx January 17, 2018

    Oh my gosh is it a crime to not like. Gay people now. I hate when transsexuals tries to turn men gay…..thats cool to do….but let a man say they hate gay people..its a hate crime

    • GAslickmouf January 17, 2018

      No sweetie it’s the terminology Q**** is a homophobic word dear. So yes. Like being called a n*****

      • Jamie January 18, 2018

        I think it’s more so the intent behind the word because on scruff, it’s a style.

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      Wtf are you even talking about dumbass?

  32. The Wig Snatcher January 17, 2018

    Black gay party promoters will still book Cardi B. and maybe Offset and still shop at H&M. Who cares?

  33. Leo January 17, 2018

    That b**** is in the closet . U ugly , tattoos all over your face and have the nerve to say that!

  34. Fabian January 17, 2018

    He looks like he on the DL, what did he mean and what did he prove with that dumb ass statement. Dude, you just keep digging yah whole deeper, huh?! Lol. Let’s see what it is when the Q***** stop supporting his ass and he feels that. Sad, sad insecure dude. I never beef but I’ll call you in your BS my dukes. #FOULOUT #FABIAN that trans dude aka Graffitti Notez SP. #BOOM say something…. *waiting for it*

  35. Fabian January 17, 2018

    Yo, for real. Where Nicki at LOL I am ready to eat these cats alive. The only roaches out chea are Cardi Boo and Offcenter -LOL

  36. stancardibfan January 18, 2018

    cardi b sister is a lesbian , so lets see how far this half ass rapper gets cuz fam over everything

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      He probably doesn’t dislike lesbians.

  37. BHYISI January 18, 2018

    This is what happens when you entertain ignorance. You all brought in the definition of ignorance when you threw all support behind Cardi B. Now the least talented female rapper since iggy is dominating and her boyfriend can’t seem to shut his mouth or keep it in his pants.
    Why are ugly guys like offset so obsessed with the LGBT community? Most gay males would look at Quavo before they looked at anyone else in that group. Yet the ugliest one has such an issue. I mean the obsession is real. This man keeps gay people on his mind way too much to be totally straight and if he is, he needs therapy. Him and rappers like him often use the community for buzz and they fall for it every time!Stop giving this man the attention he craves.
    Migos and Cardi B are the product of a dumbed down generation buying trash music and making trashy idiots rich.
    Cardi B will continue to down black women, while they support her and make excuses because they like her trash music. Offset will continue to pollute our black males into believing his b.s. music and living a lifestyle of drug dependence, womanizing, and crime.If you’re of the LGBT community and support either you’re dumb. They clearly don’t like you and have told you several times in songs that they didn’t. Sometimes it’s not just music!

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      “Most gay males would look at Quavo before they looked at anyone else in that group.”


  38. Budz January 18, 2018

    As a gay man its unfortunate that I kind of feel him on this. I cant vibe with q***** eithers.

  39. Maurice January 18, 2018

    That’s why we ain’t supporting his ugly ass!! He probably on the DL himself

  40. Cobykoehl January 18, 2018

    Lolz uneducated and dirty .take a bath ugly c***. No one wants you

  41. Lake Erie January 18, 2018

    Damn,yes he made the comment but I don’t think he’ll be impacted by this at all. At this point as far as they are concerned…. it’s like “shrugs”.. .. Like everyone f**** with migos… not just the LGBT community which isn’t EVEN CLOSE to half of their fan base.

  42. Jay January 18, 2018

    Ironic he doesn’t like gay men but he’s from ATL…. THE GAY CAPITAL! Lol

  43. greg January 18, 2018

    i find it amazing that these straight people have better gaydar than most gays ? ?

  44. Doitlooklikeiwasleftoffbadandbougie January 18, 2018

    Don’t listen to the song if it makes you mad.

  45. quawy January 18, 2018

    Silly silly ugly man….you are trash and your music us too

  46. Vaughn January 18, 2018

    So what? Why must everyone conform to the socially acceptable b*******? Like what you like, accept what you accept. As long as he isn’t physically hurting anyone who gives a f***.

  47. Odell beckham that n**** January 18, 2018

    People should face the facts and stop listening to hip-hop if you’re pro LGBT. Rappers and black people from low income neighborhoods are nine times out of ten homophobic. It’s just facts.

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      Not anymore than the rest of the population. Not every stereotype is true you know.

  48. Lebron that niqqa January 18, 2018

    People should wake up and face the facts. If you’re pro LGBT stop listening to hip-hop. Rappers and black people from low income neighborhoods in general are nine times out of ten homophobic. It might not show in public but you know what it be like deep down inside

  49. Cyd January 18, 2018

    Check his IG before y’all go hating him. He spoke up about how he didn’t mean it like that since there are multiple definitions of the word.

    • Caleb January 18, 2018

      Lol and you buy that?

  50. Bounce January 18, 2018

    Knowin’ he lovin’ that boypussy. Too many rap cats stuck in the closet.

  51. Lee lee January 18, 2018

    Mannn and I really like off set too. Welp anything involving him will not be brought by me or my crew. F*** dat n****

  52. D’quan January 18, 2018

    Blacks are largely uninterested in ethical concerns that don’t center around their own interests.

    • Paulo January 18, 2018

      so you’re saying there’s no black q**** people? shut up.

  53. 2018 youth January 18, 2018

    That song is great migos kings?????? All these anti homophobic analyzation needs to stop y’all need to get a hobby or a job

  54. Gill January 18, 2018

    Just another undercover negro who claims he dont like gays but behind secret closed doors hed one of them. Weve seen this before homie. You not fooling us. Maybe the females but not us.

  55. jerzeejay18 January 18, 2018

    OMG!!! BHYISI you are the voice of reason!!! Sadly no one will listen. Not because you aren’t telling the truth but because they can’t handle the truth.

  56. Mad January 18, 2018

    Good old Offset and his compensating. Come out already

  57. Caleb January 18, 2018

    How the f*** you live in Atlanta but “don’t vibe with q*****”?

  58. Jack January 18, 2018

    I feel the same as offset on that although, I have nothing against it and probably stand for gay rights.I don’t enjoy hanging with them tho. Hey im high and probably talking s*** and taking a s***

  59. John Doe January 19, 2018

    Sensitive ass n*****. Look at this comment section lmao

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