Report: Destiny’s Child Reunion Confirmed for Coachella 2018?

Published: Friday 13th Apr 2018 by Rashad

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Destiny’s Child fans may want to take this moment to collectively freak out!

Sure, reports have been swirling for weeks the top-selling trio (comprised of Beyonce, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland) have been secretly rehearsing for the set which was delayed a year due to Bey’s pregnancy with twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

Now, even though there was news indicating the diva went above and beyond with security to ensure the secrecy of her rehearsals (click here to read more on that), there’s still been a leak that she’ll indeed be joined on stage with her former ‘Bootylicious’ bandmates.

Details inside:


Page Six is reporting that Beyoncé‘s Coachella appearance will include a reunion with her bandmates in Destiny’s Child. The paper cites a “music insider” who declares “it’s on.” Furthermore, said source suggested this was compensation for Bey’s cancellation last year due to her pregnancy.

The reunion – if true – comes three years after the ladies shared the stage to belt out Williams’ gospel chart-topping hit, ‘Say Yes’ (click here to watch).  If anything like it or their epic 2013 Super Bowl reassembly (as seen in the video above), we’re already ready!

Keep it locked to That Grape Juice as all will be revealed tomorrow when Bey takes the stage!

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  1. ? + ✈ = ? April 13, 2018

    I hope they bring back the original members

    • Ejai April 13, 2018

      Me too!

      • Danyboo April 13, 2018

        bless us please take me back to them blue cut out jumpsuits in the bills bills bills video … I’m already excited!!!!!!

    • E April 14, 2018

      It is the group’s 20th anniversary, so it’s very possible

  2. Aaron April 13, 2018

    Yessss i hope its true. If any group returns for a performance its Destiny’s Child.

  3. Brent Christopher April 13, 2018

    how is this exciting news? Kelly nor Michelle are STARS in their own right. there’s nothing thrilling or compensating Ron know they will join her on stage for their same ol tired melody of yesteryear hits. DRAINING!

    • Deyzz April 13, 2018

      Right. At this point they are just backup dancers/singers. Like Michael and the Jackson 5.
      When a group splits up, do their own thing and get back together do it right like New Edition.

    • Ispeakfacts April 13, 2018

      @ Brent Christopher

      Kelly is most definitely a STAR rather u like it or not! She is currently working on The Voice Australia & working & preparing for her new album & tour later this year! Just bcuz she is not performing right now or u don’t see her in the blogs as much lately… just know mama is out here working & making money moves she will be returning very soon! Working in silence is the best way!

    • DanYiel Iman April 13, 2018

      Umm Tenitra Michelle William’s is a star as well HATER!!

    • Tim Brown April 13, 2018


    • Charli Cheer Up April 14, 2018

      One-off reunions like this generate buzz. Maybe its good PR for Bey to release her next album. Michele and Kelly might have projects coming up aswl.

  4. Meme April 13, 2018

    We’re not interested unless all members are joining, minus Farrah. Now that would epic

    • @KurtisLeeSinger April 13, 2018

      Yesss if LeToya and Latavia joined them that would be Insaine!! And would break the internet!! Number 1 not 2 ?
      Pray this happens??

    • Charli Cheer Up April 14, 2018

      Those girls left the group in bad terms with Bey & her father ex-manager though. I remember them shading them in interviews. Would be awkward if it happened.

    • Bam April 14, 2018

      Speak for yourself. I love those three together on stage and anybody with a knowledge of “good business” would know that’s not a card Beyoncé needs to play yet.

      • Ispeakfacts April 14, 2018

        @ Bam

        Exactly!!! I don’t know why these weird ppl keep bringing up the original girls when they haven’t been apart of the group since the very beginning! Hell… they became an iconic girl group as a trio! They ended as 3 & will continue as 3! Letoya & Latavia didn’t do anything but be apart of 2 hit songs bugaboo & bills bills bills… as far as say my name they was never in that video or contributed to any performances!?‍♀️

  5. Guest April 13, 2018

    The originals would be epic but i’ll take it either way if it’s done right (looking at you Michelle–she always messes up the choreography). I want Bills, Bills, Bills, Lose My Breath, Survivor, No No No, Say My Name, I even want Amazing Grace. I want it all.

    • Hmm April 13, 2018

      I listened to amazing grace yesterday morning and babbbbyyyyy they were singing their faces off at that young age

      • Guest April 14, 2018

        Yaaaassss. Their rendition was everything. “Buuuuut Now!”
        “I’m found—watchu say girl??”
        “Buuuuuuut Noohoooow”
        “I’m found”

        I doubt they’d perform it but if they did, it would be insaaaane. ???

  6. MARY April 13, 2018


  7. Lake Erie April 13, 2018

    Wow! That would be something if Destinys child went full out with a whole new era. We’ve heard the rumors about Jay & Bey joint album and they’re obviously touring for sure… but nothing confirming Beys album.. besides the every 2 years rotation… but I’d be here for it for a DC album… They might be the spark these new girl groups need to be put on again.

  8. Adina… adina… say adina April 13, 2018

    Watching the super bowl performance made me realize how underrated Kelly still is… I was zoned in on her during that Singke Ladies performance and the swag and attitude she has… YAAAAAASSS! But this would be EPIC

  9. DanYiel Iman April 13, 2018

    I’m excited about this & luckily the girls have been able to salvage their relationship to be able to sing ole school Destiny’s Child songs!!?

  10. Charli Cheer Up April 14, 2018

    Exciting! love the fact that they still these one-off reunions and collabs. They’ve learned how to help each other’s solo careers while keeping the legacy of their group alive in the music industry.

  11. fatusankoh April 14, 2018

    Happy happy good luck to them

  12. drixx April 14, 2018

    here for it in whatever way it comes! honestly, the trio is perfect and iconic. wouldn’t be mad if they did a 1-time performance with all members either. some of the comments here are negative when its such a beautiful thing no matter how you flip it, don’t get y’all at all. they’re all successful in their own right.

  13. AnonymousTruth April 14, 2018

    Why would anybody want to see Latoya and Latavia? For what ? They didn’t even have any solo parts in any singles , they will literally be their for some pretty underwhelming nostalgia…. which seems tired and beyond unexciting. That would also be super awkward for Michelle …. if she was on the stage too . I dunno , someone might be crazy enough to make this happen . But I still think it’s stupid .

    • AnonymousTruth April 14, 2018

      I am all the way here for Kelly & Michelle tho !
      That’s Destiny’s Child ……. Latoya and latavia are girls tyme ? (if they were even in that)

  14. Jay April 14, 2018

    We want to see the orginal. I only tolerated DC3.. but I grew up with Latavia and Letoya. Smart Guy, WOTW.. Girls Tyme.. like no one wants to see DC3. Ugh

  15. JohnnyBlaze82 April 14, 2018

    I rather have a 3LW reunion….that would be epic!!!!!!!

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