Rita Ora Previews ‘Girls’ Video Featuring Cardi B, Bebe Rexha, & Charli XCX

Published: Tuesday 5th Jun 2018 by Sam

Rita Ora is brushing off the backlash and pressing on with promotion for new single ‘Girls.’

The track, which features Cardi B, Bebe Rexha, and Charli XCX, received critique from some corners of the LGBTQ community due to its lyrical lean.

Still, it’s holding up well digitally and looks set for a major streaming boost with the imminent arrival of its accompanying video.

Speaking about the clip during a recent radio interview, the 27-year-old revealed that the clip was filmed in multiple cities and features she and her guests celebrating women from different eras.

Before its unboxing tomorrow, check out a preview below…


With 5 UK #1’s under her belt and four back to back hits this “era,” is Rita onto her next smash?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicki doctor June 5, 2018

    I feel so bad for nicki, cardi is everywhere

    • B Boy June 5, 2018

      I don’t. She thought her run was gonna last forever. She still has her success, can’t take that away from her. But she really did Kim dirty and Kim is a sweetheart and EVERYONE has said it. But this is not about Nicki or Kim. It’s about Cardi and I’m happy she’s working hard and seeing the fruits of her labor.

      • Faf June 5, 2018

        FEel bad for a song that didn’t chart

  2. Kenhern June 5, 2018

    This era? Isn’t this era going on like 4 years? Let me guess you guys aren’t going to report her album for pushed back again? Smh admit she has failed and will not have a career.

  3. Perfection is so…mphm! ?? June 5, 2018

    I still haven’t heard the song…probably won’t. But I’m just really upset this chick chose this super unflattering pic of Cardi while she on the other side looking like a whimsical dolphin covered in seaweed and glitter. Should be a lesson learned for Cardi, not err opportunity is the right opportunity. Not all money is good money. She got you up there looking like a pregnant Ursula.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 5, 2018

      U sound retarded and off.

      • Perfection is so…mphm! ?? June 5, 2018

        Or maybe you’re just not as bright as you think. Judging from you your comment, I think that’s a fair estimate based on your politically incorrectness and redundancy…and your user name. Ew.

  4. Tori June 5, 2018

    Dont feel to bad. Nicki was everywhere last year, literally every big name and little name artist had her yet none of them were hits besides “Rack It Up”. Cardi hit a #1 with a solo single. But she is quickly headed down the same road as Nicki, jumping on everything offered to her. She has to learn to make herself outside of music so she she doesn’t oversaturate the system. Do something other things to keep you out there. I also hope her next album has deeper meaning and personal vibes while still being mainstream.

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