Janet Jackson Jams To Nicki Minaj’s ‘Chun-Li’ At Panorama NYC [Video]

Published: Monday 30th Jul 2018 by Sam

As Nicki Minaj gears up for the release of new album ‘Queen,’ the rapper has received quite the salute from one of music’s most regal royals – Janet Jackson.

The fierce 52-year-old rocked Panorama NYC as headliner over the weekend and, ever on trend, weaved Onika’s top 10 hit ‘Chun-Li’ into her set.

Ms. Jackson interspliced the club jam into a high-octane showing of ‘Nasty.’

Peep the performance below…

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Your idol’s idol. Queen Janet dancing to #ChunLi @janetjackson 🙏🏽♥️♥️🙏🏽 via: @celebslovenickiminaj thank you, babe this is so epic

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Slay Janet!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ifusayso… July 30, 2018

    Phase all the way thru Janet….

  2. Meme July 30, 2018

    Nicki must have y’all on payroll. Watch how many Nicki post we gonna get since this tired album bout to drop in the upcoming weeks.

    I like Nicki but she annoys me. Her caption is cringe worthy. Does she know how to humble herself? Smh

    • Jayy July 30, 2018

      Yeah you clearly read what she was saying wrong which judging by the way she wrote it isn’t your fault really. She means whoever you or anyone idolize (pop singer wise) idolizes Janet Jackson. Pretty much saying Janet Jackson is your Favs favorite. Once again in the pop singer stratosphere.

      • Meme July 30, 2018

        I read it as “I am your idol, and Janet is my idol” “your idols idol”.

    • !!! July 30, 2018

      I agree with Jayy

      • And what July 30, 2018

        Nope, Meme is right. She was saying to her fans as she’s their fav, and Janet’s hers. Doesn’t take a college degree to understand what she was saying ??‍♂️

    • Ron July 30, 2018

      She called Janet a Queen. And Nicki is an idol to some people. If she’s not for you then keep it moving. Why is it difficult?

  3. Jasmine (The Original Princess) July 30, 2018

    You Idol‘s idol? Sit your ass DOWN Flopnika

  4. Jeans July 30, 2018

    NIcki pls humble urself.

  5. #TrashMineThePeasantExposed – 5-3-18 – 5-24-18 – 5-25-18 July 30, 2018

    Janet is still miming to them old songs YAWN.

    • Kenny July 30, 2018

      Tour is successful hater

      • #TrashMineThePeasantExposed – 5-3-18 – 5-24-18 – 5-25-18 July 31, 2018

        Yes you are right she can still sell tours of her brothers name, its a shame she won’t be singing live… oh well.

    • pat July 30, 2018

      the queen has added more tour dates and new single made for now will scalp ur faves latest
      @ ur mammie

  6. Hiphopfanoy_93 July 30, 2018

    Nicki team probably paid for Janet to jam out to it. We all know she repped Bodak Yellow first. Reminds me of when Remy Ma performed on Empire then a couple of episodes later they played No frauds in the background. Nicki always wanna steal shine a way from others- that is not hip hop, that’s corporate gluttony. She needs to be destroyed.

    • Dumb H***! July 30, 2018


      • Justafan July 30, 2018

        Oh Janet….

  7. Camel wife July 30, 2018

    Janet sit your ole stale a s s Down and take care of ur grandchile

  8. Ri Ri July 30, 2018

    Go, Janet!!!!! Janet and Nicki, my girls!!!!!

  9. Marcel July 30, 2018

    Queen comes out in like two weeks yet no track list no 342536355363th single or promo single smh I smell another push back

  10. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ July 30, 2018

    I was in attendance and even though I don’t really like that song, Janet owned it and ate it, as She did on absolutely every füçking song! She truly is the greatest female dance performer ever. LIT wasn’t even the word for it and the whole festival was packed as far as the eyes could see even though the field turned to mush. Nobody cared 20, 30,40, 50, 60 year olds were all there to see Janet.

    • Keith July 30, 2018

      I was there as well and I co-sign everything you’ve just said! Including the mud/sewage, LOL…….

  11. RoyalKev July 30, 2018

    Janet’s been on…

    Ready for #MadeForNow

  12. Beam Me Up Scotty July 30, 2018

    Janet knows who she wants to work with on her next album and it’s not Cardi B 🙂
    Fefe #4 Billboard Hot 100
    “Chun Li” Platinum
    “Super Bass” Diamond
    4th highest selling female of all time
    “Big Bank” Gold
    Queen 8-10-18

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ July 31, 2018

      She already danced to Cardi B’s song earlier in the tour, boo. lol. She changes this song in every show. U mad late

  13. DanYiel Iman August 1, 2018

    The love Ri-Whine-A & Tricki Garbagh receives ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME!!

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