50 Cent Blocks Remy Ma On Instagram

Published: Tuesday 10th Jul 2018 by David

50 Cent feuding with Remy Ma and Papoose?

It seems so.

Details on why the ‘Power’ purveyor has decided to block Ma on Instagram below…


Remy blocked till she can get control of her husband and shit. All I said was she lost weight and pap start tripping. I’m not fighting nobody over their wife now. ?get the strap #lecheminduroi #power

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50 claims Papoose isn’t happy with his decision to remark on Remy’s weight loss and addressed him disrespectfully in response.


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Hey yo wtf? This nigga got diff colors ??? #getthestrapon For now on y’all gotta say pause, behind that get the strap shit! Lol #shooter

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His way of ending the drama? Blocking Remy on Instagram.


Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman July 10, 2018

    The oldest baby on IG!!

  2. Lake Erie July 10, 2018

    Lol. Idk if 50 was complimenting or flirting but either way, he might have been out of line. One thing for sure, 50 sure as hell may not want those papoose problems. .

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 10, 2018

      @Lake.. – No Papoose don’t want 50 problems. GTFOOH. What the hell is Papoose going to do? Same thing he’s been doing. Falling BACK. Beyotch puh-lease.

      • Lake Erie July 10, 2018

        Lol! 4real? On a hip hop stand point lyrically, 50 just can’t.

  3. ??? July 10, 2018

    lmao jesus that pic…and people call jay z ugly? lmao no this right here is what you call an UGLY mutha fukkka! *in my michael blackson voice lmfaoooooooo

  4. Achooo! July 10, 2018

    Yes 25 cent is very ugly. M***** Realness

  5. Faf July 10, 2018

    He was being funny it was a shady compliment basically saying Remy Ma ugly before losing weight so he never looked at her

    • Ohpippy July 10, 2018

      I see no lie here!!! She was!!!

    • ??? July 10, 2018

      lmfao hes the absolute LAST person on earth that should be commenting on anybodys looks lmfaooooooo

  6. Antincia foster July 10, 2018

    50 stay into with somebody geez leave folks alone

  7. Yolanda July 10, 2018

    With so many married couples getting into threesomes, forgiving spouses for affairs, accepting spouses getting too cozy in movies and videos, we have forgotten what respect means. 50 Cents was wrong to send a winky emoji and too even comment on another man’s wife body. That type of stuff use to be taboo (admire but keep quiet). But now so many celebrity couples love their wives to have their titties out on instagram so other men can jack off or wives love their husbands/boyfriends to send d*** prints. You’ll never see Remy or Pap kiss another person in a movie or video or get too cozy and I love and respect that. 50 Cents is use to thots and brought that thot behavior to a respectable couple.

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