Official: Beyonce & JAY-Z Announce ‘On The Run II Tour’

Published: Monday 12th Mar 2018 by Sam

It’s official: Beyonce and JAY-Z are heading back on the road.

Full story below…

Moments ago on Instagram, Queen Bey confirmed the speculation and shared the trailer for the ‘On The Run II Tour.’

Check it out…

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Billed as a follow-up to the 2014 original trek (which wracked up $100 million from just 22 dates), pre-sale tickets go on sale March 14th, while general tickets land at the box office on March 19th.

Full dates here:


June 06 Cardiff, UK Principality Stadium On sale March 23

June 09 Glasgow, UK Hampden Park On sale March 23

June 13 Manchester, UK Etihad Stadium On sale March 23

June 15 London, UK London Stadium On sale March 23

June 19 Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam Arena On sale March 19

June 23 Copenhagen, DK Parken Stadium On sale March 19

June 25 Stockholm, SW Friends Arena On sale March 23

June 28 Berlin, DE Olympiastadion On sale March 19

June 30 Warsaw, PL Stadion Narodowy On sale March 23

July 03 Cologne, DE RheinEnergieStadion On sale March 19

July 06 Milan, IT San Siro On sale March 19

July 08 Rome, IT Stadio Olimpico On sale March 19

July 11 Barcelona, ES Olympic Stadium On sale March 19

July 14 Paris, FR Stade de France On sale March 19

July 17 Nice, FR Allianz Riviera On sale March 19


July 25 Cleveland, OH FirstEnergy Stadium On sale March 19

July 28 Washington, DC FedEx Field On sale March 19

July 30 Philadelphia, PA Lincoln Financial Field On sale March 19

Aug. 02 E. Rutherford, NJ MetLife Stadium On sale March 19

Aug. 05 Boston, MA Gillette Stadium On sale March 19

Aug. 08 Minneapolis, MN US Bank Stadium On sale March 19

Aug. 10 Chicago, IL Soldier Field On sale March 19

Aug. 13 Detroit, MI Ford Field On sale March 19

Aug. 18 Buffalo, NY New Era Field On sale March 19

Aug. 23 Nashville, TN Vanderbilt Stadium On sale March 19

Aug. 25 Atlanta, GA Mercedes Benz Stadium On sale March 19

Aug. 29 Orlando, FL Camping World Stadium On sale March 19

Aug. 31 Miami, FL Hard Rock Stadium On sale March 19

Sept. 11 Arlington, TX AT&T Stadium On sale March 19

Sept. 13 New Orleans, LA Mercedes-Benz Superdome On sale March 19

Sept. 15 Houston, TX NRG Stadium On sale March 19

Sept. 19 Phoenix, AZ University of Phoenix Stadium On sale March 19

Sept. 22 Los Angeles, CA Rose Bowl On sale March 19

Sept. 27 San Diego, CA SDCCU Stadium On sale March 19

Sept. 29 Santa Clara, CA Levi’s Stadium On sale March 19

Oct. 02 Vancouver, BC BC Place On sale March 19

Your thoughts?

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  1. NOPE March 12, 2018

    Pass. It’s a no from me

    • China March 12, 2018

      Let’s ROB our fans with the same show as last time but with DIFFERENT COSTUMES and same lack of energy. LETS JUST TAKE there money ….. and become billionares……while they still living in the PROJECTS…..GTFOH

      • ??? March 12, 2018

        People actually WANT to spend their money and see Bey & Jay. No guns, knives, or any weapons of mass destruction involved. So I don’t get how their being robbed. You realizd people do have a choice on whether they want to go or not right?

      • Mace March 13, 2018

        I highly doubt it will be the same set list lol, they’re OBVIOUSLY dropping a joint album in the next 3/4 months.

  2. SMH March 12, 2018

    Mess. Keep it.

    • TrellBeyLike March 12, 2018

      Let me guess this was your same reaction when the Anti tour was announced since she couldnt even sell out her arenas lmfao poor dat…at least this stadium tour will sellout just like FWT and OTR

  3. pat March 12, 2018

    Auntie Bey and Uncle Jay. kinda corny now, but ok

  4. ??? March 12, 2018

    lmaoooo as predicted, camel says jump and roach says how high lmfaooooo

  5. Lupita March 12, 2018

    Poor Jay-Z needs Lemonayance to sell tickets.

  6. JAQUALA FLETCHER March 12, 2018

    He already did a 4:44 tour and bey has no album. I’m sorry I’m not buying tickets until she drops an album and at that it needs to be good cause I stan for bey but shinin and this new song I’m not feeeling

    • Rosy March 12, 2018

      I thought they had money why are they touring so much it’s ridiculous kanye and rih takes long breaks to do other stuff beyonce needs to raise her kids why take the kids on tour something not right beyonce and jay are boring at this point not feeling them would not pay to see these two for the same tired performances Bruno is a better choice with a so call billion dollar why the tour I hope people are not stupid to spend money going to this tour

      • China March 12, 2018

        They trying to bleed there fans to death GREED.

      • TeaOnly March 12, 2018

        What long breaks has Rihanna took? She has litteraly toured almost every year since her debut.

        Rihanna:Live in Concert 06
        Good Girl Gone Bad: 07, 08 & 09
        Last Girl On Earth: 2010 & 2011
        Loud Tour: 2011
        Diamonds World Tour: 2013
        The Monster Tour 2014
        Anti Tour 2016

        7 tours expanding 13yrs

        Dangerously In Love Tour 03
        Beyoncé Experience 07
        I Am World Tour 09&2010
        Mrs Carter World Tour 2013 & 2014
        OTR 2014
        Formation 2016

        6 tours 15yrs

        Its clear who takes bigger breaks.

    • Martaevia La’wayne March 12, 2018

      They’re gonna drop something. You really think they’re gonna tour and not do some new s***? This is Jay-Z and Beyonce we’re talking about lol. Most likely they’ll just release it and not say a word until it’s out. They’re pretty clever.

  7. T March 12, 2018

    Queen bey stays winning.

    • ??? March 12, 2018

      lmao winning what ? most obedient h00ker of all time? lmfaoooo

  8. Just_blaze March 12, 2018

    Gosh id rather see her by herself they shouldve just did a netflix special.
    Idk it depends on how my coins are looking

  9. Jasmine March 12, 2018

    I’m glad they took my advice

  10. Anthony March 12, 2018

    Ugh nobody wants to see Jay. We the beyhive want a solo tour or a DC tour. Thats It! Tired of her carrying his dead weight. I’m still going though lol

    • ??? March 12, 2018

      lmao except she’s not carrying him, she’s obeying his commands like a good little bottom b*tch. theres a difference lmfaooooo

      • Jasmine March 12, 2018

        Stop. You are obviously jealous of them which is why you keep repeating yourself on this post numerous times. It is good for a wife to be submissive to her husband. Real men lead and console their wives in the right direction and that is exactly what Jay is doing.

      • ??? March 12, 2018

        lmmfao, so its “good” for a wife to be a doormat while her husband keeps a chain around her neck & controls her life while he runs around banging other broads and keeping control of the money? lmmfao no wonder you bugs are the dumbest fan base on earth lmmfaooooooo!

      • ??? March 12, 2018

        p.s., u didnt use ‘console’ in the proper context, dumb roach lmfaoooo

  11. RoyalKev March 12, 2018

    Can we just get solo Bey for a few years! I need a Beyonce tour! I need a new Bey album (not a joint album)! DC just hit the 20 year mark! I don’t necessarily need that reunion, but I’d much rather see that than Bey teaming up with Jay every 2 years! If Jay want us to feed into new hype with him, he better patch things up with his brother and give us Paris 2!

    • iamdiego March 12, 2018

      I get what your saying but the first joint tour was in 2014 about 4 yrs ago. I feel like when Bey does anything ppl are never happy but it turns into gold regardless. I’d much rather see a DC5 tour honestly. On The Run was one of the best concerts i’ve been to and Jay didn’t get a huge amount of time its like he was her old hype man lol but it was still a good tour.

  12. Meme March 12, 2018

    At this point Jay-Z is just dragging her down. His music isn’t hot, hes getting old and truly need to retire.

    Also, I don’t want a joint album. I need new Beyonce only music. That’s the only thing that will get me to buy tickets.

    • Fancy BISH March 12, 2018

      Not to mention that if she sings anything from Lemonade or if he performs anything from 444 it’ll just be awkward AF lol 😂

      • iamdiego March 12, 2018


  13. Steven March 12, 2018

    Yawn…. Beyonce is overrated

  14. DanYiel Iman March 12, 2018

    Everyone will hate but watch the Tour SELL OUT IN EACH ARENA THEY CHOOSE TO PERFORM AT!! 🐝”Bzzz”🐝

    • iamdiego March 12, 2018

      right! album or not.

  15. BeyJayBlu March 12, 2018

    WOW, you call yourselves fans???? true fans take the good with the ‘bad’ AND if there were no Jay-Z there would be no ‘Lemonade’

    so exhausting these whining heffers

    stay bothered, watch them sell out each venue

  16. Keith March 12, 2018

    Im sure the Beyhive is orgasmic because Bey is back at work. With the tour announcement, im sure we will be getting a visual album, 5 new Ivy Park lines, commercials for that vegan food company, vacation shots from a yacht in sardinia, the Lion King, another baby, and complete media saturation for the next 24 months…im only here for a DC reunion (including LeToya).

    • Fancy BISH March 12, 2018

      5 new Ivy Park lines tho lol

    • iamdiego March 12, 2018

      kiiiii you might be 50% right but why just Letoya? You no like queen Latavia???? lol

  17. Tori March 12, 2018

    This isn’t good, just okay. The posters aren’t even attractive. I guess they’ll drop a surprise joint album right before the tour. What happened to the “Lemonade” concert/documentary she was working on? I don’t care to see Jay Z scattered raps this years, his flow on “4:44” is so unpolished and in the same boat as the so called “mumble rap”. I think it’s also funny, as much as love Beyoncé and some what like Jay Z, people aren’t seeing how they’re using their “personal life” and “insecurities” to make money yet in the same breathe try to keep it private yet if other artist do this they’re called out. It’s pass the point of looking fake yet people are dying to put pieces together of when their marriage went south.

  18. Retribution March 12, 2018

    The first time they did it, it was live and there was a lot of hype because it’s something people wanted. Not it’s just meh and been there, done that. A tour with them together again is not exciting now and it was only 4 years ago when they did it. They must want to pay off that mansion because I see no reason to do this so soon.

    • XYZ March 12, 2018

      She just won’t allow him to stay alone for a longer period of time anymore…

      • iamdiego March 12, 2018

        basically. so when she’s on tour he’s with her. when he’s on tour she’s with him. why not do a joint tour if you all always together plus im sure she wants time to focus on her upcoming projects until the hype subsides. She will be back on a solo stadium tour early next year i’m sure.

  19. Jasmine March 12, 2018

    I can’t wait to buy my tickets. That means they completed their joint album and it will be out this year.

    • Jasmine March 12, 2018


  20. Wonder Woman March 12, 2018

    It’s a no from me….

  21. XYZ March 12, 2018

    I don’t want him to be there. I feel betrayed. I just want to see Bey and need to force myself through half of a show of Jay Z….

    • iamdiego March 12, 2018

      its gonna be like 70 percent beyonce like last time lol

  22. Fancy BISH March 12, 2018

    We love Bey and Jay! But this tour? This tour will need a couple new hit songs for my coins…and I’m not just talking Top 40…I need HITZ…like, the ones that actually play on the radio and sound good for more than 15 minutes and then you’re over it lol 😂

  23. Lana Del Fan March 12, 2018

    These comments is why I don’t like coming to this site anymore. There’s so much negative vibes for no reason! Y’all literally hate one every artist! Christian, country and whatever’s in between and it’s pathetic.

    I will be checking for this tour. My budget is $500 for tickets, so as long as it’s below that, it’s a go !

    • iamdiego March 12, 2018

      oh you should be able to get some great seats for that price!

      • Lana Del Fan March 12, 2018

        Yass. There will still be tickets up in August, so I’m gonna wait till then to see some clips on YouTube then decide if it looks as lit as the first show

  24. Olivier ariste March 12, 2018

    Jajaja .. yess mama yasss my king .haters you wanna stop them no you can’t .. they will win outgross your favorite. Queen B is coming .. now iwant all the haters and racist to start doing their job to make my most beautiful humble talented queen and her hobby slay our lives one more time

  25. Jay March 13, 2018

    Everytime Jay Z has a sour business gone bad. Bey has to save the day. His ego is that big. Meh

  26. Jasmine (The Original Princess) March 13, 2018


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