‘Savage Fenty’: Rihanna Teases Fans With New Underwear Line

Is there no end to Rihanna‘s reign? The answer to that question is simply…no.

Following the elephantine launch of her ‘Fenty Beauty’ makeup line, the superstar singer pulls fans away from the mirror and into the bedroom with an underwear line named ‘Savage Fenty.’

Full story below…

#DAMN. @savagexfenty drops in FIVE DAYZ !! MAY.11.2018

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The collection launches on May 11th and is designed to celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes…part of the star’s effort to embrace inclusivity and healthy diversity.

Sup, bra? 6 more days til @savagexfenty …… category: #DAMN

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  1. Jasmine May 6, 2018

    I wonder if I can tuck and hide my D in the panties..?

    • Jasmine May 6, 2018

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      • Danzou is back! May 6, 2018

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      • Jasmine May 6, 2018

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      • Jasmine May 6, 2018

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  2. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 6, 2018

    I’m morn impressed by her laundry, it’s super basic and doesn’t stand out. Every lingerie line makes this

    • Jasmine May 6, 2018

      Hey girl

      • Jasmine May 6, 2018

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      • Jasmine May 6, 2018

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      • Jasmine May 7, 2018

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  3. Brent Christopher May 6, 2018

    as much as I really rock with Rihanna and support her platform, im kind of SICK TO DEATH of all of her sneaker, makeup, lingerie and clothing lines. it’s all the SAME as any other female celeb product brands. she NEEDS to be releasing a new album THIS YEAR instead of pushing consumer brand after consumer brand. FOR WHAT?! she doesnt need the money. there’s nothing unique about the items compared to the 2.7 million OTHER brands of the same colors, designs, prints, prices and likeness. FOCUS ON THE DAMN MUSIC! I hate that celebrities are given artistic licenses to simply create ANYTHING. Im sick of it! truly…i am.

    • Jasmine May 6, 2018

      I agree Brent. All your comments are right on the money.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. May 6, 2018

      @Brent.. – I agree with everything you said EXCEPT her releasing new music. I would like it very much if she just disappeared but I’m sure her fans would agree with you on all points ESPECIALLY the music.

    • Noelle Teague May 6, 2018

      Agree & wanting new music

    • Coupe May 7, 2018

      i guess keep buying the same crap the white men put out…here is a famous BLACK woman selling goods (doesnt matter if its the same or not) and somehow thats a problem and there are black people that wont support…smh

      • Brent Christopher May 7, 2018

        are you really THAT naive? NONE of her products are OWNED by black women or black men. Rihanna only receives a 21% rate from the original business deal and 3% of the final sale for use of her name and likeness. THATS WHY THERE IS NO POINT OR PURPOSE of her releasing more consumer crap! Rihanna doesnt even financially benefit heavily from the sales. she needs to stick to releasing music! she is very attractive, so the occasional magazine cover and spread is great too. I simply do not want to see her or any other black, white, asian or puertorican SINGER also acting, making clothes, slapping their names on sneakers, makeup lines or anything beyond just recording mainstream music. PERIOD.

    • blue May 7, 2018

      you realise you aren’t being forced to buy any of it right? Or even read anything on it…you could just sit back and wait for music.

    • Keith May 7, 2018

      I like Rhianna and i was just having this conversation with someone the other day. I would prefer that those people who come to us as musical artists focus on the MUSIC, so i will sit and wait…meanwhile there’s plenty of fragrance, underwear and shoes from minority businesses worldwide to support (if thats the criticism)

      • blue May 7, 2018

        okay now apply that to fenty beauty and the huge impact it has had on the make-up industry… Whose to say some other minority person would have had the guts and power to do that and affect the shift FB has?

  4. F You May 6, 2018

    Business woman make that money Rihanna ????

  5. DanYiel Iman May 6, 2018

    She blocked me because I stated she isn’t a great live vocalist!!

  6. Antincia foster May 6, 2018

    I’m going to buy some when it comes out

  7. DEl May 7, 2018

    I thought that she would tone down the s** appeal when she started dating the Arab guy and to be honest I thought after Janet problems with one of them would be that a lesson to black women dating them I mean look what they do to Africans

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