Michelle Williams Talks Destiny’s Child Coachella Reunion, Engagement, & Entrepreneurial Ventures On KTLA

Published: Tuesday 24th Apr 2018 by Sam

It’s been a week of highs for Michelle Williams.

For beyond reuniting with Destiny’s Child at Beyonce‘s Coachella set, the vocal powerhouse announced that she’s engaged to boyfriend Chad Johnson.

With various reasons to celebrate, Williams stopped by KTLA for a fun-filled chat.

She shared her admiration for bandmate Bey and her work ethic; she also revealed the great lengths her fiancé went to before asking the big question; and she touched on her booming ‘Believe By Michelle Williams’ line of home-wear.

Peep the interview after the jump…

Awesome interview!

We’re still basking in the brilliance that was the DC3 reunion and hope to see more of the ladies together in the (near) future. Hint: tour – please and thanks.

Your thoughts?

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  5. DanYiel Iman April 25, 2018

    What I like about Tenitra is that she doesn’t mind showing love to all of the members of Destiny’s Child!!

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