Exclusive: Anitta Talks Crossover Debut, Teaming With Pharrell, Being Inspired By Beyonce & Much More

Published: Wednesday 30th May 2018 by Sam

Anitta is ready for her international arrival.

A superstar on home soil and in the Latin-Pop arena, the Brazilian bombshell is now being tipped for major success on a global scale. And it’s easy to see why.

At just 25, she’s dropped multiple Platinum albums and her flavoursome sound has proven too potent to be confined to one corner of the world. Indeed, amongst her growing fanbase are the likes of Drake, Camila Cabello, and Rita Ora.

A skilled stage-blazer, she’s established herself as live magnet and will be bringing her brand of fire to the UK’s capital next month.

Ahead of her landing, That Grape Juice caught up with Anitta, who spilled on her hotly anticipated crossover project, working on the set with Pharrell Williams, being inspired by Beyonce, and much more.

Our EXCLUSIVE interview with the name on everyone’s lips after the jump…

That Grape Juice: You are a new name to some people. But you’re a mega success in the Latin-Pop space. For those who don’t know, tell us a little bit about your journey up until this point.

Anitta: Well, I was born in Brazil and in a very humble part of the country. I often would sing in the church with my Grandpa. And I learned everything I know about music in the church.

It was me, my brother, and my mother. From there things started to grow.

I started singing solo, just locally in Brazil. I met different producers, who believed in what I was doing. And then very quickly it went from recording CDs to (performing on) the stage. And from the stage, then expanding into other countries – which is very much what I’m working on now (with my upcoming first English release).

Funnily, people don’t know that (despite my success in Latin-Pop) I didn’t always know how to speak Spanish. Way back, one of my Portuguese songs blew up Spain, so I went there to promote. However, I didn’t know how to communicate with… anybody [laughs].

So when I came back to Brazil, the first thing I did was find a teacher and learn Spanish. That’s how and when things really begun changing for me.

That Grape Juice: Wow. So here we are now with world domination at your fingertips!

You’ve been successful in Latin-Pop field, you’re stunning, and holistically have very flavorsome sound. Naturally that has drawn lot of comparisons to the likes of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. What’s your take on those comparisons?

Anitta: Well I love it because I love them! I must say I grew up watching them and love them still now. I’m at the very beginning of my journey, so to be compared with such legendary women, for me it’s really a pleasure.

That Grape Juice: Awesome.

You’ve released three albums up in to this point including a self-titled album and another named ‘Bang.’ We hear that you are working on your first crossover project. Why now?

Anitta: I like to sing in all the languages I know [laughs].

I am very happy with what I have. Specifically, my Brazilian and Latin-Pop audience. I am very happy with it.

The way I see it, if I expand my audience that would be even better.

Also, I am starting to sing in English just because it was one more of a challenge and I love challenges.

I’m doing this now not because I want to be the “number one” or better than anyone else. It’s just because I enjoy music and wish to communicate that in as many ways as possible!

That Grape Juice: We are very excited about your upcoming material. Who have you been working on with? And when can we expect it?

Anitta: I have been working with some amazing people J. Balvin being one of them. He helps me a lot. I’ve been in with Rita Ora too; she is amazing. We have something coming. I worked with Pharrell Williams just yesterday.

I have lot of people inviting me for collabs and creative projects. And I just go with what I like and the vibe.

That Grape Juice: One of our favorite songs of yours was released last summer and it was ‘Switch’ with Iggy Azalea. What was it like working with her?

Anitta: Oh, amazing!

That Grape Juice: And how do you feel about how everything went with the release, how it was received, and the things that changed?

Anitta: Really it was a great opportunity for me. It was really nice because it was my first work in English. [Iggy and I] hung out a lot and she helped me a lot with my accent. It was nice and a great introduction to the international side of things.

That Grape Juice: So you collaborated with of course Iggy, J. Balvin on ‘Downtown’ and Major Lazer too. Who do you want to collaborate with next?

Anitta: My dream is Drake. He is my dream. But I don’t know…

That Grape Juice: Dreams come true! Let’s put it in the air and hope it comes to fruition!

Anitta: That would be phenomenal.

That Grape Juice: You blaze the stage every time you touch it!

Another woman who does too is Janet Jackson. She was named the Billboard Icon Award winner last week. What are your views on her?

Anitta: Firstly, thank you!

Yes I saw [Janet’s segment]! I love her and think she’s great. Her presentation was just unbelievable.

Not only her but every woman that sends a powerful message of being free and being yourself and being strong. I think all of them are examples of brilliance.

Beyoncé for me is the biggest one. She is a legend. For real she is a legend. And every single woman that puts herself out there on this global platform and represents other women. It really takes courage. I think this it’s an amazing job. For me it’s an example of how to live a great life.

That Grape Juice: We know your fans are super excited about your performance next month at London Royal Albert Hall —

Anitta: Yes!

That Grape Juice: What can they expect from the show?

Anitta: I’ve been excited. I’ve been rehearsing this show for more than three months. And I am coming with very new energy. We are doing lots of choreography, different songs and mash-ups with other songs. A lot of Brazilian flavor. I really think people will appreciate it, be surprised by it, and will hopefully enjoy it too!

That Grape Juice: Very exciting.

Let’s play a quick game called ‘Finish The Line.’ It’s a simple one; I am going to say a line and you complete it.

Anitta: Okay. I’m ready!

That Grape Juice: When I am not on stage I am….

Anitta: …with my family!

That Grape Juice: Music is….

Anitta: …my boyfriend. I have a husband but music is like my lover [laughs!]

That Grape Juice: Ha!

Final one, Anitta is…

Anitta: … unpredictable!


Anitta performs at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 28th June 2018. Tickets are available at LiveNation


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    Everybody wants to be Beyoncé but don’t wanna put in the work! -Cookie Lyon ???

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      @section8dagreat ?????! Yessss for tha cookie Lyon reference!!

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    I love her

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