Drake Makes Billboard History! Tops Album Tally With ‘Scorpion’ / Scores 7 Songs In Top 10 Simultaneously / Breaks Beatles & Michael Jackson Records

Published: Monday 9th Jul 2018 by Sam

Drake is bulldozing the competition on the Billboard tally and shattering records in the process.

The rapper’s ‘Scorpion’ album was always bound for chart glory, but the persistent question centered on how big could he bow.

Well, Toronto’s superstar has answered back in emphatic fashion.

Head below for the full story on his chart stronghold…

The Album

On this week’s Billboard 200 count, ‘Scorpion’ opens at #1 with 732,000 equivalent album sales.

When diving into the pure sales figure (160,000), it becomes more than clear that the feat was turbo-powered by streaming.

The project, which becomes Drizzy’s 8th album chart topper, amassed a whopping 745.92 million US spins of its songs during its first week – meaning it’s now snatched the record for the the most streamed album week of all-time. 

The set also serves as the highest debut amongst all albums released thus far this year.

On the global front, ‘Scorpion’ has become the first LP to top 1 billion streams total in one week.

The Songs

In an unprecedented, record-breaking feat, Drake has placed a colossal 7 songs in the top 10 of this week’s Billboard Hot 100.

By doing so, Aubrey bests the previous of five record set by The Beatles – a record they held since 1964.

In adding five new  top 10 entries, the 32-year-old now has a combined tally of 31 top 10s on the count. This means he now passes Michael Jackson to become the male solo artist with the most Billboard Hot 100 top 10 entries. Ironically, MJ earns his 30th solo entry on via Drake’s ‘Don’t Matter To Me.’ [For what it’s worth, the King Of Pop still boasts 11 entries if counting his stint in the Jackson 5.]

Here’s how the song-specific list looks:

Rank this week, Title (Rank last week)
No. 1, “Nice for What” (No. 6; eighth week at No. 1)
No. 2, “Nonstop” (debut this week)
No. 4, “God’s Plan” (No. 9; previously spent 11 weeks at No. 1)
No. 6, “In My Feelings” (debut this week)
No. 7, “I’m Upset” (No. 26; previously reached No. 15)
No. 8, “Emotionless” (debut this week)
No. 9, “Don’t Matter to Me,” featuring Michael Jackson (debut this week)

Drake now ties ex-flame Rihanna for the third-most Hot 100 top 10s, while he and Jackson become only the fourth and fifth acts to reach the milestone of at least 30 top 10s.

So, with all the slayage this week, here is an updated look at the acts with the most Hot 100 top 10s, dating to the chart’s debut on August 4th 1958:

38, Madonna
34, The Beatles
31, Drake
31, Rihanna
30, Michael Jackson
28, Mariah Carey
28, Stevie Wonder
27, Janet Jackson
27, Elton John


Congrats to Drake.

We’re not sure the album needed to be 25 tracks and it’s arguable that several of the feats above are due of the sheer number of songs (see: Chris Brown’s ‘Heartbreak’ project).

That said, to deny the Drake phenomenon would be to deny that water is wet.

He’s playing the game and slaying the game in a major way and on his terms, so more power to him.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme July 9, 2018

    Wow. And he’s going to have another #1 with In my feelings which is becoming wildly popular.

    I do think their needs to be some tweaking with how songs chart on the hot 100 though. Obviously I support streaming because I myself don’t purchase any music but pay a monthly streaming fee. But I think artist who are popular with streaming have too many song debut on the chart the week of the album release.

    You simply can’t compare Drake have 7 songs on the top ten at the same time to the Beatles.

    • Fancy BISH July 9, 2018

      Drake beat The Beatles the way The Beatles beat everybody else after all these years……talent, TIMING, marketing and a new music business strategy….oh, and plenty of potential hits available all at the same time that people were ready to hear them! BILLBOARD made the rules then, and they make the rules NOW! Point blank period. Drake wasn’t born to be the top streaming artist! And plenty of artists will continue to flop (hard) now and after streaming! So, Wheelchair Jimmy beat they assses fair and square! ? That black excellence just rolled in and took what was taken, in my honest and informed opinion! ? ??? ? Took long enough, but Sofia home now ? And to their credit, The Beatles had 5 songs in the TOP 5….now THAT record won’t be easy to beat at all!

  2. ??? July 9, 2018

    lmao king drake and queen riri ended the roaches. roach will NEVER in her LIFE achieve feats like this. EVER. lmfaoooooooooo

    • Alex July 9, 2018

      @??? Your ugly ass has to be one of Bey’s biggest fans cuz your ass bring her up more than the damn Hive!!! Don’t you have an appointment at the food stamp office or something?? Or don’t you need to focus on obtaining your GED at age 44?? Do something with your useless ass life!

  3. truthtea July 9, 2018

    If you really pay attention to his album sales, streaming has saved his sales because otherwise, he has a strong of flop albums! Michael and the other late and greats had to actually sell their music!

    • Meme July 9, 2018

      Drake been selling for years now. His drake record is probably top 3 most consistent in the world.

  4. Meiz July 9, 2018

    granyonce can’t relate .????????

  5. Angel keys July 9, 2018

    Totally agree with meme. It’s really not fair that these legends records are being compared with the way new artists chart Inna much easier cheaper way. It’s just not the same.

  6. Dead July 9, 2018

    Madonna is still Queen…Not bothered




    • Stephon Jackson July 9, 2018


    • DC July 10, 2018

      Agree he really is overrated

  8. Caleb July 9, 2018

    Congrats, though it’s all the more impressive that older acts achieved these feats in the days when songs HAD TO be released as singles in order to chart on the hot 100.

  9. Bedstuy_Guy July 9, 2018

    well s*** everyone is breaking everyones records nowadays like its a f****** joke….fhuck outta here. . . at this point WGAF

  10. July 9, 2018

    Drake is on a completely other level.

  11. justafan July 9, 2018

    Mariah’s impact

  12. Boytoy1814 July 10, 2018

    Scorpio Renegade!!!

  13. DanYiel Iman July 10, 2018

    I don’t take his pop-rap serious he’s an a fraud like Nicki Minaj!!

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