Lil Kim Bags 2.4 Million Monthly Listeners On Spotify

Published: Tuesday 6th Mar 2018 by David

Lil Kim‘s sturdy position as a Hip Hop icon is to thank for the glorious gains she is making on the music streaming service ‘Spotify.’

Good news below…

Now functioning as an independent artist, much of the rapper’s new material has been released without the benefit of the industry-wide support her younger peers receive when they unleash cuts.

Though this has seen her stock plummet as far as pure sales are concerned, her fans’ refusal to see her fail has seen her make major moves on Spotify.

This week her new single ‘Spicy’ is to help her make another.

Interest in the superstar’s material following ‘Spicy’s unveiling has seen her the total number of monthly listeners she receives spin over the 2.4 million mark.

2,447,051 to be exact.

That number can be expected to meet the 2.5 million milestone by the top of the summer.

With this in mind, we ask…

Why do you think Kim’s approval ratings are higher today than they were a decade or so ago?

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    Little Kim needs to dye her hair jet black the jump off video is the last time she looked gorgeous….. the blonde hair is killing her career she does not look right she never has….. she looks hot with jet black hair… Blue eye

    • Aaron March 7, 2018

      Her hair is black right now

  2. Kween Ebony March 7, 2018

    It’s from Lady Marmalade, which is an undeniable classic! However, this number is not from Kim’s own music.

    • Aaron March 7, 2018

      Girl really?

      Umm yes it is she’s always done MAJOR numbers. Unlike Nickelback Minaj who’s second album FLOPPED. 3 cancelled mixtapes all because of Shether. Ntm a DELAYED AND THEN SCRAPPED album 3 years late mind you. And “son’s” that are old enough to be door greeters at Walmart. Ntm that’s Remy’s line. Unoriginal and replaced. Cardi says hi

      • Keeping it real w/ u March 7, 2018

        Your delusional on facts n reality. Couldnt get pass the third line b/c u just talking BS.

  3. DanYiel Iman March 7, 2018

    WerQ Lil’Kim make it happen!!

  4. ??? March 7, 2018

    lmfao is this a serious post? aint nobody checking for this botched science projet that hasn’t been relevant in 20 years lmfaooo.

    • Towhomitmayconcern March 7, 2018

      I bet you look like a botched science project. Get a life! You are one of the first to comment. You must be a fan! Kim is an amazing artist and there is still a chance she will be relevant to the music biz again. Don’t be such a hater!

  5. AnonymousTruth March 7, 2018

    If only she could bag 2.4million coins from a decent record … that would be news..

    • Aaron March 7, 2018

      However she bagged 500k each for two films

      500k for an endorsement with Chrysler

      600k from royalties from old music

      Signed a 1.6 deal with WARNER BROTHERS music.

      Bought a house in the hills in addition to her other mansion in Jersey and a brand new mazerati.

      This pic of her is b******* her hair is black and she is too. Looking like a million bucks poised in Gucci.

      Why you mad tho

  6. Caleb March 7, 2018

    “Why do you think Kim’s approval ratings are higher today than they were a decade or so ago?”

    They aren’t. A decade ago she was at least able to make a chart appearance as a featured act. That’s no longer the case.

  7. Jessy Nerio March 8, 2018

    Her comeback is real and there will be more heat from her dropping soon !!??✅ I cant wait ! You haters are old news so bye ?? Kim be so spicy while you haters stay broke ?

  8. kenyatta March 10, 2018

    This is too funny. So brainwashed. She doesn’t have to be on the ‘charts’ to prove she successful. Ya’ll forget Kim is REALLY independent. Which means those streams alone is guaranteed bag for her ! NO 360 deals, nobody’s finger f****** her endorsements, her money is not being split 5 different ways , she’s not making $.30 off each ducket. Honey, she winning! She doesn’t have to give you an appearance on IG that she’s successful, she just is. See that’s grown woman moves!

    • Corrima hanible April 4, 2018


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