Britney Spears Receives GLAAD Vanguard Award / Gives Impassioned Speech [Video]

Published: Friday 13th Apr 2018 by David

Britney Spears‘ efforts to uplift the LGBTQ community have been recognised and honoured by GLAAD at a star-studded awards ceremony held yesterday evening.

Full story below…


The vocalist arrived at the GLAAD Media Awards to accept the Vanguard Award to celebrate her contributions to the gay community through her art and activism.

To be able to express yourself as an individual through art is such a blessing.

Jim Parsons of the ‘Big Bang Theory’ had this to say about the vocalist’s contributions…

I remember watching (Britney) dance-walk down that school hallway in that Catholic school uniform with those cute little pigtails. And I remember feeling this sense of ‘Oh yeah, that’s it. You can do it. You go out there and do it like Britney, and you get it… So thank you, Britney!

Spears is said to be building new material with the release of a new album in mind.


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  1. erica April 13, 2018

    She really looks gorgeous, I’m so glad the fillers have went away because she looks like Britney Spears and whoever posted this could have put more pics in here she looks phenomenal!! If this was bey we would have 10 pics to look at

    • Jasmine April 13, 2018

      I agree I want to see more pics.

  2. Brent Christopher April 13, 2018

    I love Miss. Britney for her pop contributions & “legendary” industry status. However, she has NOT made great leaps & bounds for the LGBT community & is not deserving of a vanguard award from GLAAD. Why are the major awards never handed over to actual members of the damn LGBT community?

    Britney also looks a bit haggard.


    • erica April 13, 2018

      that lady looks good, and if you follow Britney you know she does a lot for that community she just don’t publicize it like the other who do it for attention. go look at her pics she look good for 36

      • Francis April 13, 2018

        That’s true, she doesn’t publicize it, but I feel like GLAAD isn’t honoring the right people first.

        If you want to give an award to a 90’s/00’s popstar, X-Tina should be one of the first on the list, I mean ‘Beautiful’ singlehandedly made a huge impact on the acceptance of the LGBTQ community and she often supports the community.

    • Jasmine April 13, 2018

      Most female artists at her level have had a career in which they have employees gay people (dancers, makeup, stylists, writers, designers, etc). Don’t get caught up in Britney the person. Look at Britney the brand and you will see that her brand employs, inspires, and is inspired by gays. Gay icon indeed.

    • DanYiel Iman April 13, 2018

      I agree ☝?…

  3. SMH April 13, 2018

    Her body is still banging, but her face, poor thing. Looks worn out & ragged, like she’s 20 years older than what she really is smh.

    • erica April 13, 2018

      but where do her looks worn, I feel since that’s what people are used to saying you just go with it, they have millions of pic from last night and she looks like Britney spears again, stop with the old s***, she doesn’t look old well from this event she doesn’t

    • Welp April 13, 2018

      She needs to quit smoking cigarettes and employ moisturizing regimen. Between the crows feet and leather-like skin, no bueno….especially at 36. Body is baggin tho.

  4. Keith April 13, 2018

    But why does her hair look EXACTLY like straw? Perhaps she needs Nicki’s hairstylist too….

  5. truthteller April 13, 2018

    Have people forgotten that she said Max Lucado (an extreme anti-gay preacher) was her favourite author?

    • erica April 13, 2018

      what that have to do with her views on the LGBT tho? you can like somebody work even if yall don’t have the same views. that’s pretty much the entire planet wtf?

  6. S****** Blonde April 13, 2018

    I just love her.

  7. Seth April 13, 2018

    Madonna, Janet, Cher, Diana Ross, Christina, Gaga, Kylie and P!nk are all deserving of an honor like this

    Britney hasn’t done sh*t for the LGBT community besides hire gay backup dancers and take as much $ as she could make. I cannot stand the fact people think she’s s gay icon when she’s never done a thing and her support has been tepid at best

    • Jasmine April 13, 2018

      She has inspired many gay white men and provided hits they dance to. Thus, she is a gay icon. You are acting like she has to do the most for a funky award. She is already a legend so chill.

      • Seth April 14, 2018

        Well what would you know, you spew homophobic comments on here every day in your clap backs

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