Christina Aguilera Reveals Surprising ‘Liberation Tour’ Support Act

Published: Sunday 13th May 2018 by Sam

Christina Aguilera is set to make her return to the live circuit when she sets sail ‘The Liberation Tour’ this September.

The hotly anticipated trek marks Xtina’s first in over decade and is being erected in support of ‘Liberation’ the album – her first body of work in six years.

With tickets set to go on-sale in a week, the songbird has hatched news on the tour’s support act.

Details below…

Taking to Twitter, Aguilera revealed that she’ll be joined by OutKast star Big Boi on the 24-date US jaunt:

Very random, but hey we’re still pinching ourselves that we’re typing “Christina Aguilera,” “album,” and “tour” in factual terms. It’s all actually…happening. So, we’ll take random – especially given that the music is sounding like fire so far. Click here to listen to the LP’s latest taster track ‘Twice.’

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  1. Jasmine May 13, 2018

    I’m excited to see her live for the first time. I watched her past two live concert dvds in the past and I was impressed.

  2. eric May 13, 2018

    That’s neither bad nor really exciting… just kind of ‘whatever.’

    • Jeans May 13, 2018

      Agree with you Eric

  3. @Nate May 13, 2018

    This is going to be non news to folks who dont know Big Boi’s solo albums are actually FIRE.

  4. Brent Christopher May 13, 2018

    I am buying tickets tomorrow morning when the American Express pre sale begins. I’m super excited! I wish it were Andre 3000 instead as the “opening act”, but whatever…

  5. CX May 13, 2018

    Ummmm … 🤔 Tina I smell This is What Love Feels Like Tour, and I’m hoping State of the World Tour vibes

  6. Bravo May 13, 2018

    I’m sorry to say but Ariana grande replace Mariah Carey & Christina Aguilera. Christina should promote forthcoming album and of course tour. Then go back too the’ Voice & collect. I’m still waiting to see how Roc nation will make any other promotion different from Mariah last attempts. They’re both icons in their on individual lanes, but of course Mariah Carey’s the Predecessor. They both should focus being entrepreneurs for their brand. Be more like a Jessica Simpson, but leave the music alone.

    • gina May 14, 2018

      Um, does Ariana Grande have a platinum selling album yet? And notice I said selling not streaming. Until she gets one of those, she wont be replacing Xtina, Mariah, or anyone else for that matter. So have a seat.

      • Bravo May 14, 2018

        In this day and age she has replace both of them. This is Ariana grande time and her generation. She selling singles & in her day of age streaming is her revunue. You can’t compare old sells to new sells. It’s been proving no one steaming Mariah like they’re streaming Ariana. I also know Mariah has many of platinum album, but again this is Ariana gerneration. So you take your ass and have several seats next to Mariah and Christina.

      • Bravo May 14, 2018

        We both know it will be hard for any artist to obtain a platinum album through pure sales. Now lets see if Mariah or Christina gets a platinum album through streaming.

  7. DanYiel Iman May 14, 2018

    I’m excited about this!!

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