New Video: Chris Brown – ‘Tempo’

Published: Friday 2nd Mar 2018 by Sam

Chris Brown keeps the momentum going for his 57-track album ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ with the release of the video for ‘Tempo.’

An all-out dance affair, the cinematic clip sees C. Breezy and co turn up in suburbia.

What are you waiting for? Watch after the jump…

Kudos to Chris for keeping it moving.

The randomness and regularity of his releases still earns a raised eyebrow from us, but there’s no taking away from his work ethic.

We enjoyed this. Did you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. pat March 2, 2018

    glad to see video productions trying to make a come back lately.. something with the choreo looked off though.

  2. BeyJayBlu March 2, 2018

    no one else gets uncomfortable when a song is about s** and switching up the tempo and there’s little kids doing choreography with a whole abusive adult???


    • Superstar! March 2, 2018

      @BeyJayblu – What is it about you people that keeps saying “whole” this and “whole” that? Good God can you people even speak. Why not just say with “an abusive adult???” It’s like you people try to make words cool but you just come across as ignorant and less educated.

      • xxdenliv March 2, 2018

        Well you are most certainly one to talk about anyone coming across “ignorant and less educated” when you can’t even use proper punctuation, since you want to pick apart how people talk.

    • Mike Breezy March 2, 2018

      Rappers include kids in music videos about s**, drugs, and materialism in general all the time. Absolutely nobody complains about it. At least this video is entertaining.

    • eric March 2, 2018

      There’s some indoctrination happening in the video, no doubt. Peel back the great looking choreography and the colorful production and it’s there.

    • iamdiego March 9, 2018

      I love this song, but I was a little disturbed (not about the kids, because this is what the kids are listening/dancing to). It just seems very strange that he decided to use the Pied Piper theme. Pulled up (looking crazy) in a colorful truck searching for children. Do your research people. They literally chased that little boy throughout the whole video for him to get in the truck (with the horns on the front) willingly by the end.

  3. Meme March 2, 2018

    One of the 2 songs I like out of the 100 tracks in the album. His music and videos does nothing for me. It’s so disinteresting at this point.

  4. Jasmine March 2, 2018

    He literally stole Janet’s moves from her Feedback and Excited videos instead of just making new moves himself.

    • Mike Breezy March 2, 2018

      No Dancer (male of female) in the music industry is better than Chris. Period. The only question marks on Chris’s greatness are his violent tendencies and as the writer rightly pointed out, the randomness of his music these days. Even Michael Jackson borrowed moves.

      • Jasmine March 2, 2018

        I said what I said and meant what I said. You are talking about something completely different so why are you replying to me instead of just making your own comment?

  5. jide March 2, 2018

    i love this video thanks guys

  6. MessyJessy March 2, 2018

    this n**** is almost 30 still dancing around with lil kids and graffiti and s***….

  7. Your Name March 3, 2018

    So much good R&B/alt-R&B music is out there, and Chris’ music is getting lost in the sauce. None of his new music has made any impact, and his album flopped hard. It didn’t even sell 80K copies.

  8. DanYiel Iman March 3, 2018

    Gotta love Chris Brown but I only purchased the album & none of the extra s*** he’s pushing!!

  9. Ekpere wisdom May 2, 2018

    I love the music called tempo, i was very happy and i enjoy the video, the video was very funny & awesome.i love their dancing & how they break,the music video was is good and famous keep it up chris brown

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