Fifth Harmony Stars Normani & Camila Cabello Reunite At Billboard Awards

Published: Sunday 20th May 2018 by Sam

When both Normani and Camila Cabello were booked to perform at tonight’s Billboard Music Awards, many wondered whether the former Fifth Harmony bandmates would cross paths.

And, if they did, whether the climate would be as frosty as the arctic temperature which surrounded Cabello’s acrimonious split from the group in 2016.

Well, said questions were answered and it seems time has been a healer.

Full story and more pics below…

For, not only did the pair run into one another – they posed for a picture together. And, per the snaps taken, they were all smiles.

What’s more, during Camila’s speech for her Chart Achievement Award, Normani (who trended the entire night following her electrifying performance) was spotted cheering her on from the audience.

In any case, with both ladies currently blazing their respective trails, it’s more than likely they’ll be on bills together in the future. As such, the warmer vibe certainly benefits all and prevents any awkwardness in the future.

Water under the bridge it seems.

Your thoughts?

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  1. James May 20, 2018

    Normani wasn’t fending the entire night. Only like for the first half hour. Try again

    • Ubettawerk May 21, 2018

      Do you feel better now that you added that comment, James?

    • DwayneJay May 21, 2018

      You thought!! Normani performed within the 1st 30 minutes of the broadcast, went trending #2 under the BBMAs hashtag and remained trending the remaining 2 and a half hours of the show and up to a hour and a half after the broadcast was off air. Take your salty, hating ass over to Perez Hilton’s site with that.

  2. The Wig Snatcher May 20, 2018

    Normani looks like she is not into this situation while Camila is being over dramatic about it.

  3. Josh May 20, 2018

    that dance sequence by Mani had me ShOoKK to the bonesss!!

  4. Lana Del fan May 21, 2018

    That dance sequence in that insta clip though!!! What the J. LoYonce Is going on !!

  5. iamdiego May 21, 2018

    Mani is a class act. she will go far!

  6. jammy May 21, 2018

    I think it’s cute. Simply that.

    Performance wise, Normani killed it with her performance skills and vocals. Camila killed it with her vocals.

  7. ??? May 21, 2018

    lmao normani’s performance was cute, it didnt snatch anybody’s edges lmfaooo

  8. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez May 21, 2018

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m loving Normai’s weave.

  9. truthteller May 22, 2018

    I never believed that Camilla’s split from the group was acrimonious. It also struck me as a misjudged attempt to generate publicity for 5th Harmony and Camilla

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