No More Drama! Mary J. Blige Reaches Divorce Settlement With Kendu Isaacs

Published: Monday 5th Mar 2018 by Sam

Mary J. Blige has at long last reached a divorce settlement with her estranged ex husband Kendu Isaacs. 

Full story below…

The Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul announced her split from Isaacs (who also served as her manager) back in July 2016.

In the time since, details surrounding the undoing of their marriage has played out of so publicly. Isaacs (who allegedly cheated with MJB’s protégé) also made headlines for lobbying for shocking levels of spousal support.

Today was meant to mark the beginning of week-long divorce proceedings, but according to TMZ these have been nipped in the bud because the pair have reached a settlement.

Details are presently under wraps, but it seems that after almost two years, it’s finally over.

The settlement comes as an opportune time for Blige, who is enjoying success in the acting arena thanks to her role in ‘Mudbound.’ On the back of the Netflix smash, she was nominated multiple times at both the Golden Globes and Oscars and performed at the latter last night.

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  1. Mami March 5, 2018

    I’m dissapointed. I wanted her to suffer and cough up every last dime.

    • ??? March 5, 2018

      lmao you must be a man. or another dumb ass ratchet female lmfaoooo.

  2. Casual March 5, 2018

    I am happy for her. She can now begin moving on from this ugly chapter. The only winners would have been the lawyers.

  3. Realtalk March 5, 2018

    Let’s hope and pray her lawyers were good lawyers in making sure Mary didn’t have to cough up much and that her no good for nothing of a man need to go and get a job. I hope Mary made sure the cheating Husband got less than one tenth of almost nothing since he cheated stole most of her everything owed high taxes.

  4. king z March 5, 2018

    my earnest prayer is that all that talk about her being broke was just ways to gain sympathy and make the judge lower the amount of spousal support.

    OR i hope she just paid one lump sum and was done. there is NO WAY mjb can be broke after 20 years in the game.

    and it’s damn sure no way she should pay him if HE cheated

    • SMH March 5, 2018

      Wrong. Mary never said she was “broke”. Ever. That was Kendu who kept trying to say he was broke in order to get that huge amount of spousal support he was asking for. Let’s get our facts straight please.


        He does not have as much money as Mary J Blige.. that’s why he won.. she’s from Brooklyn she should get some goons to beat his

    • king z March 5, 2018


      no disrespect to you, but mary j. blige has repeatedly stated in the last month that she does not have a lot of money and that she does not own her masters.

      a quick google search will provide verification of the things i’ve stated.

    • Faf March 5, 2018

      No it was being said she owed taxes

  5. Jasmine March 5, 2018

    This is a lesson for all stars to not marry somebody who is BROKE. They will only drag you down, even if you think a pre-nup protects you. A broke person adds no value to a successful person monetarily or morally because they will grow to become jealous of you and resent you. In the pic above Mary looks happy but her ex looks like a devil with that line going straight down his forhead.

    • Ronke March 5, 2018

      Jasmine you are right on target, because too often women of the African Ark descendants in their quest for companionship get married to men who are not financially solvent. Most courts of law are known to be very generous to the spouse who is less financially solvent, in the event a divorce comes into play. I wish Mary well…she is a good soul, a survivor with a lot of talent….I say this pray for her…may the ancestors continue to find her in their favor.


    American women you need to realize an American man will never be faithful to you…..kendu knew he would be unfaithful when he married her

  7. TheNewKidOnTheGrape March 5, 2018

    So far, she doesn’t seem to have any luck with her men.
    I hope she’ll find the one soon.

  8. S****** Blonde March 5, 2018

    He got money now. He could get this. I’m always down to bend over for some coins and I like it raw and big.

  9. Julien March 5, 2018

    What many don’t seem to know is that Kendu was still married when he got with Mary. She is now reaping the benefits of him being a serial adulterer (Hollywood sympathy). But you don’t question the hypocrisy when it comes to her being cheated on.

  10. DanYiel Iman March 6, 2018

    Hopefully he gets a JOB afterwards!!

  11. Michael Jordan July 2, 2019

    The Queen is a survivor and when your intentions are not right you pay a price KARMA is always active.

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