Tamar Braxton Covers Upscale Magazine

For much of last month, Tamar Braxton has laid low in the wake of her messy split and seeming reconciliation with estranged husband Vince Herbert.

However, it’s her hair that’s all sorts of laid on the newest cover of Upscale Magazine.

Ms. She, Me, Her rocks a petite pixie cut a-front of the February 2018 issue of the publication.

Within its pages, the R&B belle talks the pursuit of happiness and facing her own reality – which, needless to say, has been more wild than any show she’s been on.

In any case, the issue is on-stands now and available for download. Head below for another shot and a behind the scenes look at her shoot.

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  1. Kaz February 2, 2018

    Short cut looks cute on her! And I’ve always preferred her with dark hair. Yay for something different!

  2. The Wig Snatcher February 2, 2018

    The cover photo is the best she has ever looked. The look is edgy and fits her personality, not those messy long trannyish wigs of different colors she wears.

  3. Stephy February 2, 2018

    The less drag queen-ish she looks… the better.

  4. KeepingR&BAlivewithMiss J February 2, 2018

    She looks very demure and dare I say it (i’m not an ageist at all) Age appropriate.
    Hopefully this brings about a change in her approach to things. I.e Music and other opportunities without any negative energy she’s a funny person without the black cloud around her so hopefully, that shines through in this new era for her.

    The FIRST Phonecall Podcast!? Join us on the call!! With BB & Miss J DO NOT MISS OUT!!!

  5. Ashanti February 2, 2018

    Dear Tamar,

    Nobody cares girl. I know you are reading this because you have no life. Your “Lemonade” or should I say “kool-Aid” era failed. You thought the “my husband is cheating on me” act was going to work for you too. GIRL STOP. WE know you and Vincnet are just fine because the relationship isn’t real anyway. You are a down low lesbian and he is gay. It just works. Ya’ll are business partners. PLEASE just come out and tell Vincent to do the same. Where is this secret baby? Where are the mistresses? Girl you really needed attention that bad? Your albums are poor man Beyonce attempts and your wigs are tired. I guess this is your “Pretty Hurts” pixie cut moment? You don’t have an original bone in your body. It’s sad because you’re talented. Find out who you are. Leave the man and like your sister’s song says “LET IT FLOW”. MOVE ON. This industry isn’t for you.

    • Kaz February 2, 2018

      Chile, you care too much. LET HER GO. LET HER LIVE. MOVE ON.

      Lol smh..

    • China February 2, 2018

      Tamar has great songs on all her CD’s — Stay and Fight, King, Simple Thangs, BROKEN RECORD, Makings of you. She has great songs that are not released or promoted.

    • DS February 2, 2018

      Wow. Was that really necessary? This anonymity really has some of y’all on one. I doubt you’d say any of this to either one of them in person.

      • HEinzenSChnaufer February 10, 2018

        Tamar just announced her new line of hygiene products. Some toothpaste made of turds and baby powder made of powdered babies. She’ll be plugging her products nonstop come mid-March on BFV and all over social media.

    • Len February 2, 2018

      Wow. Just wow!!! I feel so sorry for you!!!

  6. Dj February 2, 2018

    Tamar looks good.
    She usually comes across very t*****-ish. Over the top makeup and horrible wigs..

  7. Jasmine February 2, 2018

    At this point she should just confess that she did a PT stunt that failed. She is talented bit Toni always had that IT factor and not her.

  8. Justincredible February 2, 2018

    Ole “You leaving me for a white woman?!” Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale tired ass wig ?

    • Ashanti February 2, 2018

      i CHOKED

  9. DanYiel Iman February 2, 2018

    She gives me manly Toni Braxton..

  10. HEinzenSChnaufer February 10, 2018

    Wiggedy wiggedy wack! Put that wig back! Looks like it’s made of pubic hairs.

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