Billboard 200: Beyonce & Jay-Z Debut At #2 With ‘Everything Is Love’

Published: Sunday 24th Jun 2018 by Sam

Beyonce and Jay-Z may have broken the internet with the release of their joint album ‘Everything Is Love,’ but they’re having to settle for a more conservative spot on the Billboard 200.

For, with the final numbers tallied, it’s been revealed that the power couple have pipped to the top spot by 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Details below…

Per Billboard, The Carters open at #2 on this week’s count after selling the following:

[Sales Plus Streaming]
[Pure Sales]

It wasn’t enough to best 5SOS, whose album ‘Youngblood’ earned 142,000 SPS (117,000 of which were pure sales).


No matter which way it’s diced or sliced, it’s fair to say the expectation was for Bey and Jay to debut much higher.

Moving forward, it’s clear they’ll need to re-evaluate strategy specifically as pertains to TIDAL and pre-release buzz/promo.

That said, (and hindsight may be 20/20) it does feel like they’re experimenting realtime with their approach to streaming (see: going wide on other platforms). This, together with a possible physical release, ultimately holds the key to the project’s longterm success.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stoney-Brie June 24, 2018


    the bosses of propaganda

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

      Maybe there both going thru midlife crisis. This album will be a learning experience for bey and jay… They have the CLOUT and audacity to do a surprise release of a 9 TRACK Trap album with 2 nameless faces as their cover art and do a part 2 tour of a tour they already did 4 years ago.

      Hopefully this will inspire both of them to leave that “top off” material to Migos and stick to their own style instead of hopping on the trap bandwagon. This entire era is beneath them artistically and musically tho Everything IS a good album. 4:44 is by far the most consistent album I’ve ever heard since dangerously in love and even better than lemonade IMO. This era is beneath both of them and the FANS have spoken. Hopefully they will listen.

      • Fancy BISH June 24, 2018

        Bosses of LIFE! This is my favorite of the trilogy! I can stand when certain consumers are here for the struggle stories or the “woe is me” moments in black history just so they can feel comfortable! Oh please! I can do anything, yeah! I ain’t never seen a ceiling in my whole life! Pay me in equity, watch me reverse out of debt! Black love and black legacy here! Every line on this album is ? in my opinion! ???

      • Fancy BISH June 24, 2018

        *can’t stand*

    • Angello June 24, 2018

      LOOOOL these frauds made an album about how wealthy they are only to tank this hard. I laughed.

      • Fancy BISH June 24, 2018

        No they didn’t! They made an album about black importance!

  2. Kai June 24, 2018


  3. blue June 24, 2018


  4. #formulation June 24, 2018

    This is dissapointing. Hoped she woulf have gone to number 1. But the music isnt as good as it should have been imo. And 9 tracks? May have been worth including hollywood, deja vu, crazy in love, upgrade u, thats how i like it, part ii, bonnie and clyde, drunk in love, and venus vs mars, to the album package… just a thought

  5. Jkay June 24, 2018

    Top 2 & her a$$ is # 2 lmaoooooooooooooooo

  6. Jeans June 24, 2018

    Flop ???????

    Hopefully their EGOS can come down a little

    • Angello June 24, 2018

      FIop of the Year Award. Tidal fake streams could’t this this time huh

  7. Moe June 24, 2018


  8. Jeans June 24, 2018

    This breaks Beyoncé’s #1 streak after 6 albums. Welp!

    Jay Z had a long streak of #1s too. Welp!

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

      They released it under the name THE CARTERS so their next SOLO album would have to fail at going #1 to break their never ending winning streak… ??

      • ??? June 24, 2018

        lmao nice try fatso, roach’s streak is broken, if everything has FLOPPED had hit number one y’all would be calling it her 7th number one album. sorry pork chop, you don’t get to backpedal because roach FLOPPED harder than ciara ever did lmfaooooo ???

      • Naughty One June 24, 2018

        @ ??? You be cracking me tfu coming for diabetes needing gastric bypass a s s!!! ????????

    • WRTW? June 24, 2018

      This album is under the carters and won’t hurt their number one streak.

      • Tokyo Vanity fan June 24, 2018

        Exactly, if you wanna say that it’s broken Bey’s streak, then you will have to count all DC’s hot 100 #1s as part of her record (which billboard don’t)

    • Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 24, 2018

      Use your brain. If we don’t count the chart positioning of Beyoncé’s albums in the group Destiny’s Child, why would count them in the duo, The Carter’s? And this isn’t even open to debate or interpretation. No matter what, If this had gone number 1, that wouldn’t have counted as a legitimate addition to her streak either. That’s not how it works…

      • ??? June 24, 2018

        lmao save your delusions roach you know damn well you roaches would have claimed this as her 7th number one if it didn’t FLOP so hard. face it, her streak is broken. now take the L and deal with it lmfaooooo ???

      • Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 24, 2018

        @??? Listen. I know your vocabulary does not extend beyond laughing acronyms and the word roach and/or bug, but I need you to operate on a level above yourself for about 30 seconds and not be stupid long enough to read this, because I do not have time to entertain the illiterate. Do you think records are legitimized by the discernment of random people you meet online? They aren’t. It’s well recorded and documented, relatively easy to access information. If it was released as a Duo/Group as it seems, does it not make sense that The Carters and Beyoncé would be independently recognized artists just as Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé are? As the record is stated, Beyoncé is considered the “first and only act to reach [and debut] at number 1 with their first 6 studio efforts (billboard). I refuse to believe you’re too dumb to put that together…. You mistaking logic for delusion was telling and embarrassing enough. This is your opportunity to redeem yourself.

      • ??? June 24, 2018

        lmfaooooo bishh u wrote that whole novel and it didn’t change the fact that roach FLOPPED. LMFAOOOOO ???

      • Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 24, 2018

        Mm. I knew I was asking for too much when I told you to not be stupid, but you have to look for the best sometimes. I know I tell you this all the time, and I’m sure you hear it often no less, but you are dumb as fvck. I hope you get well soon, hun. Take care of yourself.

      • ??? June 25, 2018

        lmao and theyre still FLOPS and roach’s streak is STILL broken so keep the novels coming bug lmfaooooo

  9. ??? June 24, 2018


    and now they’re releasing it to free streaming tiers to beg for more streams. lmao Rihanna would NEVER.


    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

      Rihanna to this day has never gone DBL PLAT in pur sales without a re-release. Everything will be plat by new year’s eve??

      • ??? June 24, 2018

        lmao neither has roach, koolaid is still struggling to hit 2 million after 2 years lmfaooooo ???

      • Caleb June 25, 2018

        @ ??? Dangerously in Love sold 5 mill without a rerelease and Beyoncé self-titled album sold 2 mill before deluxe edition released but you tried it.

    • ??! June 24, 2018

      Didn’t it take Ri 8 tries to get a #1 ?

      • Caleb June 25, 2018

        No, 7.

      • ??? June 25, 2018

        lmao ri never FLOPPED with 70k in sales either lmfaooo

      • Caleb June 25, 2018

        @ ??? This Beyoncé vs Rihanna Stan war in really getting old and tired but when y’all do this it makes me want to partake and say something petty like Anti debuted with 460 in sales.

  10. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

    AND the Carters shall remain #UNBOTHERED (with 20 #1 albums and 40 Grammys already between them)

  11. Channel no iman June 24, 2018

    Dont yall mean number 1

  12. ROCK June 24, 2018

    Does this include tidal nos?

  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018


  14. Good June 24, 2018

    Lol. The hate is thicckk. How successful do you have to be for the expectation for number 1 to be so high that anything less is considered a flop? At 7 and 13 albums? The real tea is that mediocrity is so real that these numbers are considered normal and good for the rest of your faves. If Beyoncé and jay z were residential flops, this wouldn’t be news. Meanwhile, the rest of us haven’t had to wait 2 decades for your faves to debut at number 2… (or less, you know who you are). It’s just a regular day.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

      Lol they know damn well B7 will sell 400k minimum. This album is basically a SOUNDTRACK album exclusively for Streaming stats. Their next album will have a completely different roll out and bigger singles.

      • ??? June 24, 2018

        lmao keep telling yourself that, you said the same thing about this FLOP lmfaooooo ???

      • WRTW? June 24, 2018

        Exactly this album is to support the tour

      • Good June 24, 2018

        They also know damn well this is the norm for their own people. The self drag of it all. You can’t blame em though. If somebody who was always better than me finally performed on a level I match, I’d be feeling pretty special my damn self. The difference is that their faves release 15 track solo albums in their expected genres with less history, controversy, and clothes (you know who you are). And STILL perform with these same numbers. Basic math and reasoning. But it doesn’t matter. I liked this album. And you’re right. Beyoncé has ALWAYS excelled and delivered on her own. Ask her former band mates. I understand this is a monumental occassion for the rest here. They had to wait 20 years for this sort of relatability. Let them eat cake.

  15. DoveLove June 24, 2018

    The album isn’t good….

  16. ??? June 24, 2018

    lmao all these insect tears, all the times you bugs have dragged other artists for their sales has now come back and bit your bug queen in the ass. karma is a shady b*tch lmfaooooo ???

    • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) June 24, 2018

      But Nicki Garbage wishes should could pull in those numbers! She aint even the most commercially successful female rapper. Cardi blew her away. Number 1 hit with Bodak Yellow last year, I Like It is projected to reach the top by next week. Nicki’s s*** always flops. Only features have been keeping her afloat over the past 3 years.
      Queen who?


      • ??? June 24, 2018

        lmao bishh I guarantee you nicki won’t be flopping as hard as everything has FLOPPED lmfaooooo ?

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) June 24, 2018

        This ain’t even a joke…..its the truth lol. Nobody respects Nicki besides her little brainwashed fans. Drake got Aidon’d abd she got Shether’d.

  17. #TeamTinashe Stan June 24, 2018

    Album was trash. NEXT!

  18. SMH June 24, 2018

    Lol wow. But I thought they were gonna crush Kanye. Didn’t he sell more?

  19. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

    Are we not going to report how DEPRESSION (XTINA) And NO-SIR (NAS) failed to crack the Top 5? LMAO. Everything is Love will be platinum with hits and more videos pending ?? in time for the US leg of the SOLD OUT STADIUMS PART 2 TOUR. “And we the ones y’all worried about, we good we good, keep us out yur mouth”- heard about us

    • Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 24, 2018

      Lol @ Depression and No sir. That’s good. Almost as good as Done Li and Aunti ??

    • Tori June 24, 2018

      You’ve committed 4 times already sis, you’re obviously not good.

    • ??? June 24, 2018

      lmfaooooo keep crying roach, xtina debuted at number 3 in pure sales with only 1k less than Everything Has FLOPPED, which was released to a stadium full of people that were given free tickets to get in and FLOPPED even harder in the UK. don’t try to hide behind xtina, her album will be on the charts longer than expected everything has FLOPPED which will be out of the top 10 by next week lmfaooooo ???

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

        Actually I was wrong about NAS not straintina, nas came at #5, xtina #6 lol despite 50 times more promo than anyone else debut in the top 10…

        *Nas scores his 12th top 10 album, as Nasir starts at No. 5 with 77,000 units (49,000 in traditional album sales). The new effort is his first studio set since 2012’s No. 1-debuting Life Is Good.

        Christina Aguilera, like Nas, is also back in the top 10 after a long absence. Her new album, Liberation, bows at No. 6 with 68,000 units (62,000 in album sales), granting the pop diva her seventh top 10 effort. She last debuted on the tally with 2012’s Lotus, which debuted and peaked at No. 7.* #Fail ?

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) June 24, 2018

        You’re commenting on everything except what needs to be addressed…..comment on your fave’s brother’s trial, comment on industry rumors, money owed to Safarri, the real tea with Meek. Girl, have several seats. Because its clear your old ass is bothered


      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

        And without streaming to help (since NOBODY checks for xtina or cares enough to stream) Desperation will be out of the top 10 by July lol. Lmao, I hope xtina doesn’t really plan o n TOURING Unless it’s THEATERS ONLY Like Ciara/Monica/brandy lol

  20. G7Pat June 24, 2018

    people are tiring of them n want fresh artists. Take a break or continue to release flops

    • Jeans June 24, 2018

      People are really reaching. Saying because the album is by “THE CARTERS” That it doesn’t count in order to break their streak of #1 albums. Regardless of the album title, it’s an album by Beyonce & JayZ. Their streak of #1s is broken.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

        DCs last album didn’t go #1 either. Same thing here… Bey debuts higher SOLO and that’s never not been the case. Jay fans don’t want to hear bey and vice versa, this hurt their sales. This joint idea was better 4 years ago but Now it’s tired and their arrogance told them that there was no need to promote this album or tour.

      • Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 24, 2018

        People aren’t reaching, you just don’t know what you’re talking about. Beyonce, Jay Z, and The Carter’s are 3 separate, autonomous artists/entities. By your logic Beyoncé never had a streak because all of Destiny’s Child’s albums didn’t debut at number 1.

      • SMH June 24, 2018

        Exactly, her fans are pulling excuses out of their asses to make themselves feel better. Billboard counts this as her 13th career top 10 album. Therefore her streak of consecutive number one albums is broken, period.

    • Ran September 20, 2018

      SMH – you are right. We are TIRED….TIRED of seeing her shake her A$$ everytime I see a video of her performing. TIRED of her low vocabulary, and fragmented song messages. If you want to call them songs.

  21. Puh-LEEEASE June 24, 2018

    it’s a good showing but I think people are tired of the both of them….. it’s the same rap and song

  22. Boytoy1814 June 24, 2018

    Xtina’s “pure sales’ are higher than the Carters!!! Houston come & save yo girl.

  23. Angello June 24, 2018

    Tanked harder than Brittany Spaers oh wow

  24. Hoodrat June 24, 2018

    The album was not that great. FLOP

  25. Alex June 24, 2018

    The Carters are unbothered. They didn’t have to use tour bundles to sale albums. ??‍♂️

    • ??? June 24, 2018

      lmao no they had to use a surprise gimmick to SELL their album and it still FLOPPED lmfaooooo ???

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) June 24, 2018

        LOL THE IRONY!
        You stan for a gimmick……

    • Naughty One June 24, 2018

      We know h0£, they have tickets away for free! ???????

      • Ran September 20, 2018

        Yep they sure did

    • Angello June 24, 2018

      well, it seems that they need to

    • Alex June 24, 2018

      “Constantly waiting on my demise, cuz my success can’t be quantified, f*** you, f*** you, (Words from Bey). @??? I know u can’t comprehend with your 8th grade education. Run along now. Lmao!

  26. Gee June 24, 2018

    Those numbers are dismal for J &B no matter how it’s sliced and diced. They should easily be able to 500K in a week if not more.

  27. Mr.m June 24, 2018

    Flop of the year.

  28. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

    “And we the ones y’all worried about, we good we good, keep us out yur mouth. If u don’t know now you know NiggAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”- heard about us ?

  29. gina June 24, 2018

    I’m sorry, 70k for them is tragic whether its credited as a group or solo or whatever.

  30. Jasmine (The Original Princess) June 24, 2018

    This is what happens when you can’t fake your tidal streams anymore ?‍♂️

  31. brian June 24, 2018

    The album SUCKS! Just call a spade a spade and move on! One listen and I have no intentions of doing so again except for Apeshit and with another demo track being leaked today of a track for which Jay and Bey are now claiming production credits for…..this will be going nowhere fast.

  32. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 24, 2018

    “And we the ones y’all worried about, we good we good, keep us out yur mouth”- heard about us


  33. Danyboo June 24, 2018

    I listened on tidal about 20xs but streaming is crazy 1250 streams = 1 album… beehive what’s good??

    • Angelica June 24, 2018

      I heard that Tidal didn’t turn in the streams

      • Danyboo June 24, 2018

        Hopefully it will go #1 next week but after that idk because drake drops on the 29th and he does pretty good mumbers??‍♂️

      • Marcel June 24, 2018

        Panick at the disco is predicted to do 150K – 175K so if they can beat those numbers just maybe they can get that #1

      • ??? June 25, 2018

        lmao they wont, its gonna FLOP even harder next week lmfaoooo

    • Danyboo June 24, 2018

      Let’s cross our fongers & toes!!!!

  34. Anne June 24, 2018

    It’s obvious that longevity is the main focus as opposed to debut numbers.

  35. June 24, 2018

    Lawwwwwwwd Britney AND Xtina sold more lmaooooooo

    • Caleb June 25, 2018

      But Britney’s album came out in 2016 so if you must compare its debut numbers to something try ‘Lemonade’ which was released months earlier.

  36. DC June 24, 2018

    Wow couldn’t cheat their way to number 1 ????

  37. Bravo!! June 24, 2018

    All ya Queens can read Beyoncé & Jay-Z so-called first sales flop, but they still win. Artist doesn’t make their money through albums sales touring is where artist bring in there money. You think Beyoncé or Jay-Z upset about there albums sells. Jay-Z missed out on millions of dollars on his last album, so you really think him or Beyoncé even worried about there sells. You better hope your fav will gross one of the highest tours this year. You better hope your fav will sell how many albums Beyoncé sold as a single artist and a member of a group. You better hope you fav sells and much as Jay-Z and Transition into a businessman. Ya mad and hate because you know your fav will never do it like the king of Queen!

  38. Marcel June 24, 2018

    I am living for the meltdowns???

  39. Jay Jay June 24, 2018

    Sorry Hive but this is not good. As much as I love Beyoncé I’m not surprised by these figures.

    I honestly don’t think they can recoup.

    Is it me or a lot of the heavy hitters are not doing well?

    • Boytoy1814 June 25, 2018

      Jus ask “The Man Of The Woods”. #SuperFLOP

  40. ash June 24, 2018


  41. ROCK June 24, 2018

    They are becoming a bit too complacent.No promo,no interviews
    Guess they don’t care?

    • Jay Jay June 24, 2018

      THIS! and it’s showing in their numbers.

  42. Wonder Woman June 25, 2018

    ? it’s what they deserve, I Love Bey, but we don’t want her husband and his streaming service, the suprise releases and exclusives are as tired….. Summer, nice and Love happy are my s*** though….. the rest is utt…….

  43. Wonder Woman June 25, 2018

    that Onika Stan working overtime, I see even the Tinashe Stan came through to attempt to drag……

  44. Bravo!! June 25, 2018

    I always have to remind people Mary j Blige is my Queen my love for music. I would never or could compare either of them. They both created their own lane in music. Mary laid a pavement in music many other artists admired and record labels tried to clone her. Mary j Blige is the Queen of Hiphop& soul. Beyoncé the Greatest entertainer of this generation. Beyoncé name will be up there with Michael Jackson, Elvis, Cher, Diana Ross, Elton John, and Madonna. Beyoncé is the greatest entertainer of our generation!
    FYI, if Beyoncé ever decides to do Vegas you best believe she will be the highest ever paid! Beyoncé is not bothered at all!

    • ??? June 25, 2018

      lmao keep dreaming, roach will NEVER be mentioned with those greats, none of them ever FLOPPED as hard as she just did lmfaoooo

      • Bravo!! June 25, 2018

        of course s*** go down if there a billion dollars on the Check the Carters net worth. Your still one of the highest grossing tour. What is your fav doing right now?

      • Bravo!! June 25, 2018

        Queen of media called Beyoncé the greatest entertainer of this generation and all time greatest… Yaaaasss Wendy Williams!!

  45. DanYiel Iman June 25, 2018

    Surely Beyoncé & Jay Z don’t mind they’re Grammy winners already!!

    • ??? June 25, 2018

      lmao they dont care but they released this FLOP to free streaming tiers right? lmfaoooooo try again bug.

      • Bravo!! June 25, 2018

        You just Contradicted yourself.. Jay-Z could have earned millions more on the 4:44 album. There still going to make money of steaming eventhough they release free.

      • ??? June 25, 2018

        lmao it’s still a FLOP chile, who gives a sh*t how much money they make off this FLOP lmfaooooo ???

  46. Caleb June 25, 2018

    This is shocking. For them these aren’t great numbers though personally I like the album better every time I hear it.

    • iamdiego June 25, 2018

      Yes it solid af. I love it.

  47. God June 25, 2018

    Mary J. Blige out-sold first week.

  48. JCP June 25, 2018

    Hopefully, Beyonce’s next album is of better quality. I will never support her current release. I would hate for them to think that this is the direction she should go musically. Don’t care for Jay z at all. Keep him off the next album, please. Thanks!

  49. Common Sense June 25, 2018

    If they make up numbers from Tidal as most of you suggest, then they would’ve obviously smudged the numbers to debut at #1. So since you all are having a field day with The Carter’s opening at #2, we can now put the fake numbers to rest. “My success can’t be quantified!”

    • Lupita June 26, 2018

      Hahaha, yeah, that’s why they put the albums to all the platforms… they realised that it’s a flop and no one is buying this Flop album and no one listens to it on TIDAL so they had to upload to all the other platforms – that’s why NICE is a pathetic song.

  50. JasmineIsTrash June 25, 2018

    Major flop…… I hope this marks the end of the roach and camel.

  51. Lupita June 26, 2018

    Considering Jay-Z’s and Beyoncé’s previous numbers, this album is a HUGE FLOP.
    FLOP Tour. Flop album. They should stop forcing this joint venture. Beyoncé fans are not curious about Jay-Z and vica versa.

  52. Ran September 20, 2018

    They cannot win or always take the top. I hope they realize that as they are heading to the “has-been” status of their careers. They need to sit back and retire, FINALLY. Tired of these 2

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