Predictions Are In: Justin Timberlake’s New Album To Deliver His Lowest First Week Sales Ever

Published: Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 by Rashad

As his latest top 10 single, ‘Filthy,’ proclaims…”haters gon’ say it’s fake, but it’s so real.”

That’s right, jaws dropped at news Justin Timberlake‘s new album – ‘Man of the Woods’ – is set to deliver the lowest first week sales of his nearly two decade long solo career.  Preceded by the cuts ‘Filthy,’ ‘Supplies,’ ‘Say Something’ (featuring Chris Stapleton), and its title track, the album is his first to only produce one top 10 single among its first quartet of singles.

Add to this the tunes’ respective poor performances on streaming charts (while faring fairly well on the sales side of the coin), industry analysts have used that information – in conjunction with its reported sales after the first 24 hours of its availability – to predict how many units the project is set to shift by next week’s end.

If their predictions ring true, ‘Man of the Woods’ will go down as the singer’s worst first week sales performance ever.  See the info inside:


‘Man of the Woods’

First Week Sales:  300-350,000

Predicted Chart Position:  #1


To date, Timberlake’s lowest first week sales are that of his 2002 debut album, ‘Justified,’ which shifted 439,000 its first week of availability.  Should the numbers above ring true, ‘Man of the Woods’ would replace his debut set as the lowest premiere numbers of his career.  However, the reality is that replacement is highly unlikely.

Before the anti-Timberlake crew begins to rejoice, the preliminary information listed here is based on very early reads and will undoubtedly increase next week as the Grammy winner hits the TV and radio circuit in promotion of the new album.  Furthermore, with the Super Bowl just a day away, we won’t be surprised if that figure nearly doubles by the final count on next Friday.

Regardless of what kind of tools the ‘Supplies’ singer has in his box of tricks to increase awareness and interest in the new LP, first day sales are always a true representation of anticipation for a project.  And, as the respective nonperformance of each of ‘Man of the Woods’ singles indicated prior to their parent album’s release, music lovers weren’t exactly eager to get their hands on Justin’s latest material (compared to previous projects).

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  1. Faf February 3, 2018

    Ok….still going platinum
    And still 3x what’s most ppl selling

    • Bam February 3, 2018

      Exactly…I was expecting something crazy low…and the Super Bowl is gonna help it as well. I don’t even think the music is good but it is selling. Now the interesting thing will be to see what the next album sells like.

  2. Britney’s 8 Count February 3, 2018

    Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Suicide Blonde February 3, 2018

    Based on early reads after one full day of sales, without SB boost. Isn’t too early for this post TGJ?, I know y’all desperate to see him flop but at least wait till your wishes come to fruition.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 3, 2018

      suicide I left you a reply in the last Ritry post. Please check it out 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde February 3, 2018


      • Jasmine February 3, 2018

        @JOHNVIDAL Shut up Uncle Tom B|tch! I read what you wrote to me on that Rihanna post b|tch!

  4. XYZ February 3, 2018

    How you act as if those were bad numbers 🙄 pink did the same and you acted as if she sold a million

  5. Erica February 3, 2018

    Yeah but come on 300,000 is consider big in this day of age he out did Gaga & katy, who hasn’t been in the game as nearly as long as him

  6. IAMME February 3, 2018

    I’m confused, that’s actually great.. For these DAYS!

  7. iamdiego February 3, 2018

    These are solid numbers considering today’s climate. After the superbowl sales will be revised upward like the rest. I’ll give him 425,000+ by next week.

  8. LB February 3, 2018

    F*** this piece of trash

  9. king z February 3, 2018

    why drag p!nk into this? the truth is those numbers were great, but they were also THE HIGHEST OF HER CAREER. that’s a hard feat for anybody let alone in this sales climate

    JT’s numbers are good. i hate TGJ spinning it like its not. but at the end of the day they are his lowest numbers and they are indication that folks aint here for his new shiiiit

    the term FLOP don’t apply here, but it is not one size fit all

    • XYZ February 3, 2018

      Oh, I did not mean to discredit Pinks numbers. She did good, even though I think she had better albums. She was just the first coming to my mind with the same numbers and an album released in the current climate. Both are no flops, but TGJ act as if JT flops right now, which he isn’t. Even if they are his lowest numbers, you have to take into account that sales overall are at their lowest. 10 years ago those numbers maybe would have been over 500 k.

      • Davii February 3, 2018

        Says who? Maybe the album just sucks? Plain and simple.

  10. Carlitos February 3, 2018

    Always so damn negative.

  11. king z February 3, 2018

    If taylor swift last album sold 1mil and Reputation sold 350k, she would be called a flop

    eminem last album sold 700k but this one did like 300k

    if jt last album did 700k and this one does 300k. its a flop sis sorry. that means its only DOWN from there. it will be platinum by RIAA standards but not anybody else’s real standards

  12. Pu$$iePopstress February 3, 2018

    the commenters here seem to have their picks and chooses on who they back. when bey sold 300k back in 2011 folks said she was a flop cuz her album didn’t have any top 10 singles

    in 2017 350k is big numbers for certain acts. jt aint one of them

    • Bam February 3, 2018

      Well this is true…it’s like Alicia Keys going from selling record breaking 700k+ to 400k and it only went down from there.

  13. SMH February 3, 2018

    It’s right on track with what I expected. But since his last album open with 930K, anything less will be considered a failure. You can’t compare Pink because her sales were consistent with her last release.

  14. JOHNVIDAL February 3, 2018

    If he sells that (I suppose it is not real sales but anyway), which is way more than Eminem, it will be damn great. I thought he may do less this time because despite being a white media darling like Taylor Swift (or middle America or however you want to put it), he didn´t have hits this time and people were not having a lot of his stuff and history this time. So this will be good numbers.

    • Suicide Blonde February 3, 2018

      He’s not a media darling anymore, literally all the medias have hate on him this era, both deserved and undeserving, not to mention, the constant hate from the gp too, so, he’ll be lucky if he succeed this era.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 3, 2018

        The general public? That´s the one he has on his side. TGJ people like us or some Janet fans are not the general public. People in general don´t care or even know about Justin´s good or bad actions/backlashes or whatever. That´s why he releases an album and can still survive and do good. He´s a middle America people´s darling. General public mostly know what radio pushes down their throats (that goes for the delusional Rihanna fans who think hit after hit on radio is not the biggest promo your underperforming album can have lol). They don´t know about little twitter drama.

      • Suicide Blonde February 3, 2018

        I don’t think they’re feeling the music this time, we’ll see.

  15. whut February 3, 2018

    Sounds about right. The numbers may or may not increase after Sunday, but the album will die out quickly.

  16. Allure Searles February 3, 2018

    Don’t care for Justin Timberlake or his new album

  17. YesMadam February 3, 2018

    even if he opens in the real of 400-500k, the album will still fail and go down as his lowest selling overall

    the content just isn’t that great

  18. Meme February 3, 2018

    I’m shocked. Those are really good numbers for an album that both critics and the general public isn’t feeling.

  19. Mark111 February 3, 2018

    A new album and about you perform in front of the biggest audience with over 100 million viewers, anything less than 500K is a flop. He should be doing the minimum of 400K off his name alone. I know the climate, but he’s gonna have all of America watching, unless they choose to go to the restroom for those 15 mins. No excuses, companies spend millions on commercials because the Superbowl is the biggest American audience. Anything under 500K is a flop.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 3, 2018

      Rihanna´s entire career is a flop then? Superbowl has still not happened anyway. We´ll see how big the boost is.

      • Mark111 February 3, 2018

        Rihanna performed at the Superbowl? Reading is key.

      • Bam February 3, 2018

        No he read, but he was just looking for a reason to shade RiRi.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 4, 2018

        The key is HE STILL HAS NOT performed at the Superbowl and this predictions are based on first day. There will be a boost very probably. Has Rihanna ever sold over 300k without Superbowl? I don´t expect Rihanna fans to show any type of…anything. But like somebody else said, you even contradicted ourself in order to shade him. Which is always funny coming from stans of way power selling artists.

    • SdotB February 3, 2018

      You go from saying he shouldn’t do anything under 400k based off his name alone, then you say anything under 500k is a flop…so which one is it? I bet if he was projected to do 500k you would then say “anything under 600k is a flop”. You wish-washy mofo’s act like you know the biz to a tee and how much everyone should be making, like you got access to their coins. Smmfh…

  20. Jermain February 3, 2018

    Dwl…that’s not that bad considering how LOW most of today’s “popular/mainstream” artists selling..I thought it was like 90-100k.

  21. Curiously Curious February 3, 2018

    The writers for this blog really have a vendetta out for Justin Timberlake. Everything they post about him is negative. Let him live.

    • YesMadam February 3, 2018

      because they are janet stans

  22. Essence_Of_Sean February 3, 2018

    Not gonna pretend like those are bad numbers and I can’t even stand this dude

    • JOHNVIDAL February 3, 2018

      Yes I´m not even interested in him but people do the most.

  23. Ocean February 3, 2018

    300-350 .. that’s still good for an album that hasn’t produced any decent singles yet!

    I wanna see week 2 … it might do a Jay Z and start tumbling down the charts …

    Nevertheless … JT still gets a number 1 .. he still doing super bowl … and his invite to the cookout has been revoked if Janet really isn’t sharing the stage with him!

      • ??? February 4, 2018

        Who are you the ghetto queen?

      • Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

        You can bow down if you’re feeling like a peasant hunnie! lol 😂

      • VV93 February 4, 2018



        JT wants NOTHING from Miss Ghetto.

      • Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

        JT ugly as hell lol…ya’ll can have that old dog! 😂 Nasal asss tones…yellow asss teeth! You damn right! Fancy BISH wants nothing to do with his Gollum looking asss 😂 But I wish his tired looking ass good luck tho! Break a leg Justinesha Boomqweesha Timberfake!

      • VV93 February 4, 2018

        He has fans that look a million times better than you BISH. Try youtube. Keep crying BISH. LMFAO

      • Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

        I know I look better than YOU lol 😂 And I look better than his desperate asss fans!

      • VV93 February 4, 2018

        When Justin takes that stage your delusional dreams are over. You most likely look like your ghetto video. You don’t look better than anyone.

      • Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

        I certainly look better than you! I’m on your mind hunnie! And you’re just jealous that I don’t have to ACT like I like that TRASH of an album! Pitchfork got it right! New York Times did too! Why don’t you focus on your ugly old fave cause I’m not watching him tonight! And you’re lurking me too! 😂 You ain’t gonna change my opinion, so keep it moving! Had the nerve to tell ME to go look at his confused fans on YouTube! You must be crazy! Retarded actually!

      • VV93 February 4, 2018

        Your response proves you are insecure. You are not changing my mind nor the faces of people like myself who are genetically superior to you in every way. It goes without saying you are the biggest JT troll and this morning you woke up with JT on your mind. Iggy Azalea and you have never been fancy. She’s just as over as your comments.

      • We’re Good February 4, 2018

        Only person confused is you. On every Justin Timberlake article like you are a maniac on the loose. Don’t respond to that thang people. She/he/trans is not

      • Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

        @ We’re Not Good, you can’t take the truth! The truth hurts! Wack asss album that you’re not listening to obviously! Yaaas BISH, I get under your skin obviously! Just my opinion, but you can’t take it! And stop acting like you know me! Peasant!

    • Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

      Go get your fave some blueberry donuts and stfu! You haven’t even said one thing about the album! I didn’t even initially say it lol…I was agreeing and replying to Ocean! But here you are! Go stream the album cause nobody is! Go watch the videos cause nobody’s watching them! The Weeknd took your stank fave out the #1 spot! Let me go stream Abel, Drake and Bruno! And I’d rather watch The Color Purple than wonder why Justinesha keeps referring to his “purple”…. YUCK, sounds like he needs a doctor 👩🏽‍⚕️ Now paging Doctor Jackie! lol 😂 Genetically superior? Heffa, you better dream about it!

  24. ~The Arcade~ February 3, 2018

    LOL Dramatic headline… in this current state of music biz these numbers are actually impressive. NOW! his music however… hasn’t been hitting, its clear he had no clear direction or particular genre with this album. Its a confused mess!

  25. Boo February 3, 2018

    If he sold twice as many last time than it’s a loss plain and simple

  26. MessyJessy February 3, 2018

    You guys should be ashamed in making this article. Shaming 350k in sales when there are artists who sell 25-75k? please stop with the hate. It’s sooo embarrassing.

  27. Mitchell cobb February 3, 2018

    Yaaaassss… This is the best news I have heard all day… #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay tomorrow hunni… I already started today hunni… They gonna learn hunni… #JanetJacksonAppreciationDayTomorrow

  28. Theman February 3, 2018

    These are good numbers. He rode off of huge hits going into his last few eras. That wasn’t the thing this time. These numbers will get boosted. Y’all want him to flop badly lol..

  29. Dmtq February 3, 2018

    Wow so much hate lol this is unexpected considering most of the singles didn’t have much longevity. These are great numbers also considering the state of music he may do 400k -450k after the Super Bowl time will tell.

  30. Saintimonious February 4, 2018

    300,000-350,000 is not bad but he sold like 930,000 first week on his last album so that is mostly carryover from that effort. To sum it up, the music is trash and it’s basically all downhill from here. This means he is only going to do 1/3 of what he did last time even though he has all this press because of the Superbowl, and the critics hate it. It will go platinum and that’s about it. Oh well.

  31. justafan February 4, 2018


    • Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

      Thank you!

  32. Davii February 4, 2018

    Good. Hope this white piece of trash dies soon

  33. nevamind February 4, 2018

    Hurting people, hurt others.

  34. Amanda D. February 6, 2018

    Karma’s bitin’ this boy in the a$$ right now. To quote Young Jeezy…”And I love, and I love…” Nobody’s feeling this jackoff w/ this semi-folk/country b.s.! He needs to stay”In the Woods” w/ that 💩!!!

  35. Guy Gagnon February 7, 2018

    Not my style not liking it

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