Sabrina Claudio Admits To Attacking Black Women As Fans Call iTunes For Refunds

Published: Tuesday 10th Apr 2018 by David

Sabrina Claudio‘s chances of becoming a household name have been shattered by her own hands.

Full story below…

This week saw the rising starlet make the mistake of admitting that she was the brains behind the Twitter account @OhDamnYoureUgly.

What she didn’t realise is that the admission would draw attention to the account and see her fans unearth a series of hateful messages she wrote about black women and Latinos of African descent….some penned just weeks ago.

Efforts to scrub the account were of no avail because her supporters, disgusted by her remarks, saved them via screenshots and raised the alarm by condemning her on Twitter.


Now, after iTunes has been inundated by requests from fans who are asking the platform to refund the money they spent on her music, she has owned up to it.


Alas, this apology has been rejected by fans who aren’t convinced by it because she only issued it after learning she’d been exposed by screen shots.


Her latest project ‘Confidently Lost’ has now slipped out of the iTunes Top 200.

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  1. I HATE .WHYyyyte n Blaaaxk. Bitchezzzzz April 10, 2018

    She’s probably just jealous of black women…

    • khuni January 22, 2022

      sabrina has beautiful latina body no niglet bytch can ever compare

  2. Just_blaze April 10, 2018

    Sorry doesnt cut it. These h*** are hating on black woman. Mind you black woman are the strongest females in the world if you think about it. Yet every kardashian wants to be one.

  3. Meme April 10, 2018

    I know that Jasmine character must feel like a fool for calling ppl young and dumb in the other post because they didn’t verify the info lol

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 10, 2018

      Why would I feel dumb? Because of Twitter soldiers? I live in the real world dear, this Mexican singer (who can’t sjng but probably would out sing rihanna ESPECIALLY live) and the receipts she will and won’t live up to have no bearings on me… no person with a real life sits on Twitter. Only children and losers or a person with something to promote

    • Jasmine April 10, 2018

      Meme that is Suicide Trash Blonde trolling.

  4. Fancy BISH April 10, 2018

    “…and those of us who stand for living in a world of justice absent of racism will make sure she takes an economic hit for what she did….” -Advanced Equity Research
    AMENZ lol…bounce her checks and decline her credit!

  5. Jasmine April 10, 2018

    She should be dropped by her label too. She had evil hatred in her heart against black women.

    • Ispeakfacts April 10, 2018

      She will be dropped when ppl stop supporting! This is no surprise to me though…. Ive stated this several times on here b4… for some reason Latina women always come across as if they are trying to compete with black women or they will say some insulting things about blk girls to make us feel less than… some of the same comments Sabrina made sounds very similar!

      • Jasmine April 10, 2018

        I agree. I am part Cuban on my mom’s side and I know plenty of Hispanic women that feel like they are better than black women. Those are the uneducated ones who know nothing about their lineage. We are all descendants from Africa.

      • Danzou is back! April 11, 2018

        Trashmine Lee don’t lie you are NOT part Cuban you told me last time you was Middle Eastern and some next made up mix but you never mentioned that you was part Cuban. How many lies do you tell that yo cant even keep up your self.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 10, 2018

      TROLLmine how’s your Tuesday going girl?

      • Jasmine April 10, 2018

        Troll Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The above user is a racist transexxual white male who goes by the user name Suicide Trash Blonde. He has multiple accounts and this is one of them.

        Alert Do not engage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Girlbye April 10, 2018

    Drag her and all the other non-black women and men who seek to profit from black music and culture but secretly hate black people. And chile lusting after black men/women sexually doesn’t mean they like black people…

    • khuni January 22, 2022

      sabrina is s*** white latina goddess, worship her deep navel nigggga

    • khuni January 22, 2022

      sabrina is s*** latina queen, worship her deep navel uu trrash blaacc trannni

  7. DanYiel Iman April 10, 2018

    ?RACISM DOESN’T get your music SOLD!!

  8. Soulmate April 10, 2018

    What she did was wrong but next week il be over it

  9. Boytoy1814 April 10, 2018

    To a world sick w/racism: Get well soon. Janet Jackson “New Agenda”

  10. Sosamia April 14, 2018

    As an Afro/Latino woman I’m outraged by her stupidity! No ass ghetto. She couldn’t have been serious? No ass, ghetto honey you better check the history books dating way back to slavery before you get your made up wanna be black a** on SM talking BS like this.

  11. khuni January 22, 2022

    white goddess are strongest and sexiest real women, blac women are trrash mannly trannniies

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