Janet Jackson Jams With Normani, Ciara, Sister Rebbie & More

Published: Monday 28th May 2018 by Sam

Janet Jackson may have been bestowed with the Icon honor at the Billboard Music Awards recently, but the ever humble legend was still welcoming of all backstage.

Moments ago, the diva shared snaps of herself with rising star Normani, who around the time of the show revealed that she was lucky enough to have met Jackson.

Also enjoying time with the 52-year-old were Ciara, Tyra Banks, Jenna Dewan, and her sister Rebbie Jackson (who, at 67, looks sensational).

Speaking of her catch-ups (and introductions), Jackson saod:

Thank u to my beautiful sister Rebbie and my girls for your support ? #girlpower

Peep more pics below…

Stunners all-round!

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  1. Jeans May 28, 2018

    Janet looks amazing!

  2. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 28, 2018

    Janet looks great and all the ladies look great. I wish Janet would have done a different song selection. I’m thinking Control / If / Rhythym Nation / Feedback.

    • _KINGSEANCOURT_ May 28, 2018

      She did NASTY/THROB for the ME TOO movement and her speech made it make sense

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 28, 2018

        But this was more about Janet getting a lifetime achievement award for billboard success rather than some #MeToo Movement and if her performance was for the #MeToo Movement why was I not able to automatically pic that up like I did with salt n peppa? I struggle to find the correlation between Throb’s lyrics and #MeToo.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 28, 2018

        Control / If / Rhythym Nation are better songs for #Me Too movement. Tose songs are heavily about female empowerpent.

    • Bam May 28, 2018

      I’m so tired of seeing ppl say what they wish she did, it’s pointless. Did she slay what she did do? Yes, yes she did and then some, ppl loved it as shown by the sales boost of the performed songs especially throb which many younger people thought was a brand new song. So within a short performance she let ppl see her old hits still knock, captured interest of younger ppl, showed the type of party she’s serving up on tour and had Bruno let everybody know that her chart accomplishments are not to be dismissed many are still unbroken today. She good. If you want a montage of her old hits go watch AMAs ‘09 she’s done it before there was no reason to do it again.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 29, 2018

        Bam you can agree to disagree but everyone is still going to have their own opinion. There is no one opinion suits all when it comes to human beings. I stand behind every word I wrote.

      • Boytoy1814 May 29, 2018

        Testify Bam!!!!

  3. Naughty One May 28, 2018

    Janet is just so freaking beautiful!!!

  4. Ricko May 28, 2018

    You see Ciara paid proper homage. Wasn’t initially received at first by Janet but over the years Janet couldn’t go on without giving her reborn the stamp of approval.,. Nicki this should been you and kim.

    • Faf May 28, 2018

      Girl bye kim is mad about baby not signing her and she had resentment towards nicki that’s not nickis issue

      • Yeah I said it May 28, 2018

        Girl stfu! Nicki was threatened by Kim on the remix they did for young money, and asked Baby to take Kim off because Kim murdered her verse. Nicki doesn’t want to see any other female shine. Karma is a b****** because Cardi is spankin that @ss while pregnant. I like it video drops tomorrow at 10am.

      • Ricko May 28, 2018

        If that’s what you feel is the reason they are beefing then yea nicki has her fans delusional..

  5. Ty theelusive1 on IG May 28, 2018


  6. Bravo!! May 28, 2018

    Janet been missing from the stage for some years.. I just wish she would have cane back with a different style

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 28, 2018

      I agree. Wendy Williams said the same thing. This was Janet’s time to shine and she played it subtle. She should have showed her body off and danced hard with songs like Rhytym Nation and If.

      • Michael Bosket May 28, 2018

        She shouldn’t sing her big hits for a shirt time

      • Lake Erie May 28, 2018

        I’d take anything Wendy says with a grain of salt… Wendy doesn’t really care for Janet. She even BASICALLY said someone else (another black woman) was more deserving of it. Wendy down played Janet that whole part of the show. She’s really been down playing her whole comeback since 2015. Wendy is a low key hater.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 29, 2018

        Wendy attacks all black women celebs over 50 because they look better than her. Wendy is very insecure sitting up there looking like she could be Janet’s mother. I just wished Janet would have shut all her haters down on stage that night like she does at every concert.

    • Luke May 29, 2018

      I asked Gil, Janet’s choreographer that exact same question and he wasn’t pleased, even though I was very courteous. He said Janet did not go hard because she has nothing to prove. I said that’s not the point. Fans love her for it and therefore expect it from her. He said they can go see her on tour then. Ha smh

      • Rana May 30, 2018

        I don’t get that logic. You asked a valid question for sure.

  7. Tim Brown May 28, 2018

    *Goes to YT to play Centipede* ?

    • Fancy BISH May 28, 2018

      Yaaaas hunnie lol ??

  8. AMD May 28, 2018

    There was NO ONE more deserving of the ICON Award than Ms. Jackson!

  9. Ispeakfacts May 28, 2018

    Janet was so polite to take photos with her fans! Love me sum Janet!

  10. Boytoy1814 May 29, 2018

    Janet is SNATCHED!!! Are u sure she’s 52yrs old???? If Ciara was smart, she should suggest a duet w/Janet for her upcoming album. They are friends & Lord knows she needs a hit song……..

  11. RoyalKev May 29, 2018

    Janet looks FINE! Get it Damita! Rebbie looks amazing for 67 as well! I’m so happy for Ciara! She is getting to spend so much time with her idol! It’s also nice to see Janet embrace new talent like Normani! … and I’m also always here for Tyra!

  12. Antincia foster May 29, 2018

    I love this lady so much

  13. sonji May 29, 2018

    Janet is Aging Backward!

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