Watch: Normani & Khalid Perform ‘Love Lies’ On ‘Fallon’

Published: Tuesday 10th Apr 2018 by Rashad

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Khalid and Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei have already proven quite the potent partnership thanks to their Billboard Hot 100 top 50 hit, ‘Love Lies.’

Having reached a peak of #43 (as of time reported) thanks to some handsome streaming and sales figures, the promo trail will see the duo hot on trying to push the cut to higher heights.  Their first televised bid toward the endeavor came aboard tonight’s episode of ‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.’

Keen to see how the live treatment compares to the bop’s recorded version?  Your answer awaits inside:



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  1. iamdiego April 11, 2018


  2. A&R April 11, 2018

    1st of all.. that woman is BADD! And she’s only in her early 20s. Lort Jesus that thing so fine and beautiful chocolate. Whew…
    2nd whoever choreographed and stage blocked this performance needs to be fired. They cant have my new crush make stage debuts and not have everything lined up right. The timing of her intro to stage overshadowed because it was too soon and that outfit was a bad choice.

    Grrr.. it’s cool. You got next!

    • Lamar April 11, 2018

      I agree!

  3. Ispeakfacts April 11, 2018

    Home girl lip synced the entire performance… ok girl!

    • DanYiel Iman April 11, 2018

      Obviously your hearing is blocked because she sung this song LIVE!!

  4. Tim Brown April 11, 2018

    Who is she as an artist? All I see is Sevyn Streeter, Bey…whats her message?

  5. DanYiel Iman April 11, 2018

    I’m here for this & they both sounded great live!! I’m here for her solo efforts debit card ready for an iTunes withdrawal!! ? ?

  6. Meme April 11, 2018

    Yassss Normani with he subtle slayage.

    She def has the stage presence and all the makings of a star. They were both very choppy on the vocals but it was a cute performance overall. Happy for my young brown brothers and sisters. We need more!!!

  7. Jamie April 11, 2018

    I don’t get vocalist from neither of them. Maybe as their careers progress. I don’t think this was a good execution at all.

  8. ontherun April 11, 2018

    meh this was okay nothing special but you can definitely see her potentiol!

    side-note- her leggings look cheap can her stylist fix up

  9. Bam April 11, 2018

    I just can’t imagine a full album of that voice alone nor a ww supporting your but in an era of basics she can at least move

  10. jammy April 11, 2018

    She was cute. Khalid’s vocals were a little too shaky for me. I hope this isn’t his standard…

    Obviously, the girl can move, so I predict a combo of backtrack, pre-recorded vocals and live vocals thrown in between so that we can see her dance and perform her ass off.

    Ideally, she will be mostly all live vocals. I think she is coming a long way, and she already sounds better on her own than with that grou.

  11. Cruz April 11, 2018

    Khalid is super over-hyped. Not to be a hater, but I just don’t get why people find him so special. You want to hear a real singer check out JP Cooper.

    Normani moves effortlessly, super talented but her voice isn’t that strong. I feel like she could come out with a solid album though. Regardless this song is one s*** banger! Rooting for them both.

  12. CX April 11, 2018

    My only complaint is that second chorus, sing ? MANI… and I hated that chair staging shoulda been in the back… her part in the front

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