Nicki Minaj: “Quavo Apologized, The Generous Queen Forgives”

Published: Saturday 14th Apr 2018 by Sam

Nicki Minaj made headlines for more than new music this week.

For, when promoting new singles ‘Chun-Li’ and ‘Barbie Tingz’ on Beats 1 radio, she revealed she does indeed have an issue with Cardi B.

And she stressed that she wasn’t impressed with Quavo either and inferred that he was one of the main catalysts for the drama.

In trademark fashion, Minaj’s fans swarmed the Migos star’s social media account to voice their displeasure.

Now, their leader has updated to say a truce has been called.

Her words below…

She also shared a video of her and Quavo in the studio:


Needless to say, this will only intensify the spotlight on her spat with Cardi. What’s your take? What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. IAMME April 14, 2018


    • Ashton April 14, 2018

      Yesssssssss! That’s what I want to happen!!!

    • China April 14, 2018

      I’m no Nic Fan/Stan but she is a REAL RAPPER. Cardi b is an actress and she sounds like she is reading HER RAPS off a piece of paper … LIKE HOODRAT POETRY 101

      • IG -WILLKINGING April 14, 2018

        ??? you crack me up..hood rat poetry really…lol!

      • IAMME April 15, 2018


  2. Clayne April 14, 2018

    Generous queen… hmmm ok lol

    She really thinkin there’s a crown and she’s fightin for it.. smh

    • Ejai April 14, 2018

      Nicki is what you call a “silly hi” lol

  3. Its me Gowrl April 14, 2018

    Chiiile , At this point she has now already made her fake ass, horse teef, squid eye self look like a joke. Ho

  4. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 14, 2018

    Corny and OH SO INSECURE. Your 40 year old self really cares THAT MUCH? Girl. Sit.

    • Gurlwepa89 April 14, 2018

      get your fact straight ding bat.. speak on substance unless you’re lacking in the brown capacity department. She’s 35 with endless accolades, and Cardi I love her too and they both can co exist. Use your energy and go stream/purchase Kim and Remy record…they’re in need of your help. God bless.

    • Jasmine April 14, 2018

      Troll Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Suicide Trash Blonde is trolling as “Jasmine”

      Do NOT Engage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gee April 14, 2018

    All of this seems like a marketing plan to keep the fans, the non believers, and the media talking. Hopefully Nicki gains from this rather than lose.

  6. whatever April 14, 2018

    She’s 35 calling herself the generous queen… tired

  7. Kevon April 14, 2018

    She is petty and everything that Safree, Lil Kim and Remy said about her wanted to be the only one is true. Bye Nicki you have been exposed #hater #uneverwinwhenyouplaydirty

    • How Sway? April 14, 2018

      I’m confused cause the ppl you list aren’t “winning” lol. Remy is steady flopping all over the place, Lil Kim has yet to drop something remotely hot, and Safaree is out there thirst trapping like an IG thot. So…

      • Blaaah April 14, 2018

        What do you define as winning? Money, success? ? Kim and Remy still keep your stank breath hot and win in other aspects of life like motherhood, Black love, #FemaleRapUnity, things 35-year-old (36 in November ?) loses at. You’re mad because the female rap narrative has changed beyond Nicki’s. She brings nothing new or exciting to the table. You can’t reinvent fakeness, tf. ?

      • How Sway? April 14, 2018

        @Blaah… Miss me with the bull$hit. Everyone wants to make Nicki a failure including the person I replied to but none of the ppl y’all try to use against her are winning. I’m from the Lil Kim generation so that point is irrelevant. Kim wasted her time after the prison stint when she should’ve been dropping heat?. Remy is str8 garbage and always has been. Y’all negr0es hyped her up after getting out of prison only to let her flop in the end. How tf you gonna bring up age when Kim and Remy both in their 40s? And Wtf you talking about motherhood? This is bout hip-hop. Come with stats about the music or grasp for straws elsewhere.

      • Blaaah April 14, 2018

        B**** you in my crosshairs and I’m finna send you back to the sunken place. ? Lil Kim didn’t need 28363738228 singles/features a year saying the same s*** over and over like your clone does. She had actual eras where her sound, subject matter, lyrics, looks/style reinvented itself. She will always be the blueprint and until St Nick does right by her this little empire she built will crumble. It’s called KARMA; you can’t fight it. Deadass the only thing holding Nicki back from greatness is her own insecurities against other female rappers. She wants to be the best musically yet she pulls every industry, marketing ploy and trolling scheme to get people to take her seriously. That’s not a true artist,boo! Looka here, her new singles already falling off the charts as I predicted. ????

      • IWISHABITCHWOULD April 17, 2018


  8. Brent Christopher April 14, 2018

    I genuinely cannot STAND her!

    • April 14, 2018

      You think she gives a d-mn Joint the fcking line.

  9. How Sway? April 14, 2018

    Everyone love to hate on Nicki but if Quavo apologized, she must’ve been right. Even if you don’t like her or her music… right is right and wrong is wrong. You can’t run from the facts.

    • Fancy BISH April 14, 2018

      But she should have directed all her frustrations toward Quavoeka and not Cardi in that interview!

      • How Sway? April 14, 2018

        Clearly you didn’t listen during Nicki’s interview cause she said Cardi was doing interviews perpetuating the LIE. Either Cardi likes playing dumb or is just really is that stupid. Why did Cardi ask Nicki to take her name outta her verse??? Answer that. Either way, it was a good look for Cardi to be on a song with Nicki and she should’ve been singing her praises. Don’t you forget it.

      • Fancy BISH April 14, 2018

        How Sway, I WATCHED the Cardi interviews and Nicki’s lil crybaby interview! Cardi did nothing of the sort! Cardi is a genuine sweetheart! And did you just ask ME why Cardi told Nicki to take her name out her verse??? LMAO ? You’re a fan of Nicki, I get it…but Motorsport is a MIGOS song, so the frustrations should be directed toward THEM…and while we talking…I feel Nicki needed Motorsport more than Cardi…Cardi was on fire like Flamin Hot Cheetos when that song dropped! But we won’t agree lol…so ciao…for NOW ?

      • How Sway? April 14, 2018

        Nicki needed “Motorsport” more than Cardi…????? After saying that, you should say bye. That’s the biggest LIE I’ve heard since 2018 began. Cardi, an ex-reality star with only 1 hit at the time that basically made a remake/cover of another rapper’s song (Bodak Yellow/No Flockin)??? You must be joking… I’m not even a hardcore Nicki fan but the hate is just unreal. Some of y’all would try to convince a deaf man that Cardi B is the female Jay-Z, meanwhile she’s 3 nuggets short of a kid’s meal with those short bus rhymes. And yes, why did Cardi ask her to take her name off her verse??? Nicki shouted her out. I’m still waiting.

      • Navy Gravy April 14, 2018

        Actually she didn’t shout Cardi out. What she said in the original verse was SHADY. “If Cardi’s the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi.” Now what you faglets who know nothing about sports don’t understand is that QB is short for quarterback, one of, if not THE most important player on the football team. Vince Lombardi is one of the best football coaches in history. The shady line was basically saying “if Cardi is the hot girl in rap right now, it’s because Nicki coached her”. Aside from that she had the longest verse in the song, there were at least 8 more bars plus some ridiculous singing on the original. I don’t care WHO you are, you’re not blatantly dissing Cardi B by name on a Migos song, and you’re not gonna take up the whole song with your nonsense. The song cut down is already longer than 5 minutes. Stop being a crybaby and accept the fact that some of us have moved on and karma is in town this year

    • Lal’Kol April 14, 2018

      So if Quavo says you’re just a w**** I guess I should believe him because right is right and wrong is wrong? LMAO you can’t be serious.

      • How Sway? April 14, 2018

        Look, don’t come replying to my comment with some dumb $hit. Either follow the story properly or shut the f-ck up and proceed on your way.

  10. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 14, 2018

    Shes so lame. You NEVER see Beyoncé talking about Rihanna. You never see Mary J. talking about Keyshia or K. Michelle. ??‍♂️ both are queens of their perspective genres. When you a real queen, you don’t let stones be thrown at your throne bother you

  11. Brent Christopher April 14, 2018

    This b**** needs to get over her inflated self!

  12. I HATE .WHYyyyte n Blaaaxk. Bitchezzzzz April 14, 2018

    Nikki’s body is the most talked about body in the business y’all m************ will not stop

    • JOHNVIDAL April 14, 2018

      No no b|tch that would be J-Lo

  13. I HATE .WHYyyyte n Blaaaxk. Bitchezzzzz April 14, 2018

    She needs to distance herself from Migos ASAP

  14. Kim.Kesha& Pam April 14, 2018

    If she’s waiting for a Cardi B apology, she better not hold her breath!

  15. Lal’Kol April 14, 2018

    B**** can’t feel the ground anymore, I have enough of her manners.

  16. DanYiel Iman April 15, 2018

    ?SHE MADE HEADLINES FOR BEING A FAKE B**CH!! ?”Bzzz”? Lil’Kim is the generous QUEEN ??!!

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