Cardi B Crushes Lil Kim Chart Record With ‘I Like It’

Published: Monday 16th Apr 2018 by David

Cardi B‘s latest hit ‘I Like It’ has seen her crush a record once held by her Atlantic Records sister Lil Kim.

Full story below…

1. Nicki Minaj-15 Top 10s

2. Missy Elliot-10 Top 10s

3. Cardi B-5 Top 10s

4. Lil Kim,Eve-4 Top 10s


Nicki Minaj stands tall as the only female rapper with 15 top ten hits in the United States and, up until this month, sat three places above Kim and Eve.

Now, Cardi’s ‘Like’ has sold and streamed enough copies to become her fifth top ten and boot the ‘Crush on You‘ performer into the #4 spot.

It should be noted that like Minaj, Missy & Eve, Kim’s top tens were powered by pure sales and their pull at radio.

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  1. Bianca April 16, 2018

    Y’all n this pure sales s***! Point is ppl listening period!

    • ??? April 16, 2018

      lmao dont be mad cuz your fave cant pull pure sales numbers lmfaoooo

    • JOHNVIDAL April 16, 2018

      Missy is still number 1. How u gonna give Nicki credit for her features and ignore Missy’s 28 top 10 hits when Missy produced and is featured on those 28 top 10 hits?

      • Faf April 16, 2018

        That’s not how it works she still wrote her verse and it 9/10 Is why half these songs went top 10

        Let’s not act like missy ain’t a features queen too

  2. Navy Gravy April 16, 2018

    Actually radio spins factored a lot into chart positioning as well. It wasnt pure sales. Always stirring and always wrong

    • ??? April 16, 2018

      lmao delusions. stop acting like pure sales isn’t the major factor in charting just cuz your fave flops in pure sales lmfaoooo.

      • Navy Gravy April 16, 2018

        Why are you even replying to me, that’s not even my point. Who and what are you?

    • SMH April 16, 2018

      The post clearly states her hits charted because of pure sales AND her pull at radio (aka radio spins). Reading is fundamental.

      • Navy Gravy April 16, 2018

        I read and commented on this post when it first went up and it said pure sales and said nothing about pull at radio. Bïtchhh I can read. Hopping off my dîck is fundamental as well. I don’t know you faglet.

      • Guest April 16, 2018

        Lmaoooooo ??

      • IG – Willkinging April 17, 2018

        L h** hell ?

  3. Mad-on-her April 16, 2018

    And is it right that only three of Nicki’s are with her as the lead artist? So Cardi could catch Nicki’s Top Tens in terms of leads pretty soon?

    • ??? April 16, 2018

      lmao not in pure sales cuz corni is only good for streaming lmfaoooo

  4. whatever April 16, 2018

    She’s really coming to end nicki… her album tracks are gonna chart higher than nickis singles I can’t

    • ??? April 16, 2018

      lmao i cant with the delusions. nicki is about to add to her total with chun li & barbie tingz, corni is NEVER gonna catch to queen minaj lmfaooooooo

      • Sweetnothings78 April 16, 2018

        Are you all 10 years old on this site? Listen to yourselves arguing about this sort of stuff! Get out your houses and see the world ?

      • ??? April 16, 2018

        lmao and how old are you that you have time to respond? lmmfaoooooo

      • Faf April 16, 2018

        Y’all keep saying that cardi has to get past the iggy era first

        HUGE gold first era with #1s and top 10s and then fell from

        When she wins more awards and has a hit sophomore album THEN we can compare her to nicki

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 16, 2018

        The Barbz are mad cause Cardi got bops. Its okay, we forgive u. Convert over to Team Bardi

  5. ??? April 16, 2018

    lmfaooooo death at these corni fans thinking shes gonna end nicki with her little 5 streaming hits lmmmfaooooooo!!!!

  6. Caleb April 16, 2018

    This is incorrect. The list should be like this:

    Nicki Minaj – 15 (16 if you count Young Money’s ‘Bedrock’)
    Missy Elliot – 12
    Lil’ Kim – 5
    Cardi B – 5
    Eve – 4
    Da Brat – 3
    Iggy Azalea – 3
    MC Lyte – 3

    • Caleb April 16, 2018

      My bad. It’s 11 for Missy Elliot. I mistakenly counted Lady Marmalade as a song she was credited on.

  7. Lal’Kol April 16, 2018

    1/4 of Nicki in just 1 year? Needless to say the lady has a lot of potential

  8. Caleb April 16, 2018

    Lil Kim’s 5 top 10s are as follows:

    Not Tonight (Ladies’ Night) remix
    It’s All About The Benjamins
    Lady Marmalade
    Magic Stick
    Let It Go

    So doesn’t that destroy the premise of this post?

  9. F You April 16, 2018

    LMAO, meanwhile Nicki the snob singles are free falling on iTunes.Go CARDI ?

    • Fancy BISH April 16, 2018

      Chile, Nicki dropping like flies on ITunes lol ? And on Spotify she’s fallin like Alicia Keys!

  10. justafan April 16, 2018

    hold on, what’s Nicki got to do with Rap, period?

    • Jan August 15, 2018

      she don’t, they fail to admitt she’s a pop star, hip pop

  11. DanYiel Iman April 17, 2018

    Back when sales made the difference for artists to win! Now streaming is the big thing especially for Tricki Garbagh & her fools, I mean fans!!

  12. Marlon May 13, 2018

    Let’s get it straight. Lil Kim, missy foxy,eve, Salt and Pepa, ,and Lauryn Hill were a part of the movie to make hip hop a billion dollar industry. So don’t come telling me about these less talented artists who are driving on easy street when the real talent had rugged terrain to make it easy. If those women would have had the way paved with music sales at fingertips imagine the top tens they would have had. So go somewhere with that comparing because you can’t.

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