Pregnant Cardi B Clashes With Fans At Boutique!

Published: Monday 14th May 2018 by David

The heavily pregnant Cardi B isn’t having the easiest of weeks.

Ran off social media by her latest adversary Azealia Banks, the unstoppable Hip-Pop princess found herself in a spot of bother when she stepped out to shop hours ago.

What went down? Unconfirmed reports claim that the rapper’s team asked shoppers at a boutique to leave the store so the pregnant star could shop in peace.

What happened next? A ‘Worldstar Hip Hop’ worthy scene.

Kudos to the rapper’s security detail.

The rapper is yet to respond to the incident publicly but, should be disturbed by the incident, may find her mood brightened by the success of her debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy‘ on Spotify!

For, its tracks have now been streamed over 100 million times on the platform.

Want more Cardi news?

Pop this link open for details on the beatdown her team is accused of dishing out to one of her supporters!

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  1. RihNaj May 14, 2018


    • I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish May 14, 2018

      Fuc Cardi b,…., did Azealia Banks say this b**** was making fun of black women but yet she tries to imitate them, and want her children to be black. .. sounds to me she’s another b**** that’s jealous of black women

      I’mma put you in a box where my dollies been

      • Blaaah May 14, 2018

        The fact you think that dolly box sh!t is a hard bar ????? #OnlyTheKidsBelieveInStNick

  2. TheTruth May 14, 2018

    She really thinks she got it like that. Respectful stores stay open after regular business hours for celebrities. They don’t throw out non famous people out the door like a piece of s***.
    Shame on her and shame on the store management.

    • Meme May 14, 2018

      Business is business. Celebs shut down whole hospital wings, whole theaters. These ppl are just ratchet, just leave if you’re asked to leave. I’m sure if this was Beyonce they wouldn’t act like that.

      • Guest May 14, 2018

        Celebrities hardly walk into those places you named unplanned and make people leave. It’s already reserved. Especially for hospitals. Same for the theater. Imagine a celebrity walking into a movie theater that already has people in it watching a movie, and makes them leave. THAT is ratchet. People don’t care about inconvenience if they know about it. No one really cares that restaurants reserve tables for “special” people and make you wait. But if you’re already sitting down eating and they ask you to get up to seat somebody else that’s a different story. I don’t care who you are, have some respect.

      • Bam May 14, 2018

        Celebs can shop pretty much whenever they want to. They don’t have typical 9-5s, most don’t have to anticipate a day off, don’t have to put in an early vacation schedule at work, etc…
        Kicking out normal paying customers is NOT cool as these people more than likely have to adhere to everything I just listed. It is not right and if I recall Beyoncé didn’t kick everyone out of Target while she and blu shopped. I also doubt target would have let her cause “business is business” and to kick out the majority of your customers for 1 person is bad business.

      • Guest May 14, 2018

        @Bam Exactly. These people are probably regular customers who shop there often. And you kick them out for a celebrity that could end up just looking at stuff and end up not buying anything and will likely never come back? Makes no sense. Beyoncé wasn’t gonna buy the whole target, she’s a normal person. So kicking out loyal customers (that will never patron your business again after the way you treated them) for her wouldn’t have been worth it. And it doesn’t look like it was here either. And now it’s online for other people to see that you don’t value your regular customers?? Nah. This is bad business.

    • oh please May 16, 2018

      Erm. Yes they do. LOL this is a thing that happens!

  3. China May 14, 2018

    You all think Azealia Banks is safe??? Once Cardi has this baby SHE IS GOING TO LAY HANDS. You have seen her in action on Love and Hip Hop. Ms. Banks is a bully. She’s ugly. Over-rated. Built Bad, Plastic Wigs and to be honest SHE MUST BE TRICKING…because her music sells Z E R O. Love Cardi’s Brash attitude….and Ho_e F_king with CARDI will get you hurt. ….. Just wait and see what happens…………….

    • Wi May 14, 2018


    • Tia 4 Ever May 14, 2018

      “Catch hands.” What kind of gutters were you raised in. Why can’t Cardi combat Azealia with words? Is it because you know Cardi doesn’t have the intelligence to debate her.

      • Blaaah May 14, 2018

        Cardi gon throw hands on her worst than Russell Crow and we HERE FOR IT!! Actions and billboard hits are louder than words, baby ???

      • Keith May 14, 2018

        Plus, it would only damage Cardi’s fledgling career if she were to participate in physical violence. What those who advocate this dont realize is that her career at this point can be over as quickly as it began. Her best bet would be to ignore it and move on….who are these fans that would support violence against another person by their “favorite” artist. The rachet vibe Bercardis exudes must extend to her fans, lol…

  4. You know it May 14, 2018

    That video is not even new! That’s over a week old. Y’all some late h0£s!!

  5. Xoxo May 14, 2018

    She’s really not having a good month is she?

  6. drkqueen May 14, 2018

    I don’t mean to ruin the moment, but wht is cardi b doin thts drivin everybody crzy? I only see tht shes been dumpin on colored ppl which is wrng in so many wys, but wht exactly did she do? (im new here btw).

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. May 14, 2018

      @drkqueen – You want the list? She has stolen lyrics, flows from other artists. Her labels have taken opportunities from OTHER BLACK (DARK/BROWN SKINNED) women and GIVEN them to Cardi so that she can be forced down the public’s throat/in their faces. Card is FULLY AWARE OF THIS.

      Now, this is why people don’t like her. Cardi B is the QUINTESSENTIAL EXAMPLE of ALL THINGS IGNORANT but her behaviors and existence is somehow PRAISED and UPLIFTED. If a Black woman had her background and her mannerisms they would CRUCIFY HER, but because Cardi B is NOT Black, and I don’t care what anyone says about her mother being Trinidadian etc or that she is NOW claiming some part Black due to backlash, she gets NONE of the stereotyping and loss: opportunities, reputation, support etc.

      It’s the same with non-Black women copying physical attributes of Black women and parading themselves to be THIS PARTICULAR image when they are anything but. They are loved, given contracts, film work etc. But a woman that is NATURALLY built that way is NOT. She is told that she is not as valuable by giving her LOSS. Everything that Black women have been clowned over is NOW HIGHLY DESIRED AND IN DEMAND and even the things that they are clowned over ARE NOT ATTRIBUTED TO THEM but to women who COPY THEM etc The Kardashians. (Ex. People want “Boxer Braids” like Kim – renamed because a non-Black woman renamed them. They want a “big b***” like Kim or Khloe when really that is nothing but a sistah but or a fat chick’s b***, hahahaha.)

      It’s the same with Cardi B. Everything she is praised for and given MORE FOR a Black woman and yes ma’am definitely are DARKER COMPLECTED one will be ridiculed, name called and given loss over. Cardi B is a copy of a copy of copy, an ignorant being, thief, and irresponsible, disgusting human being.

      • Jasmine May 14, 2018

        Superstar Cardi B is black enough. Her hair is kinky under her wigs and she has black features. If her mom is from Trinidad she is black. Black people encompass more than just blacks in America who have ancestors that were slaves. Being black encompasses anyone with African lineage. Thus, Cardi B is black. Dominicans are black. Trinidadians are black. Black and black makes black. I never see Hispanics telling other Hispanics they are not Latin so black people should start educating themselves that not all black people have to have USA s**** history. S**** trading took place on the Caribbean islands too.

      • LES87 May 14, 2018

        So your saying only black women can speak that way? No it’s where and how you were raised. Your just a hater and hate every other race but yours. Tiffany Haddish Is herself and is getting very famous and a lot of work and no one is shaming her. Stfu racist hater

      • Yovii May 15, 2018

        Cardi B is BLACK!! (different from being African american) We Dominicans as she is Dominican and Trinidadian have African blood in us so WE ARE BLACK! which like I said is different from saying we are african American. Most Caribbeans such as Dominicans have Taino Indians, European and African bloodline in us. That is what makes us!! Stop
        the ignorant rants of her not being Dark enough to be considered “Black”. 2) We the society made her famous!! She did NOT pay for her Ig followers or for people to listen to her music WE PAY her. Be the part of society who does not support then.????

  7. Shea May 15, 2018

    She is pregnant, wtf is wrong with people

  8. Lana Del fan May 15, 2018

    What’s up with all these black women riding sooooo hard for cardi. She already referred to y’all as roaches, burnt, and monkeys. Y’all so quick to claim everyone as black. Smh

  9. drkqueen May 15, 2018

    this girl has problems and is rlly dramatic. and her being pregnant makes things worse. who was she sleepin with in the first place?

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