Petition For Adidas To Drop Kanye West Surges Past 16,000 Signatures

Published: Friday 4th May 2018 by Rashad

Although Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted commended Kanye West‘s importance to the fashion brand, calling the controversial rapper  a “fantastic creator” and “a very important part of [Adidas] strategy,” that has not stopped detractors from calling for his dismissal.

The call comes as part of an ongoing backlash after the Grammy-winner took to TMZ to claim African Americans’ endurance of 400 years of slavery was “a choice” (click here to read more on that). And, while commenters from all walks of life have slammed his declaration, Adidas have declared they are sticking by the embattled star during this trying time.

“We’re not going to comment or speculate on every single comment that our external creators are making..and that’s where I’m going to leave it,” Rorsted said during an interview with Bloomberg TV on Thursday (May 3).

There are over 16,000 signees of a petition who don’t share Rorsted’s stance.  Details inside:

The petition, which can be found here, goes on to say:

Kanye West has a right to free speech, and he has the right to spout lies and misinformation and misplaced opinions — but we as consumers have the right to fight back against this type of dangerous propaganda. 
That is why Care2 is asking Adidas to drop their partnership with Mr. West and tell the world they do not want anything to do with anyone who believes that millions of Africans chose to toil the fields in bondage for 400 years…


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  1. eric May 4, 2018

    What the heck does Kanye contribute to Adidas? They don’t need him.

  2. Xoxo May 4, 2018


  3. Realtalk May 4, 2018

    If they won’t comply with the petition, then as consumers don’t buy any products/music. Let the lesson be I don’t care to support anyone or company that support Kanye and his views of his remarks about slavery “400” choice. Don’t support Kanye especially his music/s**** clothing let it hit him hard where it hurt him then maybe he’ll realize his free thinking speech needs to be research to get true understanding

  4. Jasmine May 4, 2018

    I am so sick of reading these vicious attacks to block successful black men from making money. If addidas wants to pay Kanye that is addidas’ right and no one elses. They are attacking Kanye because he married a white woman and lost his mind. Just because he suffers mental illness does not mean he should lose his jobs. One has nothing to do with the other and let’s be honest he was always a little bit crazy and that crazy is what helped him write those catchy lyrics and design clothes.

    • MusicLovah May 5, 2018

      Hi Jasmine! While I hear your point, do you think you would feel differently if a non-black person insinuated that we must have eventually choose to accept slavery because we it last it so long?

      Additionally, While I agree that Kanye is a bit imbalanced, how much longer can that be used as an excuse? When you know the problem, fix it. You don’t keep committing the same acts and expect us to keep forgiving you.

      • Jasmine May 5, 2018

        I agree. Thank you for sharing your point of view. I change my opinion after reading your comment. Kanye does need to suffer some repercussions for his ignorant asss comments and outbursts

  5. SMH May 5, 2018

    Of course they’re standing by him, he’s pushing their agenda to other ignorant negroes. And massas have always had a certain level of protection for their house negroes.

  6. DanYiel Iman May 5, 2018

    All of these designer brands don’t mind racism towards #BLACKS as long as there product keep selling!! Surely I’d it was something negative towards the holocaust or the Armenian genocide something would be done! BLACKS AREN’T given the same respect as other ethnicities!!

  7. thanosoftitans May 5, 2018

    you used the wrong word in the title. the word you want is “pass” not “past.”

  8. MusicLovah May 5, 2018

    Never signed a Petition before…but i just did

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