Bebe Rexha Takes Aim At Kehlani Criticism

Published: Friday 18th May 2018 by David

Bebe Rexha wants Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko to know that she isn’t impressed with their criticism of ‘Girls’, the jam she built with Rita Ora, Cardi B and Charli XCX.

Fans of the singer will know that she was criticised for language she and her collaborators used in the track to describe lesbian sex by Kehlani and Kiyoko and watched Rita and Cardi issue apologies for their actions.

Bebe, however, isn’t sorry.

What she had to say about their critique?

A great deal…

She said this in an interview with ‘The Sun’s Dan Wooton.

The question of whether was true to us was completely dismissed. People automatically went for the negative instead of saying: ‘Well maybe these girls do kiss girls, maybe Bebe is bi.’ You don’t know about my sexual orientation, so I felt disrespected.

I’ve kissed girls. And I don’t do it because it’s fun or whatever. Do you have to be fully lesbian to put out a song about kissing girls? What if you’re bi.


Kehlani is yet to respond.

Do you agree?

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  1. Xoxo May 18, 2018

    This whole “controversy” is dumb. People need to chill and have fun. Stop being so serious and focusing on every little thing. There’s already too much going on around us don’t come and ruin music for us too!

  2. luke May 18, 2018

    Absolutely the whole diss was ridiculous and did not disrespect lesbians in any way shape or form. If that is a singer’s life experience that they are expressing, then no-one has the right to dismiss that. Pure jealousy is what produced the diss. Nothing more, nothing less. If they enjoy kissing girls so what. Lesbians should be celebrating that in terms of bringing a wider acceptance of homosexuality to the mainstream, not denigrating it.

    • Well well… May 18, 2018

      Agree. And it’s SO common in the Lgbtq community specifically. Where every individual member assumes they’re the spokesperson for the whole damn group and has the right to police other people’s experiences of it doesn’t align with theirs. Are the people who exploit activism and social movements to drive sales? Absolutely. But Kehlani didn’t even take a breath to consider the identification the song had to these women, like she made it all about her, she dismissed it the day it came out.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 18, 2018

        Isn’t Kelani the same girl who was about to commit suicide last year? Clearly her mental state is shaky and people should not be escalating her thoughts because they come from a weak mind.

  3. FACT CHECKER May 18, 2018

    She clearly didn’t READ Kehlani critique of the lyrics for herself it wasn’t about whether any of the singers were members of LGBTQ community it was about the lyrical notion that girls only kiss other girls because they’ve had wine or gotten intoxicated as dismissive because it predicates intoxication as the only reason to engage in same s** scenarios and situations. Her response doesn’t even address the thing that was criticized about the song it just shows how she didn’t properly comprehend the critique. It would be different if she just didn’t agree with the actual critique but she doesn’t even seem to understand issue critiques had with the song. Meanwhile Rita Ora and Cardi B the song lead artist and only feature artist on the song with an actual fan base that people know have already apologized. Bet Bebe thought this song was gone be her big break but it won’t so think again…

    • StarXavi May 18, 2018

      Bebe has already had her big break with Meant To Be….and a flue of other songs.

    • jammy May 18, 2018

      Agreed, I can see Kehlani’s point because it does just come off that way. It can also come off like, oh we are straight girls who want to get drunk and see what it’s like to kiss other girls

  4. 0Joenysmith May 18, 2018

    I was all in on stanning this girl but when she said she considered herself the first pop artist to crossover to country she is mistaken. B**** needs to get her facts straight cause there were plenty before her. I.E. kelly clarkson, nelly, pink, jt,

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