Safaree Praises Cardi B’s Smash Hit Album ‘Invasion of Privacy’

Published: Friday 6th Apr 2018 by David

The Dancehall artist Safaree has showered praise on Cardi B‘s debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy‘ hours after its well-received release.

Warm words from her fellow New Yorker below…


Not gonna lie as soon as 12 midnight hit I listened to it on my red eye flight… I love the whole thing i love “thru ya phone” “Bicken head” I gotta say I Do is my favvv.. 1 time in starlets cardi asked if I think she’s gonna really make it.. I laughed my ass off and said are you crazy you’re out of here ??!! Congrats to the underdog you won!! @iamcardib !! Enjoy it!

Streams garnered by the album’s song ‘Bodak Yellow’ have made it eligible for Gold status in the United States already.

Do you love the album as much as Safaree does?

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  1. Meme April 6, 2018

    So this is a 1st. I’ve had a complete change of heart about this album. I was disappointed on first listen because I guess I was looking for something groundbreaking but then I thought…this is Cardi B. No one listen to Cardi to hear any deep meaningful ish. The same vibe that made Bodak so huge is the same vibe I got from basically all the tracks. I’ve been listening to this all day and Everything track is hype, well produced and the features are good. I still think she’s a 1 trick pony but that’s ok for her.

    • iamdiego April 6, 2018

      I know this is the internet but…. what kind of complement is that supposed to be? lol Sheesh.!

  2. Brent Christopher April 6, 2018

    This album is truly an impeccable body of work! She and her team truly exceeded my expectations. The songs are fluid Individually and as a collective project, INVASION OF PRIVACY is stellar!

  3. ??? April 6, 2018

    lmao safaree who?

  4. Fancy BISH April 6, 2018

    Spotifyin it right now! Get it Cardi ?? Get Up 10, Bickenhead, I Like It, Money Bag ? Bodak Yellow sounds doper on the album too! She’s in her own lane! Love when artists just do them and nobody else! The REAL them! She really delivered a solid debut album ?? She should get 50 Cent on a Bickenhead remix lol…pop that puuuussy up in church tho? ? My favorite line? “My little 15 minutes lasting long as hell” lmao #SlayvasionOfPrivacy

    • Meme April 6, 2018


  5. Ashanti April 6, 2018


  6. Danzou is back! April 6, 2018

    I love that she kept it all 110% Hip Hop and not that watered down sh|t.

  7. Yolanda April 6, 2018

    Cardi’s album sounds like a mixtape. Please tell me which songs involve the meaning of the album title, Invasion of Privacy? Maybe Looking Through Your Phone. It is not a cohesive album. Just a bunch of singles strung together.

  8. Yolanda April 6, 2018

    Drake is gonna drop music to block Cardi from going #1.

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