Grammy President Neil Portnow Steps Down Following Backlash

Published: Thursday 31st May 2018 by David


Neil Portnow is out.

Bad news for supporters of the Recording Academy President’s loyalists below…

Following a wave of negative press, partially fuelled by the Academy’s decision to hit Beyonce and Jay-Z with several Grammy snubs, Portnow has made the decision to step down from his powerful position.

At the heart of his departure? The irreparable damage caused by remarks he made in response to claims that women were underrepresented at the ceremony.

Women need to step it up.

Now, after facing condemnation from Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry and others, Portnow has decided to pull the plug on his time at the Grammys after becoming its longest-running leader.

The evolution of industries, institutions and organizations is ultimately the key to their relevance, longevity and success. Having been a member of the Recording Academy for four decades, serving as an elected leader and our President/CEO, I have not only witnessed our evolution, but proudly contributed significantly to the Academy’s growth and stature in the world. When I had the honor of being selected to lead this great organization in 2002, I vowed that on my watch, for the first time in our history, we would have a thoughtful, well-planned and collegial transition. With a little more than a year remaining on my current contract, I’ve decided that this is an appropriate time to deliver on that promise. Accordingly, I’ll be working with our Board to put the various elements in place that will ensure transparency, best practices, and the Academy’s ability to find the very best, brightest, and qualified leadership to take us into our seventh decade of operation. I truly look forward to continuing my role leading the Academy in the year ahead, and to continuing the pursuit of excellence and the fine missions we embrace and deliver.

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What do you make of this news?

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  1. Fancy BISH May 31, 2018

    2018 ain’t playing around lol ?

  2. Meme May 31, 2018

    Beyonce nor JayZ deserved any Grammys last year. You ppl really make me sick. Every time Beyonce doesn’t win something we can’t keep crying. Y’all been doing this for too long now. You know how many legends don’t have a single Grammy or had been “actually” cheated out?

    Beyonce simply has to make better music. I’m a Beyonce fan before you y’all off my head. I really am. But she has yet to make music that matches her talent. Lemonade was not Grammy worthy. And using music videos to make up for where it lack doesn’t help.

    • Fancy BISH May 31, 2018

      I agree on the fact that Beyoncé CAN and WILL make a better album than what’s in her discography (she needs to stop playing and make her Private Dancer lol)…but the Grammys keep nominating her only to take her ball away and ask her to go home! They did the same thing to Kanye…Yesha was nominated for Album Of The Year for his first three albums, but when he actually made career defining albums (808’s, MBDTF and Yeezus), they acted like he didn’t exist! They nominate artists for their worst albums nowadays lol…my two cents

    • Ariel May 31, 2018

      I completely agree with you. Beyonce’s music should be much better, given her celebrity. In all honesty, Britney has a much STRONGER and MEMORABLE catalog of music….which is unfortunate because as we know, Beyonce is an incredible vocalist and performer. Please step it up Bey!

    • Guest May 31, 2018

      Nah. Beyonce doesn’t have to win every category she’s nominated in but I don’t agree that Lemonade wasn’t Grammy worthy. And the wins and losses are relative. There is no way Adele deserved AOTY over Lemonade or any other album in that category for that matter. Except for Views… Views was trash.

      • Ispeakfacts May 31, 2018


        Adele’s music was better… the Grammys is looking for a quality body of work (music) & Adele’s album was that! Let’s be real here… she deserved it! Beyonce does a great job at marketing her albums through visuals… the visuals are nice but the music is lackluster… if another artist did those same songs I’m sure they wouldn’t get the rave reviews as Beyonce!

      • Guest May 31, 2018

        @Ispeakfacts I don’t agree. If another artist did the same songs as Adele they wouldn’t get the same reviews as her either. And 3 million first week sales? Please. I do like Adele and I love the traditional approach she takes to music, but that is ridiculous to me. Her music is not that good. Being real, Adele did not deserve that win. That’s my opinion. And it’s not even a Beyonce thing. I don’t think she should’ve won over most of the albums nominated that year.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 31, 2018

      That will happen when Bey decides to stop thinking songs like Girls (We Run This) are hits. She is a great saleswoman but the ish she selling is like watered down lemon juice when her fans want some fruit punch with hennessey in it.

    • Keith May 31, 2018

      Everybody knows that Beyonce has a weak catalog for someone of her stature. When he music catches up with her expertise as a performer and businesswoman, perhaps we can talk EARNED Grammys. Her rabid fanbase will continue to argue this, but the next time she releases an album LISTEN to it BEFORE you watch any visual and you will be underwhelmed….

    • DanYiel Iman June 1, 2018

      Your s Beyoncé hater whenever her name is mentioned your the first ass hole to hate yet you stan for flat tones Ri-Whine-A and her voice has sucked for decades!!

  3. Ughhh May 31, 2018

    Him stepping down has nothing to do with Beyoncé or Jay Z. He is stepping down for his comment he made for the lack of women nominated and performing at this year’s Grammy’s. He implied that women need to work harder, which caused an uproar. TGJ lacks facts and always needs to lead to Beyonce for clickbait because no one is viewing there articles without her mentioned.

    • Guest May 31, 2018

      Exactly. This has nothing to do with Beyonce or Jay. The desperation for clicks is real.

      • Big Mama May 31, 2018

        U took the words right of my mouth!
        Tgj needs to get their facts checked.

  4. Alex May 31, 2018

    Beyoncé makes great music. You mean to tell me Taylor swift deserves album of the year twice and Bey didn’t? Mariah Carey only has 5 Grammys and never won album of the year? Say what u want, but don’t lie Just cause y’all hate Bey’s success. ?

  5. Alex May 31, 2018

    It’s not click bait. Beyonce nor Jaybwas mentioned in the title, to the preview before clicking. Also, Andy and Jay being snubbed was trending headlines. Of course it contributed to this guys lack of integrity. There are superstars.

    • Alex May 31, 2018

      Bey and Jay*

  6. Lana Del fan May 31, 2018

    Yasss. A Change is finna come!
    Ignore diversity is the problem, why don’t they have a more DIVERSE panel

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