Beyonce & Jay-Z Perform ‘APESH*T’ For First Time Live In Paris [Video]

Published: Sunday 15th Jul 2018 by Sam

It’s exactly one month since Beyonce and Jay-Z surprise released their joint album ‘Everything Is Love.’

Debuted at the second London date of their ‘On The Run II Tour,’ the 9-song set was turbo-powered by lead offering ‘APESH*T’ and its high-octane video.

Lensed at the Louvre in Paris, the clip has won praise aplenty and left many salivating for a live showing.

Well, after weeks of silence on the matter, The Carters obliged and aptly gave the first performance of the track in Paris.

Check out clips below…


Surely, we weren’t alone in wondering why Bey and Jay weren’t performing music from their joint album on their joint tour when the opportunity to was so…obvious.

In any case, it’s great to see the new material getting a look-see.

We’re confident there is a “plan” and anticipate it playing out with the OTR II’s upcoming US leg and perhaps with award-show platforms in the pipeline (VMAs?).

Your thoughts?


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  1. RealNegro July 15, 2018

    SMH………what performance?!

  2. Martaevia La’wayne July 15, 2018

    Ohok they teasing us. Lol it’s coming though. Can’t wait to see them perform new songs. Great album!??

  3. Ohpippy July 15, 2018

    They didn’t perform tho! Click bait!!

  4. G7Pat July 15, 2018

    They so boring

  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 15, 2018

    only songs i could see them performing live are APESHIT 711 AND BLACK EFFECT… LoveHappy too maybe and maybe summer. Idk about nice/boss/friends/heard about us live, these would be boring live imo.

  6. Tori July 15, 2018

    Um…they could’ve just not “performed” it, if thats the standards of a performance. This is no more of her doing anything than when she had the bad singing only the chorus to “Greenlight” for 4 minutes during TMCS. Yall are really geeked and standing for a performance where she can’t even effectively sing the chorus because it’s to low for her live singing and is literally yelling the words? And STOP asking why they hasnt performed the new music or will they promote it. They literally through the album together after Beychella and started the tour before the album was even finished. The music hasnt even been fully rehearsed, you know damn well they probably won’t perform it till they get t ok the US.

  7. Shady J July 15, 2018

    It’s good to see the beehive ? coming to the sinces that she does the same tired boring ass s*** at every performance.

  8. DanYiel Iman July 15, 2018

    Wow that’s amazing & I’m excited about this tour!! ? “Bzzz” ?

  9. ??? July 16, 2018

    lmao apeFLOP is tanking across the globe just like that album that’s already forgotten, that’s why she’s only dialing in recycled performances from 5 years ago lmfaooooo ? ?

  10. thanosoftitans July 16, 2018

    I haven’t heard this song once on the radio. I don’t want to say this album/single is a flop, but it’s definitely underwhelming. Terrible song and terrible album.

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