Beyonce And Jay Z To Crush Kanye West On The Billboard 200

Published: Wednesday 20th Jun 2018 by David

Though set to be welcomed by modest sales, Jay Z and Beyonce´s “Everything is Love“ is to wipe the floor with all three of Kanye West‘s album releases on the Billboard 200 this week.

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“Love“s first week numbers are yet to be published as the chart system is still waiting on final streaming figures from TIDAL.

Unfortunately for Kanye, “Love“ has already sold enough to copies to cast a pro-black shadow over all three of the albums he has released in the last quarter. Two of these being Nas´“Nasir“ and “Kids See Ghosts.“


  1. *The Carters (Roc Nation/Parkwood/Columbia)**
  2. *5 Seconds of Summer (Capitol) 113-118k, 90-100k
  3. Post Malone (Republic) 83-88k, 9-11k
  4. XXXtentacion (Bad Vibes Forever) 80-90k, 6-7k
  5. *Nas (Mass Appeal/Def Jam) 76-81k, 44-48k
  6. *Christina Aguilera (RCA) 70-75k, 62-67k
  7. Kanye West (G.O.O.D/Def Jam) 49-54k, 10-12k
  8. Cardi B (Atlantic) 42-46k, 3-4k
  9. Juice Wrld (Grade A/Interscope) 42-46k, 1-2k
  10. Kids See Ghosts (G.O.O.D/Def Jam) 37-40k, 8-9k
  11. The Greatest Showman (Atlantic) 33-36k, 19-22k
  12. Lil Baby (QC/Motown/Capitol) 31-34k, <1k
  13. Luke Combs (River House/Columbia Nashville) 26-29k, 7-8k
  14. Shawn Mendes (Island) 26-29k, 8-9k
  15. Post Malone (Republic) 24-27k, 2-3k
  16. *Jay Rock (TDE/Interscope) 24-27k, 6-7k
  17. Maroon 5 (222/Interscope) 23-26k, 2-3k
  18. Dierks Bentley (Capitol Nashville) 22-25k, 19-22k
  19. J. Cole (Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope) 21-24k, 2-3k
  20. Imagine Dragons (Kidinakorner/Interscope) 20-23k, 6-7k

West, who recently shocked by fans by arguing that African chattel slavery was a choice, is currently feuding with the couple and is no longer contributes to records released by Jay Z.


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  1. Marcel June 20, 2018

    LMAOOOOO at the headline you’d swear that Bey and Jay are going to do more than 500K first

    • JayD June 20, 2018

      U think they wont? Lol okay dont underestimate .. again tidals numbers werent added to the first predictions .. these predictions be way off like her last 2 albums were! n she sold way more than the predictions

      • ??? June 20, 2018

        lmao you know damn well came & his roach will NOT see 500k, not with their pure sales flopping to the tune of 77k. but of course tidal is gonna fake their streams so that will be the only think getting close to 500k lmfaoooooooooo

      • Bravo!! June 20, 2018

        Summer my s***!! But of course this joint album going to do big numbers.

      • JayD June 20, 2018

        @THEHATER or whoever u r oh they will jus sit outside the stadium and watch

    • Martaevia La’wayne June 20, 2018

      I really don’t not see why it matters. They e been there, done that. At the end of the day they’re rich. ?‍♂️

    • ??! June 20, 2018

      Damn Bey has 7 #1 albums in a row. Queen. How many artist can say that all of their albums debuted at #1?

      • ??? June 20, 2018

        lmao it aint #1 yet bug, 5 seconds of summer is coming with the bug spray lmfaoooooooo

    • ??! June 20, 2018

      Did you not read the article? The album is debuting at #1 … its ok to be mad, its normal.

    • The Wig Snatcher June 20, 2018

      Ms. Sheuer, Beyoncé’s Black publicist who is married to a white male paid TGJ to write nonsense like this. No other site goes this hard for Beyoncé (not even Black blogs like Blavity, Madame Noire, AfroPunk and The Root). Real media does not subscribe to Bey’s fragile ego. That’s why I check for Sandra Rose.

      • Kelly June 20, 2018

        Sandra rose is a Trump supporting propaganda spreading c//n who is anti black, anti gay (Even though shes gay herself) anti Beyonce hater who Bey had a restraining order against yrs ago. So if that’s your source of info, I pity you.

  2. Lol June 20, 2018

    Lmao dude what are u even talking about? Kanye’s album did 200k the carters won’t even do 150. What do u mean “crushed”? Are u that bored??

    • Faf June 20, 2018

      Right and we not counting tidal fraud numbers

  3. i hate all yall whyte n black b******..they not ish June 20, 2018

    bb..looks pretty with brown skin…

  4. Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 20, 2018

    To be in his element, making 3 traditional hip hop albums, as the self identified musical Genius God who is more influential than the Apostle Paul and is married to a woman who is more influential than Michelle Obama, I think Koonye is flopping epically.

  5. pat June 20, 2018

    A fashion show with no fashions… how dreadful

  6. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 20, 2018


  7. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 20, 2018

    Sorry but the album is still basic AF. I’m so disappointed in Beyonce as a lifelong fan. You’re no longer a vocalist on wax.. it’s very sad

  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 20, 2018

    Looks like a #1 is SET for the Carters. still dissapointing for 2 artist that easily sell 500+k first wk. correct me if i wrong but ppl dont actually BUY albums on Tidal, they stream it so i doubt sells Tidal will increase its streaming conversion by over 10k so the real IF factor is the fact that it could have sold more on Tuesday than it did Monday. I think bad marketting hurt sales, the album cover and title lacks appeal and Salude would have made it 10 tracks. ppl see 9 and think its not a serious album… and maybe it isnt. A Experimental Trap R&B Album is a risk for coming after 2 masterpiece s like 4:44 and Lemonade. Rihanna numbers are no bueno for the tha carters

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 20, 2018

      Masterpieces? Lol.

    • mr.m June 20, 2018


  9. Facts Only June 20, 2018

    Sam this a f****** reach. This album hasn’t outsold either of the projects Kanye has release couldn’t even top Kanye & Cudi.

  10. DanYiel Iman June 20, 2018

    Anything negative to be placed about Beyoncé & Jay Z to get likes and clicks always sucks but the album is a lot better then most albums out throughout the year’s!!

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 20, 2018

      This album is the definition of forgettable an beyonce whisper/talking vocals are basic and turning into her majority. She was a vocalist way back when, what happened? It’s a no for me. Sorry talkYonce

      • Guest June 20, 2018

        Um.. you do realize ‘Everything’ is purely a RAP album right??? It’s not hip-hop/r&b. It’s Hip-hop/rap. So sis…. Beyonce is talking because it’s a rap album and rappers….. rap. You sound dumb.

        Anyways, Everything is Love is a good album. I’m convinced that half of the people who hate this album haven’t listened to it and the other half knows that if anyone else had released it, this wouldn’t be a conversation.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 20, 2018

        Beyonce Ditched vocals for talk singing and rapping since 2013 when self titled came out.. stop trying to act like this is a new thing- it’s not. Beyonce used to be a vocalist and her whisper rapping is now her signature- it’s tired and she’s really known for that now than being an actual vocalist. She’s not had a vocal album in almost ten years with 4.. disappointing AF. Rihanna can now sing all of Beyoncé’s songs which is sad cause Rihanna’s voice ?? Yikes

  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 20, 2018

    Lol didn’t Sam report than Struggle Tina hollera would crack TOP 5?… Sad week in music indeed ?. Desparation will be out the top 10 by next week cause NOBODY is streaming it. ?

    • Faf June 20, 2018

      Christina Aguilera hasn’t been a major player in music in like 12 years back to Basic was her last platinum album yall claim beyonce all that this is a flop

      • Meteorite June 20, 2018

        I’m saying.
        I love Tina but even I can admit this.
        She’s only had 2 number one albums, her Self-Titled and Back to Basics.
        So no Fighter has remove to call Britney or Beyoncé or Mariah flops when she isn’t even pulling in stellar numbers.

      • Red Pen June 20, 2018

        According to wikipedia

        As of 2014, in the United States alone, Aguilera has sold 17.9 million albums
        As of June 2016, in the United States, Beyoncé has sold 17.2 million albums as a solo artist and a further 17 million albums as part of Destiny’s Child.

  12. Fancy BISH June 20, 2018

    TGJ, that GIF is hilarious lol ? Beyoncé slayed her performance in the Apeshiiit video, by the way! The way she looked at the camera was so focused and determined I know she had to bust out laughing at least once lol…Stron’jay, magnifique! ??

  13. Fifi June 20, 2018

    Damn, Xtina got slaughtered but the album is good

    • Jasmine (The Original Princess) June 20, 2018

      How did she get slaughtered? She’s pulling pretty good numbers for someone who hasn’t released music in over 6 years and has no radio support. And she still gets her fanbase to actually PAY for album. A win if you ask me. She will build on that from now on.

  14. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 20, 2018

    Everything now has metacritic score: 80

    SUMMER 4/5
    APESHIT 4/5
    BOSS 3/5
    NICE 3/5
    713 4/5
    FRIENDS 3.5/5

    Overall: 4/5 = 80%

  15. Miss Kitten June 20, 2018

    The gag is Kanye’s album is better

  16. ??! June 20, 2018

    Did you not read the article. The album is debuting at #1 … its ok to be mad, thats normal.

  17. Bad B**** June 20, 2018

    Christina is such a flop. They claim the music is so good yet no one wants to buy or stream ??

    • SMH June 20, 2018

      Girl shut up. She hadnt released an album in 6 years nor does she care how much she sold. Be more concerned that Cardi outsold the carters but a WIDE margin.Your fave aint selling nearly as much as you think she is.

  18. ybisi June 20, 2018

    Wow all it took was 2-3K to make the top 20?
    These artist better than their lucky stars for streaming.Music sold in physical form is all but dead. The Carter’s/Tidal need to stop stalling, it’s probably adding a little over 50K in sold albums and 100,000 more in sps.
    While I appreciate EIL, I can’t help but think what a 2018 DC3 album would’ve sounded like. Next time solo or group.

  19. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 20, 2018

    On June 20th, just two days after initial release on the platform, the album EVERYTHING IS LOVE had reached the top #1 position in over 100 countries, surpassing the record previously held for most number one positions per country on iTunes by Ed Sheeran’s ÷. WW sales will be well over 300k pure sales first WK ? the carters stay WINNING

    • Erica June 20, 2018

      Winning? That should be a concern for them when they usually do triple that in the us alone this is a flop called it what you want yeah it’s number 1, Demi had a number 1 with 50k so being number 1 doesn’t really matter if you not pulling the numbers you’ve state in your music

  20. Jay June 20, 2018

    This is irrelevant! Esp when both of Kanye albums were released “PRIOR” you mean to tell me Bey & Jay “TOGETHER” STILL CANT SELL over 500k!?!? Lol stop it

  21. JasmineIsTrash June 20, 2018

    Lol Grape Juice trying to help beyonce save face by comparing their crap album and low sales to an album produced by kanye. Your attempt at shading kanye as not “Pro-black” was weak as well. Your contributors are morons.

    • #TrashMineExposed – 5-3-18 – 5-24-18 – 5-25-18 June 20, 2018

      Well said.

  22. RealNegro June 20, 2018

    Stay mad! Bey and Jay don’t need Tidal, Tidal needs Bey and Jay. Remember that Heathens!

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