SZA On Appalling Coachella Performance: “I Lost My Voice Completely”

Published: Wednesday 18th Apr 2018 by Sam

As reported, SZA‘s Coachella debut shocked for all the wrong reasons.

Indeed, while she’s oft hailed for her live showings, many felt she sounded like she’d been stung by wasps while performing on the coveted stage.

Well, according to the TDE star there were a series of very real reasons why.

Find out what they were below…

Here’s hoping she redeems with her showing this weekend. It’s a must.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Qua April 18, 2018

    I think this girl is having a meltdown. I hope all is well maybe a break is needed

  2. Drinkmybussyjuice April 18, 2018

    I dont understand how she lost her voice. Was she sick? Its easy to judge as an on looker, but i believe what she is saying. I just wish she would have perserved her voice knowing that this is her biggest gig to date. Its ok though. Learning lession. All eyes will be on her this weekend yo see how she pulls through

  3. Suicide Blonde April 18, 2018

    Hey yall I just love her song On The Weekend. I can relate to it so well. I used to play the role of a part time lover but nowadays I don’t have to be a part time lover. My African bf asked me to move in to his flat. I’m so happy. 🙂 I’m gonna be riding his d|ck every night, taking his nut, and enjoying him paying all my bills. 🙂

    • Welp April 18, 2018

      Shut up with this filth. ?? TGJ Staff…be responsible and block this troll from the comment section!

  4. Jason April 18, 2018

    You don’t even need artist development to know how to be quiet, go to the voice doctor, eat lozenges, drink water, hot tea and rest. If ya can’t rest, at least do the other stuff! You’re job is SINGING!!

  5. Bam April 18, 2018

    All artist need to learn how to pre record vocals like Bey does. She might not use them all the time but she has them ready just in case and I love her for that.

    • Teflon Boy April 18, 2018

      At this stage of her career BeyoncĂ© has a humongous team who are prepared and know what their boss’ requirements are in order to deliver a solid showing. SZA might be having a moment in the sun but I doubt her team is all that slick.., artists are human afterall, her team may well have scheduled a press junket earlier that day that wore her out. Rookie errors but those are the sorts of things artists have to deal with (and then get blamed when their voice sounds shot). Also, any performer with experience knows what it’s like to have a band member/collaborator bail at the last minute. Often times you can’t do anything about it.

  6. DanYiel Iman April 19, 2018

    Wow I actually liked her performances

  7. Cheez April 19, 2018

    She wasn’t sick. She lost her voice due to poor technique. She was out of breath which signals poor breath support, her voice was cracking and flipping because she failed to get squeakier and thinner as her voice ascended, and she did not bring her larynx down when she tried to hit her high notes. I’m so tired of the singers we have today. Most of them do a p*** poor job.

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