Tamar Braxton Spills All On Broken Marriage On ‘The View’

Published: Friday 23rd Feb 2018 by David

Vincent Herbert maintains that Toni Braxton‘s mother Evelyn was lying when she claimed he had assaulted his wife (and their family member) Tamar Braxton.

Where he did it?

During a strange appearance on ‘The View’ in which the show’s hosts invited him to join them on stage during an interview they were supposed to be carrying out with Tamar.

Why strange?

Efforts to present their divorce as an amicable one after Tamar’s mother and sisters claimed they had proof that he was a violent husband.

Fans will cite the interview below as their grounds for confusion…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tori February 23, 2018

    If she’s not going to just sing, throw the the whole b**** away!

  2. pat February 23, 2018

    This fake as$ storyline…smh

  3. Superstar! February 23, 2018

    The fact of the matter is that YES VINCENT HERBERT has a daughter. He was dating a women while married to Tamar and got her pregnant. The women even wrote to Cosmo and mentioned the story under anonymity. The public has already seen the child when the women tried to sue him for support. In addition, Tony, Tamar AND Vincent all talked around this on their show BFV. It’s in one of the earlier seasons probably around seasons 2-4 when I use to watch.

    As far as all of this. Someone is lying. Her mother goes on television saying that her daughter was abused. Tamar isn’t saying anything about that just about the infidelity rumor. I smell two rats and I see tons of TRUTH that is being packaged as a lie for television.

    Tamar is a small time loser who will never win because she just doesn’t know how to. She lost when tried to use the SAME cover for her album as Tony Braxton. She lost when couldn’t troll her ghetto mannerisms on televisions. Lost when she acted childish and cut a ton of people out of her life that actually cared about her. She’ll be stuck in this perpectual h3ll and there’s not a d@mn thing that is going to change that.

    • Superstar! February 23, 2018


      • Len February 23, 2018

        But how you know he cheated? Were you a participant? Were you there?

      • Superstar! February 23, 2018

        @Len – The woman who has a child with him, the child’s name and picture was featured in an article, wrote a letter to Cosmo as I indicated in the original posting. Her message in that letter, although anonymous, was/is the same story that came out years later that implicated him as being the father of her child. In addition, as I stated ON BFV, Tony, Vince AND Tamar all spoke around the matter about the child and the woman

        This woman’s name was put out publicly by her own choice. That same name was mentioned on the show. (On the show the woman wanted him to pay or pay more money in child support. Which is why Tony asked Vince what’s going on with INSERT HER NAME?) Again, this was talked around on BFV as I listed in the original posting. YES, VINCENT HERBERT has a child with another woman. A woman he was dealing with WHILE DATING and ENGAGED to Tamar. She screwed him days/1 week before he married Tamar.

        I know how you people don’t like to believe truth just like you don’t like the fact that that Usher went to a hotel to see a big girl, but he did. Nor the fact that he had that Louisiana jazz singer as his g/f and “F” buddy for at least 2 years while with his wife Grace but guess what HE DID SCREW HER and SHE WAS HIS G/F. Face the facts that these men are gross and sloppy and YES that includes VINCE. Tamar knew that he cheated BEFORE they married and she knew about the kid but when the cameras roll she’s ghetto fabulous, lying and denying.
        #He’s Guilty As Sin

    • SMH February 23, 2018

      I find it interesting that you have all of this to say about the woman & place all the blame at her feet, yet not one word about the MAN who caused all this drama & mess in the first place.

      • Superstar! February 23, 2018

        @SMH – Because this is all about TAMAR. This television sit down is because TAMAR wanted this. The SPIN of TRUTH into purported lies is because TAMAR wants ratings and attention. Vince didn’t arrange any of this. What VINCE DID DO is cheat as I stated in my original posting. TAMAR’s mother indicated that she (Tamar) was abused which I also stated in the original posting. Had you read any of that you would have clearly noted that I put all blame in ALL APPLICABLE places.

        I find it quite interestinf that you decide to post without reading. Actually, I find it quite BIZARRE that you post on someone else’s opinion when READING is REQUIRED in order to do so.
        #Read MoFo
        #F-Off Moron

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      I agree Superstar! 100%.

  4. Ashanti February 23, 2018

    Vince was and still is a cheater. She isn’t leaving the coin

  5. Deqwanté February 23, 2018

    She keeps looking at him like she’s afraid he’s gonna throw a punch at her facegmail.com

  6. Casual February 23, 2018

    If somebody’s not pregnant NOW, maybe he paid her to have an . . . ijs

  7. whut February 23, 2018

    The fact that they were interviewing Tamar first, then had Vince join the panel later, is what makes all of this seem strange & staged.

  8. Kaz February 23, 2018

    She clearly looks uncomfortable and unsure about sitting next to him..

  9. Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

    Let’s see…Tamar claims she is divorcing her husband yet she travels with her husband, takes vacations with her husband, does interviews with her husband, and refuses to approve of the View asking her questions on domestic abuse. Thus, this interview is fake and Tamar is fake! Tamar is sitting up there lying right through her teeth caps and breathing lies through her fake botched nose (check how the doctor did not make her nostrils the same size).

  10. Danny Bey February 23, 2018

    As much as I LOOOOOOVE Tamar, if it isn’t about the music/new music, then I don’t want to hear it. At this point, her personal life has become so messy and unecessary, it’s overshadowing her legacy as one of the best R&B acts to come out in the last 10 years. She’s arguably the queen of straight mainstream R&B to an extent in 2018 but all of that and her talent is being tainted and forgotten bc of this ridiculous roller coaster divorce. She might think she’s trying to help somebody by being an open book but bc the situation is so messy and awakes it’s actually doing more hurt than good. I just hope she stops talking about this at some point and continues to work on her career and stop bullshitting and give is another ALBUM! Her music is way too good to waste to not keep releasing music.

    • Keith February 23, 2018

      I agree with this wholeheartedly!!!!!!

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      Danny Bey You are overvalueing Tamar’s talents as a “legend” and “queen of mainstream R&B”. In order to hold those titles you have to have:
      1. A Greatest hits CD
      2. 10 hit records that charted high on the Billboard 100
      3. Cross-over appeal and success

      Are we really pretending like Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Miguel, Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, and Leela James don’t exist?

      • Danny Bey February 23, 2018

        Number 1, reading is fundamental. I never called her a “legend” so don’t put words in my mouth. I said she’s the queen of current mainstream R&B in the sense that she’s the most relevant and consistent female R AND B artist of this new age of R&Bout right now, which is true. If you can’t fathom that, that’s none of my business.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 24, 2018

        My bad I meant Tamar is NOT the “queen of current mainstream R&B” nor will she ever be a legend IMO. Tamar is NOT “the most relevant and consistent female R AND B artist of this new age of R&B out right now” because she is the bootleg Beyonce. She a Beyonce wannabe. Beyonce takes little breaks which allows wannabies like Tamar, Keri Hilson room to put out music during her downtime and capitalize (you know Bey is a giving Queen lol) but the title of “the most relevant and consistent female R AND B artist of this new age of R&B out right now” clearly goes to Jazmine Sullivan, Bruno Mars, and Chris Brown based on sales, awards, and likeability. Tamar is 40 and past her prime and potential. Tamar got 3 r&b hits max under her belt and one of them is from 2001.

      • Danny Bey February 24, 2018

        No one is checking for Jazmine the way Tamar is checked for in the R&B world. Stop lying to yourself in an attempt to boast your favs. Bruno and Chris are male singers so I don’t even know why you even mentioned them, especially when I specified FEMALE R&B singer, and Rihanna nor Beyoncé sing he same kind of contemporary R&B music that Tamar records so they are in different fields. I don’t even think you know what you’re saying at this point bc none of it makes sense

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 24, 2018

        I mentioned Bruno and Chris because they are top R&B singers. Just because there are no female strictly R&B women with high sales right now does not make Tamar the “queen of current mainstream R&B” by default because those imaginary people you speak of that are checking for Tamar surely are not buying her albums since her last 2 flopped. If we are speaking of females only who are strictly R&B then K. Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, Leela James, Solange, and Jonelle Monae are more relevant and have outsold Tamar’s album sales. I don’t think Tamar has had any “mainstream” hits since “Love and War” so let’s be realistic here and not just “boast” Tamar because she is your “fav”.

  11. DanYiel Iman February 24, 2018

    ?Issa scripted Reality show #FRAUD!! They’re not divorcing & sadly the mother is in on it also!!??

  12. Thebaddest February 24, 2018

    There are a lot of hateful ass comments in here. A lot of women stay with their spouse through better or for worse. I don’t fault her for trying to make it work because that is what marriage is about. If he is an abuser it will come out in due time and she is a winner regardless of what some may say. I will not listen to that fake ass news report that Superstar posted because she didn’t offer any links or even an episode to back up the claims. I have watched all the seasons and all of Tamar & Vince. I never heard that the only thing I do know is that they have had some domestic issues which have actual audio and police reports. Regardless if you believe she is a legend or not she still has timeless music under her belt that will play on years from now. I don’t wish her ill will I uplift a sister like Tamar because she has brought laughs, entertainment, and music. Even when she is unemployed she is working so…


    • Superstar! February 24, 2018

      @Thebaddest – Yes HE cheated and has a DAUGHTER by the woman that she cheated with. She is a Caucasian female who had s** with Vince while dating and engaged to Tamar. She slept with him within days to a week PRIOR to marrying Tamar and Tamar knew. In addition, the woman EVEN CAME OUT, in entertainment news, and showed a picture of the KID and she also stated that he had stopped paying her and she was trying to collect her due.

      I regards to the episodes of BFV, I referenced to your the seasons YOU need to RE-WATCH and listen to my dear. My “news” is truth in fact the woman wrote to COSMOPOLITAN about the incident YEARS AGO. I was about 8 years ago which HAPPENS TO BE about the age of the FEMALE child that Vince has with the woman.

      Whether you accept this news or not difference to me or to TRUTH because it’s ALL facts.

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