Bebe Rexha Clarifies Rihanna Vocal Misunderstanding

Published: Tuesday 26th Jun 2018 by David

Bebe Rexha wants Rihanna fans to know that she meant no harm when she seemed to imply that the star struggled to sing her own notes on her own song.

The brilliantly talented Bebe penned Rihanna’s lyrics in the Eminem track ‘Monster’ and, for reasons yet to be disclosed, performed some of the song’s highest notes even though the ‘Fenty Beauty‘ purveyor is credited as its only singer.

What Rexha has to say about the backlash she faced for pointing this out?

Watch below…

Yet to see what caused it all…


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  1. CIARA MCWILLIAMS June 26, 2018

    Knew there was a reason why i didnt like her she looks like a total c***

    • Fancy BISH June 26, 2018

      I know BeBe and CeCe Winans lol…I don’t know her ??

      • beyonceknowlesbest June 26, 2018

        thats exactly why half these new chicks will forever stay nameless she better continue 2 write n sing Queen Rihanna’s songs you back ground whale! b!+xh plus she cant sing neither with her stoopid name! these new chicks like her camilla are so BASIC!

  2. Ughhh June 26, 2018

    She has an album out and she is trying to save face. Girl ain’t nobody buying your album

    • Carlitos June 26, 2018

      Uhhhhh, her album already went gold from PRESALES, you imbecile.

      • ? June 26, 2018

        A damn lie! Must be gold in Neverland or Narnia.

  3. DanYiel Iman June 26, 2018

    She does struggle with her FLAT ALTO TONES!! Ri-Whine-A is a pitchy live vocalist, her concerts fans are very into her foolish sound!!

    • Meme June 26, 2018

      You say the same thing in every post bro. Give it up or find a new diss.

      • Naughty One June 26, 2018

        And it ain’t even funny. Shut up already. No one likes you here with you lame repetitive shade.

  4. XYZ June 26, 2018

    This girl has nerve. Did anybody see her performance with the highly talented Jojo on that diva show? Bebe can’t sing nor hold a note for s***. Even her voice on studio recordings isn’t that good. And she has the nerve to call out Rihanna (who is not the best vocalist either, but levels above this chick). So, I guess she just lost a couple customers with her attitude. No ones going to buy your songs, if you go and talk bout them like that afterwards.

    • Carlitos June 26, 2018

      Ummmm, she’s definitely not worried. She’s already multi-platinum selling artist, and yes, she has a better voice than Rihanna. You’re just mad because she’s right. ?

      • audreyherbsburn June 26, 2018

        she has 1 album. she’s not hot s*** yet. One day you’re on top of the charts. the next, you could be branded a “flop.” slow your roll, carlton

  5. DeanD June 26, 2018

    Yvette Marine teas

  6. Meme June 26, 2018

    Can’t stand fake ppl. But she literally said that though. Multiple times. I remember vividly her saying she ain’t bother that they used Rihanna instead of her because she knew Rihanna couldn’t replicate her notes so she would be on the song. This was before I even knew who she was.

  7. Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 26, 2018

    I didn’t see the problem with her saying it in the first place though…. So what? Was what she said not true? If Rihanna was more than capable of executing those vocals, she should’ve done them herself. Don’t get mad at somebody for just pointing it out.

  8. Tried it June 26, 2018

    Well she sing the part soooo. It’s you trolls that spin it to tear Riri new one but she’s not bothered because she never reach out to the girl nor met her. ?

  9. Lake Erie June 26, 2018

    Smh. These celebrities kill me with the “misinterpretation” back peddling after they’ve been CLEARLY CAUGHT saying or doing what ever it was that they are now trying to clarify. She said it! It’s on video! Maybe I heard her wrong? But I doubt it. Smh. What else did you mean? How did we misinterpret you? Either way, lol. I think She MIGHT BE on Rihanna shot list now so that dream of meeting her will more than likely continue to be a facade.

    • Casual June 26, 2018

      I totally agree. And those notes weren’t even that high. Rihanna could have sung them had they come up during the session. This chick was just being shady to a woman whose presence on a song generate huge checks. That she never actually met Rihanna makes me think Rihanna simply laid her part to an unfinished song that had a lot of sweetening added later.

  10. Ricko June 26, 2018

    Imagine working so hard to pop and a big star comes and take your shine. Ashanti did the same with Jlo Bebe should have been a lil more humbled. Maybe Rihanna team could have got her more features and gigs since their voices are very similar.

  11. stan June 26, 2018

    i don’t know her

    no, really, i don’t know who that is

  12. xedos June 26, 2018

    The track was sent to Rihanna while she was on tour in Europe. She record it in the UK and send it back . what they did with the track is not her problem. its not like everyone was in the studio at the same time. So if the producer wants to edit the track he/she can.

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