The Predictions Are In! Beyonce & Jay-Z’s ‘Everything Is Love’ Set To Sell…

Published: Tuesday 19th Jun 2018 by Sam

Beyonce and Jay-Z broke the internet with their surprise album ‘Everything Is Love’ over the weekend and made waves with the wide release of the 9-song set on Apple Music, Spotify (Premium), and iTunes a day later.

It naturally has all eyes peeled to see how it fares commercially? Well, the first forecast is out and brings with it answer.

What are you waiting for? Head below for the tea spill…

According to Hits Daily Double, The Carters are on-course to open with…

[Sales Plus Streams]
[Pure Sales]

BUT there’s a catch…

The numbers don’t include data from TIDAL (where the set first arrived and sat for a day and a half). Something which could (and hopefully should) change the current tally.

Stay tuned as the story unfolds.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Martaevia La’wayne June 19, 2018

    Making all that ? !!??

  2. LB June 19, 2018

    The camel ended her hahah
    Its what she deserves

    • Lolo June 19, 2018

      How? They are still making, if I were you I’ll worry about my pocket

      • ??? June 19, 2018

        lmao girl shut up, everyone in the music business is ‘making money’. the roaches are a FLOP, deal with it lmfaooooo

  3. TeaOnly June 19, 2018

    Tidal better get creative with numbers. We are not about to be outdone 5SOS!! ?????

    • Bam June 19, 2018

      They’ll call in to open, close, or mail in a tape for the bet awards. The music was wack though and Year’s from now people will look back and acknowledge it as sh*t.

  4. pat June 19, 2018

    WOW…an official flop album…. well they had a nice run.

    • pat June 19, 2018

      if the tidal numbers were great the album would’ve stayed on Tidal…dont expect much of a bump

      • Faf June 19, 2018


  5. ? June 19, 2018

    This man is pulling her down!!! I’m tired chile. I’m really tired.

  6. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 19, 2018

    It sold 20 million on Tidal according to Jay-z’s fictitious accounting skills. All Tidal subscribers, including the milliond of invisible ones, have been streaming this sh|t 24 hours a day non-stop yall. LOL

    • Keeping it real w/ u June 19, 2018

      While you think it’s not possible.. the album been playing nonstop on my tidal account so it should be about 20 million just me alone

      • @KurtisLeeSinger June 19, 2018

        10 million from
        Me alone too on tidal

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 19, 2018

      I was being sarcastic guys. RIAA says 1500 streams equals one album sale. I hate to ask this buy why exactly is this album “been playing nonstop on your tidal account”? I’m not trying to be rude or mean. I’m just curious.

  7. Gurlwepa89 June 19, 2018

    Lame, that’s sad. Of course they haven’t include Tidal, they’ll manipulate the number since they owned it.

  8. ? June 19, 2018

    I’m happy this flopped. Now she can use this as an excuse when he asks to do some stupidness like this again

  9. Beystansince1997 June 19, 2018

    Not surprised! Nobody including myself wanted a joint tour or album! We want Beyoncé SOLO! If anything Beyoncé should have done a DC3 Reunion Tour/Album! Nonetheless a #1 is a #1 and the tour is doing well! Beyoncé leave Jay-s ass home and go back to solo! Jay-s has used everybody from Kanye, Justin, no you to carry him and it’s offcially bringing you down!

    • Ispeakfacts June 19, 2018


      I totally agree!!! But… I must say the album was better than I thought it would be! I would say this album is better than Beys last 2 albums musically & Jay-Z is really spittin on this album… I’ve never been a Jay fan like that…but he did his thing… great body of work! I want that DC tour/album shiidd!

      • Daveybwoy June 19, 2018

        Totally agree!! Jay is bringing it.

        Bring DC3 tho Bey. The whole damn world waiting

    • Erica June 19, 2018

      but who said it would be number 1, nas & xtina may have chance

  10. pat June 19, 2018

    she wasn’t even ready to tour again…she’s not in fighting form….should’ve took some time off to workout and get “inspired”

  11. Jeans June 19, 2018

    Clearly not many are here for it ???

  12. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 19, 2018

    Sales would be much bigger if had more tracks and especially a PHYSICAL. Am I the only one that still prefers physical over digital. Have not bought a single album digitally and never will. Why is there no physical?

    • MusicLovah June 19, 2018

      Diabetes…i am still a physical sale consumer. Have yet to purchase a digital

    • Mr.m June 19, 2018

      Are you crying?
      Lmao I cant breathe

  13. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 19, 2018

    Seems about right and on par with the music. Rapping beyonce deserves these numbers. Wasn’t expecting more cause this isn’t what her fans really want

  14. ??? June 19, 2018

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FLOP FLOP FLOP! stick a fork in camel and his flopping roach, theyre done LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Fancy BISH June 19, 2018

      Speaking too soon, as usual lol ?

      • ??? June 19, 2018

        lmao a BOY BAND is coming to end them bug. get the bug spray they’re DONE lmfaooooo ???

      • Fancy BISH June 19, 2018

        End who? The Carters ain’t worried about no damn boy band lmao ? Besides, Blue Ivy got more money in her piggy bank than they do! lol, we’ll see! ? My money ? is on the Carters!

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. June 19, 2018

        @Fancy.. – WTF does Blue Ivy INHERITING money from her parents have to do with her parents music sales?
        #Not A D@mn Thing
        #The Kid Has Zero Money In Her Pockets Same As You

      • Fancy BISH June 19, 2018

        @Superstar, ya’ll heffas kill me when y’all act like y’all know me lmao ? I’m just BLESSED ☁️ Thank you JESUS…but anyway, you really can C your way out of this conversation! Like, for real ?

      • ??? June 19, 2018

        lmao typical. the roaches always cling to either rihanna or how much money roach has whenever she FLOPS lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 19, 2018

    This is p*ss poor considering lemonade and self titled both sold 600k and 800k it’s 1st 7 days out. Albeit Everything will reach 100k for it’s first 7 days. I don’t count streams.

    • Mr.m June 19, 2018

      Are you crying again?
      Guuuurl 🙁

  16. The Wig Snatcher June 19, 2018

    Only 77k in pure sales???? Chiiiiiiile

    • Boytoy1814 June 20, 2018


  17. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 19, 2018

    I guess bey finally knows what it’s like to be RIH-WHINE-A STRUGGLING to hit 200k. I expected 400k but sales may sustain and could still go plat in pure sales with a Hit

    • ??? June 19, 2018

      lmao wow you roaches STILL cling to rihanna every time the roach fails. sad, just like roach’s latest flop EVERYTHING HAS FLOPPED lmaoooooooo ???

  18. Lolo June 19, 2018

    people are always wishing that they flop, meanwhile money on tour, from their businesses, investments. Some of you don’t even have a $1000 in your acct right now. Smh

  19. Erica June 19, 2018

    where his her fans? they drag everybody else & this all they could scraped up? Britney outsold this her pure sales was 89k, this is funny where is your skooter

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 19, 2018

      Britney hasn’t went platinum in like 10 years and had a full on campaign could u imagine her numbers with a surprise release?

      • Erica June 19, 2018

        Britney 2013 album platinum? And she only promoted at the vmas

  20. Anne June 19, 2018

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was revised upwards. People just found out about the release yesterday.

    • Fancy BISH June 19, 2018

      Exactly ✅

  21. Achooo! June 19, 2018

    Sounds about right. Did we really think Camelicious would have broke records.
    Look at the eyesore that is Camelicious

  22. ??! June 19, 2018

    Welp. Another #1 followed by a #1 tour

  23. Alex June 19, 2018

    People are so dumb! What did they do to y’all?? Who hurt y’all? People can’t stand successful artists who are NOT going anywhere no time soon. These numbers are WAYYYYY off. 2 more days of sales are coming. They ALWAYS estimate low sales. They’ll be revised upwards again by Thursday. Mark my words you bitter bastards!! Lmao!!

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 19, 2018

      The numbers do not include Tidal streams. Thus, the article is inconclusive. You don’t have to wait “2 days” to know that it sold more than these numbers when the album’s biggest promotional platform is not being included in the numbers.

  24. Caleb June 19, 2018

    Hits Daily double initially is off sometimes in their predictions so we shall see.

  25. Gio June 19, 2018

    I guess thanks to tidal it will be certified multiplatinum in a week lol

  26. Tokyo Vanity fan June 19, 2018

    I know it’s only 4 days worth of sales since it released to other streaming platforms and iTunes on Monday but that is really low

  27. Bravo!! June 19, 2018

    I had to go back and listen to apeshit on 420 and apeshit do go hard. The album is the s***!!

    • Bravo!! June 19, 2018

      Summer my jam though…

  28. Justme June 19, 2018

    This is one day of sales.. this is. pretty good

  29. B2B June 19, 2018

    Those numbers actually are not bad considering a lot of people don’t know about this album. Most people don’t follow Beyonce, only her fans and Stan Twitter. I think pure sales will be around 145K & sps 310K. Nonetheless, I applaud that, this is an independent album. No Columbia baby. Roc and Parkwood

    • Helios June 19, 2018

      Independent album???? ROFL u got no idea what independent meand…. its a columbia roc nation parkwood release… and its a flop!!!! #facts even if they gonna come with some outrageous numbers from their very own tidal platform to make it look a hit

  30. DanYiel Iman June 19, 2018

    It’s amaz everyone hates Jay Z & Beyoncé yet their music stays WINNING so obviously someone’s MAD & BITTER!!

  31. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 19, 2018

    Most of xtina money comes from Being a JUDGE lol christina aguilera net worth is only $130 MILLION. MEANWHILE BEY = $500 MILLION

    • ??? June 19, 2018

      lmao stop lying fatso, roach aint worth 500 anything. and she made her money being pimped by both her daddy and camel so whatchu sayin lmfaooooo ???

  32. Mr.m June 19, 2018

    king and queen?? Two forces?? Suprise release gimmick.. all the hype…. AND THOSE NUMBERS??? LOOOOOOL
    Poor beyonce.. I think its time to get back to your old roots bish 🙁 no fake gimmick is working now.. ppl already know all your suprise albums are actually some wack ass music… I feel sorry for the MONKEYS. Lol

    • RealNegro June 19, 2018

      You Mad huh? Perturbed? Irate?

      • Mr.m June 19, 2018

        Are you crying boo??
        Awww! Try to deal with it

    • RealNegro June 19, 2018

      Refer back to previous post!

  33. RealNegro June 19, 2018

    Not bad for 1 day of sales! This will be a multi platinum album when all is said and done. Some hit singles as well !

    • MUSICHEAD June 19, 2018

      That’s not the one day total. That’s what they are projected to reach for the whole week. That’s bad.

      • RealNegro June 19, 2018

        We shall see……………Lol!

      • JayD June 19, 2018

        tidal wasnt even included which when it dropped thats where everyone was goin so those wont be the numbers

  34. Yolanda June 19, 2018

    Cardi B has numbers like the vets, Bey/Jay and Kanye. The only reason Nicki might pull in better numbers than Cardi is because she’s dropping her album like a novice-whole two months of presale. So wack!!!

  35. Alex June 19, 2018

    Hits daily double just retracted what they predicted. Lmao! Like i said, the Hive don’t do low sales. WE actually have money unlike the other fan bases. ???‍♂️

  36. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 19, 2018

    1. *The Carters (Roc Nation/Parkwood/Columbia)**
    *5 Seconds of Summer (Capitol) 113-118k, 90-100k
    Post Malone (Republic) 83-88k, 9-11k
    *Nas (G.O.O.D/Def Jam) 76-81k, 44-48k
    *Christina Aguilera (RCA) 70-75k, 62-67k
    Kanye West (G.O.O.D/Def Jam) 49-54k, 10-12k
    Cardi B (Atlantic) 42-46k, 3-4k
    Juice Wrld (Grade A/Interscope) 42-46k, 1-2k
    Kids See Ghosts (G.O.O.D/Def Jam) 37-40k, 8-9k
    XXXtentacion (Bad Vibes Forever) 34-37k, 5-6k

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 19, 2018

      So the winner CLEARLY is Cardi B and Post Malone’s albums for still charting high despite their albums being released a while ago in this music climate of microwave music.

  37. Moesha June 23, 2018

    We all know Tidal will report record breaking numbers.. ?

    This is straight up a corny ass album..

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