Beyonce & Jay-Z Release ‘Everything Is Love’ On Spotify’s Free Tier

Published: Sunday 24th Jun 2018 by Sam

With the first week sales tally due imminently, Beyonce and Jay-Z prove that they’ve got their eye on longevity with new album ‘Everything Is Love.’

Unleashed last Saturday at the culmination of their ‘On The Run II’ London stop, the “surprise” LP has been creating waves all week for a multitude of reasons – most especially its roll-out.

For, while it’s been customary for Bey and Jay to limit the streaming component of recent albums to their TIDAL platform, they’ve opted to play ball with rival services. Hence, this go round, ‘Everything’ was a TIDAL exclusive for little over a day before “going wide” on iTunes, Apple Music, and the premium paid tier of Spotify. 

The latter was was particularly noteworthy given the platform’s spot as market leader.

Still, in asserting that only paid listeners could access, it created a somewhat complex issue for the Carters. Because, while yes they were on Spotify, most users access via the free ad-supported tier. Put simply, they couldn’t get in on the fun.

Until today.

Details below…

As of today, the ‘APES**T’ led set is now available for ALL Spotify subscribers – a hefty base of over 170 million active users.

To provide context, only 70 million of said base pay for the service, leaving 100 million on the free tier.

It’s widely speculated that the initial limits delayed Spotify adding The Carters to their coveted playlists. After all, the largest portion of their audience wouldn’t have been able to listen.

With all that out of the way, ‘APESH**T’ already top billed on the Rap Caviar playlist with more expected imminently.

Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see how this all factors into the longterm success of the album.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pat June 24, 2018

    When all else fails..

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 24, 2018

      Yup they desperate. Artists as big as Beyonce or J****** should be able to pull 100K in sales / stream equivalent in one day regardless of the platform. Problem here is that most people, including the loyal Beehive, don’t want to hear Beyonce try to rap. They would rather hear Cardi. J****** needs to stop piggybacking off of Beyonce’s fame and just retire from music as an artist cause his time is expired! We don’t need ugly J****** b|tch rhymes or Kenyatta Trump-Kartrashian either for that matter when we got Kendrick and Drake slaying the charts!

    • Fancy BISH June 24, 2018

      “Ya’ll switchin’ sides like NBA teams just after halftime.” -Jay-Z, Friends
      I’m still riding with the Carters! Forget 5 Seconds Of Blunder lmao ? #Carters

  2. G7Pat June 24, 2018

    When u top 2, but u # 2

    • FRESH NAVY June 24, 2018


  3. Naughty One June 24, 2018

    They getting desperate for that #1 now. Their planned backfired! ????


    No mention of the Carter’s age… but if it was Nicki or JJ

  5. Marcel June 24, 2018

    LMAOOOOOO it went from being a tidal exclusive now its on Spotify free lol guess Bey’s flop numbers had her shook.She claimed she didn’t give a f*** about streaming numbers but now she is relying on streaming to help her flop collab album now the Hive can stop shading other Stan bases claiming that their faves rely on streaming and not sales?????

    • SkyRocket June 24, 2018

      Beyoncé’s Lemonade was a tidal exclusive for two days just like EIL, then released to the public. What are you talking about?

      • Marcel June 24, 2018

        But remained on tidal and is not available on any other streaming service

      • Naughty One June 24, 2018

        Exactly! Stfu SkyRocket and take the L like a boss!! ????

  6. Marcel June 24, 2018

    Guess they now want to benefit from free streams?????

  7. FRESH NAVY June 24, 2018

    THE FLOPS COME OUT AT NIGHT. I’m legit in tears that the Carters, the Queen Bey, The First Lady of music got outsold by 30SofSummer Oh THE SHAME. Samantha won’t even post about it. if only fossil was dust maybe then still could she rise, but alas.

  8. Jasmine (The Original Princess) June 24, 2018

    The Sharters are OVER!

  9. SMH June 24, 2018

    But she dont care about streams……but go awf sis.

  10. Meme June 24, 2018

    I’m screaming. I hope y’all drag this album like y’all did Anti rollout. This is just embarrassing for 2 of the top artist in the world. They should be selling 500k min

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

      Anti still to this day Has not sold 1 mill in the US… EVEN p*ss print outsold anti and both are stalled at 600k ?. This Everything album is just a mixtape they recorded in just weeks while in London prepping for SOLD OUT STADIUK TOUR. Its basically FREE. Lemonade and 4:44 ramaind the GOAT albums of r&b and hiphop respectfully.NOBODY remembers ANTI… Not even rih ?

      • mr.m June 24, 2018


      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 24, 2018

        Lies this is an album not a mixtape Diabetes fat troll. They taped 3 music videos for it, one was shot in jamaica. Furthermore, Jay stated they started recording the album before Lemonade which means it was a 2 year process to make this album. Lastly, it has been well documented they have been force to give away free concert tickets just to fill seats on their tour. Nothing had been sold out!

      • madbrax June 25, 2018

        hahahaha f*** off. your excuse are embarrassing

    • mr.m June 24, 2018

      Its really REALLY embarrassing.
      surprise gimmick turned into surprise floppppp
      lmao!!!!! xtina sold 1k less than them TOGETHER in pure sales

  11. Tori June 24, 2018

    Something ain’t in that camp. It took Beyonce a year to add “BEYONCÉ” to streaming outlets and 2 years to add “LEMONADE”, and when she added “Die With You” she took it down after a week to put it on Tidal as an exclusive. Why does all of a sudden she cares so much about streaming? Does Tidal need the money that bad?

  12. mr.m June 24, 2018

    Well, this is the detention of it all lmao
    I cant loooooooooooooool
    flop of the year.

  13. Wayne June 24, 2018

    laugh out loud!!!

  14. mr.m June 24, 2018

    They tried to play it dirty with that surprise gimmick
    well, guess what? KARMA is a bishhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    they sold only 1k more than xtina’s liberation in PURE sales
    so now they called the streams for the help lmaoooooooo
    TWO FORCES come together to create:
    the flop album of the year *APPLAUSE*

  15. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

    Everything now has metacritic score: 82 while Desperation and No-sir (Nas) score been lowered to 71 and 60 respectfully

    SUMMER 4.5/5
    APESHIT 4/5
    BOSS 3/5
    NICE 3/5
    713 4/5
    FRIENDS 3/5

    Overall: 4/5 = 80%

    Lol it’s funny bey BLAST Spotify in the song nice.

    • mr.m June 24, 2018

      THE MONKEYS FLOPPED HARDER THAN Ci-error last album
      LMAO!!!!!!!! I CANT BREATHE!!!!!!

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

    Maybe there both going thru midlife crisis. This album will be a learning experience for bey and jay… They have the CLOUT and audacity to do a surprise release of a 9 TRACK Trap album with 2 nameless faces as their cover art and do a part 2 tour of a tour they already did 4 years ago.

    Hopefully this will inspire both of them to leave that “top off” material to Migos and stick to their own style instead of hopping on the trap bandwagon. This entire era is beneath them artistically and musically tho Everything IS a good album. 4:44 is by far the most consistent album I’ve ever heard since dangerously in love and even better than lemonade IMO. This era is beneath both of them and the FANS have spoken. Hopefully they will listen.

    • Naughty One June 24, 2018

      If you Don’t shut your fat diabetes eating a s s up and stop singing a different tune about this flop mess! You changing your tune faster than you change your plate at Thanksgiving! Take the L and worry about that gastric bypass surgery you’re long overdue for piggy! ?

  17. thanosoftitans June 24, 2018

    I tried to like this album but it just feels underwhelming. There are two tracks that I do enjoy though, Boss and Friends. I was disappointed with Lemonade and I’m disappoint edwith this album. How does she go from the Beyonce album to this? And a whole album with Jay Z on every track? The nerve. Keep him out of the studio next time. Please and Thank you.

  18. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

    Beys Commercial Prime (99-09)
    Beys Vocal Prime (04-07)
    Beys Body Prime (03-08)
    Beys Dance Prime (04-11)
    Beys Artistic Prime (2011-16)

  19. ROCK June 24, 2018

    Why so much hate for this couple?People want them to fail so badly.Why?

    • Kelly June 24, 2018

      That’s black people for you.

  20. ??? June 24, 2018

    lmao now the roach couple is begging for free streams?? even after that joint BTS streaming party they did on Twitter??? I AM SCREAMING LMFAOOOOO. Rihanna would never, Gaga would never, Xtina would never, hell even Ciara would never LMFAOOOOO ??????

  21. Hoodrat June 24, 2018


  22. Wonder Woman June 25, 2018

    ? it’s what they deserve, I Love Bey, but we don’t want her husband and his streaming service, the suprise releases and exclusives are as tired….. Summer, nice and Love happy are my s*** though….. the rest is utt…….

  23. DanYiel Iman June 25, 2018

    Beyoncé & Jay Z don’t need clout they’re running there own show & it WORKS!!

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