Review: August Alsina Live In London

Published: Friday 2nd Feb 2018 by Sam

August Alsina made a triumphant return to London at a packed-to-capacity indigO2 show presented by Musicalize.

It’s been two years since the R&B star hit the capital. And while for most acts said window represents a standard bridge between projects, his was the result of a much more serious reality. For, the New Orleans native has publicly battled a number of life threatening health challenges.

However, there was no let-up in his dynamite dexterity on stage.

Donning a suave red suit (of which little was left by the night’s end), the 25-year-old commanded the crowd with spell-binding precision. And it didn’t require a plethora of production bells and whistles.

Effectively comprised of a mic, a DJ, and two Duracell-powered dancers (who delivered all evening), Alsina’s set placed the focus on his most prized assets: his catalogue and the vehicle that powers it – his voice.

Oft underrated as a vocalist, the singer gifted himself and fans many a moment showcasing the length and breadth of his impressive range. Indeed, performances of jams such as ‘Make It Home,’ ‘I Luv This,’ and ‘Downtown’ were punctuated with adlibs, runs, and outright belts that were evocative of a time when singers really…sang. Ah, the nostalgia.

Naturally, Alsina did indulge the obligatory “R&B pin-up” schtick. Case in point, a topless wipe-down to rapturous applause. But most praise-worthy is his holistic improvement as a performer.

Confident and comfortable, the star organically locked in (and out) of synchronised choreography with his dancers and worked all corners of the stage. He gave a…show; which is a marked improvement from earlier outings.

Despite a spell out of the spotlight, Alsina continues to prove himself to be a compelling artist. One with ample live gravitas. And with new music en route, he clearly has a talent and fanbase that’ll serve him well.

Your thoughts?

[Show Date: January 23rd 2018]
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  1. ??? February 2, 2018


    • tyana jones March 13, 2018

      don’t rememder from I love this and remix trezy and chris?

  2. Liam February 2, 2018

    He’s gained weight and looking good… I saw clips and I was impress he’s really grown as a performer

  3. Caleb February 2, 2018

    He is a great artist. It sucks how quickly his star fell. But I’ll no doubt pay to go see him in concert when he comes around next.

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