Jennifer Lopez To Receive 2018 MTV VMA Video Vanguard Award

Published: Tuesday 31st Jul 2018 by Rashad

After weeks of names like Missy Elliott, Christina Aguilera, and more swirled around the rumor mill, MTV has finally confirmed this year’s recipient of the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award will be none other than Jennifer Lopez.

Details inside:

Interviewing with MTV host Sway Calloway, J-Lo was on air when the announcement broke.  Easily the VMA’s biggest honor, the Vanguard Award – designed to honor artists who have advanced the music video needle – was named after Michael Jackson in 1991.  Past recipients include the likes of Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Rihanna, Madonna, and Beyonce.

A much deserved win for J.Lo, whose nearly two decade long music career has seen her sell over 80 million records while topping the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 multiple times over her illustrious career, the singer is reportedly set to perform at the event as well.

See all the action when it happens live on August 20th.

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  1. NotoriousTruthTeller July 31, 2018

    DESERVED. She is the original triple threat. Beyoncè copied her blueprint. Without her there wouldn’t be a Beyoncè. #FACT

    • Justme July 31, 2018

      What was her blueprint? Since beyonce started in 1997. B4 JLO.. did she teach beyonce how to sing?? I’ll wait

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH July 31, 2018


    • ? + ✈ = ? August 1, 2018

      I think you should only qualify for this award if you’ve at least won a video of the year award. Artists like Missy, Eminem, Green Day, TLC and so many more deserve this acknowledgment over these recent recipients.

      • ? + ✈ = ? August 1, 2018

        *at least win or have been nominated for video of the year

        TLC were the first BLACK artists to win video of the year

    • China August 1, 2018

      Blueprint for what? SLEEPING HER WAY TO THE TOP. USING ASHANTI’S VOICE ON HER TWO BIGGEST HITS. JENNIFER LOPEZ IS A MUSIC FRAUD. She is the Milli Vanilli of the music world. She has ZERO vocal Ability. FRAUD. Benny Medina should be in JAIL for all the sexual harrassment and he PURCHASED this award for her.

      • Anon August 1, 2018

        sleeping your way doesn’t get you to the top, your music needs to at least be catchy so people will buy them

    • oh please August 1, 2018

      LOL fairytales and mythical stories. JLO does not have the voice, she was never considered a serious triple threat.

    • Yonce August 1, 2018

      Um does Janet Jackson ring a bell?

      • Anon August 1, 2018

        Yes lol

  2. DestinyBoston July 31, 2018


  3. Justme July 31, 2018

    Most Awarded #VMAs Artists of All Time

    1) Beyoncé – 23 VMAs, 1 Vanguard
    2) Madonna – 19 VMAs, 1 Vanguard
    3) Lady Gaga – 13 VMAs
    4) Missy E. – 5 VMAs
    5) Eminem – 12 VMAs

    JLo – 2 VMAs, 1 Vanguard? It doesn’t make sense

    • Ropeburn August 1, 2018

      She paid for this award, plain and simple.

    • Olivier August 1, 2018

      Same for all the other one . They also pay as she is more talented than all of them

      • Justme August 1, 2018

        Jlo great dancer and???

  4. Truth Tea July 31, 2018

    :sips truth tea:

    Over Missy Elliott? Absolute and unquestionable bull s***. J. Lo doesn’t even have an iconic video or notable award outside of Waiting For Tonight.
    Missy actually has Moonmen from the VMAs and a catalogue of iconic videos.
    FTW? What does J. Lo have? Jenny From Block? Get Right? Some basketball video with Ja Rule and that crappy Dinero video?

    Honestly, even Christina’s Aguilera, Usher, and Shakira have a stronger case for this award. At least they have some achievement in the video genre.

    • Caleb July 31, 2018

      All facts!

    • iamme August 1, 2018


    • Yonce August 1, 2018

      Jlo actually has a VMA Award but I agree with everything you said.

  5. Mandy July 31, 2018

    I’m sorry but non of her videos scream iconic or innovative. She has bops and hits yes that’s a fact and an entertaining performer but oh well

  6. Buzz Off July 31, 2018

    Well Deserved.. She’s been in the Game for Decades.. She’s always been consistent with her Music Regardless of not always being on Top of the Charts but she’s THE IT FACTOR..
    Go JLo .. Get Em’

  7. Gee August 1, 2018

    This screams BS none of her of videos have shifted or changed the art from in any way all these special awards have lost their credibility and value as they are more based bon popularity rather than achievements or merit.

  8. Sweetnothings78 August 1, 2018

    Absolutely well deserved as she is amazing!!!

  9. Ropeburn August 1, 2018

    If they wanted to give the award to a Latina they should’ve picked Shakira. She’s a real artist, especially compared to Jlo. I can’t think of one single groundbreaking thing in either music or videos that Jlo has done since she came out. She’s a jack of all trades, master of none trying to do whatever it takes to be famous. I can’t take her seriously as a musician.

  10. Kenhern August 1, 2018

    This is laughable!! Looks like they’re just passing this award around like nothing. Smh

  11. Olusheyi August 1, 2018

    They should’ve given it to Missy

  12. RoyalKev August 1, 2018

    Love Don’t Cost a thing
    I’m Real
    Ain’t It Funny
    If You Had My Love
    Jenny From the Block
    On the Floor
    Waiting For Tonight

    … all hits!

    Great choice!!!!

  13. mr.m August 1, 2018

    As a performer in the music industry. WELL DESERVED.
    she’s a very very very hard-working woman
    But a video vingurad??? for what? she has 0 iconic video
    …. well maybe just “get right” …. kinda!! well ugh!
    vma’s are becoming a flopppppp!!!!
    Xtina was robbed!!!!!
    I swear even gaga and katy got more iconic videos loool
    nevertheless, she will KILL that performance.. for sure.

  14. pat August 1, 2018

    This is more of a “thanks for being around for along time” award for her. she has no iconic videos or songs

  15. Seth August 1, 2018

    Christina’s “beautiful” is more impactful than J-Lo’s entire career. Add Dirrty, Genie, Lady Marmalade, Ain’t No O

    • Francis August 1, 2018

      True Seth! I’ve said that last year, Christina’s videos are amazing. ‘Dirrty’, ‘Ain’t No Other Man’, ‘Hurt’, ‘Your Body’, ‘Fall In Line’, just to name a few. ‘Beautiful’ alone had more impact than any of today’s pop tarts.

  16. Francis August 1, 2018

    There are tons of artist that deserved this award before J.Lo, but I’m here for it, she will slay that stage.

  17. Dionysus August 1, 2018

    YAAAAS!!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! GET IT JENNY!!!!!! I Know she is going to straight Murder that performance!!!!!!!!! #Cantwait #JLO

  18. Kevon August 1, 2018

    Omg!! The haters are too much jlo got Soo much great videos.. I love her

    • Ropeburn August 1, 2018

      Name one groundbreaking video from JLo.

      • Yonce August 1, 2018


  19. Calling the facts August 1, 2018

    Usual black people hating and being miserable. Funny ya want to be treated nice and with respect when ya behave like animals and it’s akways a race things when ya don’t get it your way. Ya species are truly sad people. Jlo keeps winning while ya stay poor in the hood and hating

    • SMH August 1, 2018

      Race has nothing to do with facts. And your screen name screams irony.

  20. Queen Missy ?? August 1, 2018

    Sorry, I don’t know her.

  21. ~The Arcade~ August 1, 2018

    Judging from the majority of these comments, I thought I was the only one who gave this the side eye. SMH!

    Where’s Missy and Busta? True visual innovators in the game, during a time where everyone was kinda doing the same thing, and yet in 2018 MTV still refuses to get it right. #Frustrated

    The next couple of Vangaurd awards will go to katy, Bruno, Taylor, Miley, Beiber… watch

  22. JOHNVIDAL August 1, 2018

    She sure ain´t about quality and talent when it comes to music. But she has been providing looks for many many years. MTV is nothing but looks. So I guess she deserves this one.

  23. DanYiel Iman August 1, 2018

    I mean anyone can receive this award ?!! She can dance but her singing doesn’t match up!!

  24. Moe August 3, 2018

    Well well well deserved queen , haters gonna hate and yes beyonce always copied her .

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