New Song: Agnez Mo & Chris Brown – ‘Overdose’

Published: Friday 27th Jul 2018 by Sam

Chris Brown and girlfriend Agnez Mo bring their romantic union to the music sphere with new single ‘Overdose.’

Mo, who who hails from Indonesia, has built her profile in the region and is aiming to crossover with the collaborative jam.

She and a smitten C. Breezy trade verses about being lost in each others’ love.

Take a listen below…

Ear candy.

So, while not the most nutritious, ‘Overdose’ is infectious and boasts a melody that sticks after first listen. A potential hit in waiting.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 27, 2018

    All i heard was a bunch of noise that I wish I could UN listen to… SAMPLE of the SAMPLES.

  2. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 27, 2018

    Chris Brown best Collaboration was SUPERHUMAN and ONE NIGHT STAND with Skeri Hilson…

    For what ever reason they sound so good together

    • Caleb July 27, 2018

      The lyrics to One Night Stand made no sense.

  3. Erica July 27, 2018

    I’m just tired of hearing chris brown vocals no matter if it’s good. He needs to take an hiatus

    • bedifferent July 31, 2018

      how about just listening to the song?

  4. Beam Me Up Scotty July 27, 2018

    I think the song is generic and I’m tired of his voice. Despite it happening several years ago, I still can’t get over him beating Rihanna. He has also gotten in trouble for assaulting other women over the years, one allegedly sexually. He’s in and out of jail for other things as well. He’s just not a good person, IMO.

    • bedifferent July 31, 2018

      if you believe the media, have your brain checked.

  5. eric July 27, 2018

    Why is the video so dark? I thought something was wrong with my screen. lol. I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m hearing another generic and forgettable song from Chris Brown or any pop artist for that matter. Most are just remixing the same basic formula for a quick buck. No chance of longevity.

  6. HolyGhost July 27, 2018

    This song sucks.

    • bedifferent July 31, 2018

      you suck. keep your feelings to yourself.

  7. T July 28, 2018

    CAN’T get over this guy beating up on RIRI!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bedifferent July 31, 2018

      who cares?

  8. DanYiel Iman July 30, 2018

    I actually like this track!!

    • bedifferent July 31, 2018

      it is.

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