Ouch! Gospel Singer Kierra Sheard Slammed For Controversial Statements on Homosexuality

Published: Thursday 5th Jul 2018 by Rashad

Just over a year-and-a-half after embattled songstress Kim Burrell lost several endorsements and was shunned by both gospel and secular communities for comments deemed “homophobic” during a sermon (click here to read), fellow gospel singer Kierra Sheard may be well en route to such fate.

The 31-year-old, famous for rendering nearly 15 years of her own gospel hits and being the daughter of Clark Sisters‘ legend Karen Clark Sheard, recently rubbed fans the wrong way when she suggested homosexuality was the direct result of “victimization” (i.e. molestation, etc.).  Needless to say, the assertion did not go very well.  As fans, followers, and more have been taking her to task on social media all day, the blaze has only grown higher as the story makes its rounds.

Could Kiki be well on her way to backlash?  Hear her words inside and weigh in:

Damn not my good #church auntie #kierrasheard but everybody wanna follow #kimburrell down the path of edgelessness ??‍♂️? if #gays ain’t speaking on fraudulence in the #church then y’all why do y’all keep speaking on the #gays ???‍♂️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ If you felt this in your shondo, share the blessing and follow the foolishness (@freeishmedia) ??‍♂️? ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #mood #shade #petty #black #blackgirlmagic #lgbt #nottodaysatan #blessed #funny #lol #thursday #tbt #throwback #Tea #notfacts #foolishness #wig

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  1. SNF July 5, 2018

    This is nothing new. Typical black church ppl… Folk still surprised by this type of talk??? Yall aint buying her music no way so why does her statement even matter?

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 6, 2018

      When will these women learn that the gays are one of their biggest fan and consumer bases. Love on ur fans. Don’t offend them.

  2. GrapeJuice Fan July 5, 2018

    That’s a lie

  3. Ryan July 5, 2018

    She should worry about her gluttony which is also a sin and stop throwing those stones!!! Get your own life in order and stop preaching ignorance woman or should I say little girl. Have several seats and one cookie, better yet an apple ?

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan July 5, 2018

    She told no lies!
    YASSS KIERRA!!!!!! xoxo

    • DanYiel Iman July 6, 2018

      Hopefully you don’t fall victim to eating shell fish or lusting after married men & being overweight!!

      • Caleb July 6, 2018

        Exactly right. All sins according to the good book

  5. Lana Del Fan July 5, 2018

    Meanwhile she’s shaped like a Buick. I like a few of her songs but I’m sick of feeling guilty for something I didn’t choose to be. It’s sickening

    • Pastor Valentine July 6, 2018

      You did choose to be sin is a choice

  6. Tori July 5, 2018

    Gay people are funny. ESPECIALLY the ones who worships God, who speaks against homosexual activities, not homosexual people. Not the ones who are struggling and looking for help and answers but the ones who are flamboyant and open with their sexuality in church yet get offended in that same church for speaking the word that they have fully studied. What did you expect?

    • André Hilton July 6, 2018

      Correction, God doesnt speak about homosexual activity, the Bible (a book written by man to control the children of Israel) says that. Y’all kill me. In theology school all preachers learn that the Bible was written by man! God and Jesus are spiritual. Get it right.

      • eric July 6, 2018

        What is also explored in theology school is God’s divine power to communicate with us as he did with the people who wrote the scriptures as they heard it spoken to them by God. God still speaks and he will even confirm that it is him.

    • Pastor Valentine July 6, 2018


  7. DanYiel Iman July 6, 2018

    Isn’t it weird that the females with the most Homosexual/Lesbian help love to tarnish the images of their HELP?!!✌??

  8. Ty July 6, 2018


  9. Delroy July 6, 2018

    Shaggys song church heathens is now playing in my head focus on the sufferings in the world cure world hunger and leave us alone

  10. Akeem July 6, 2018

    When her own father church and the churches she’s ministers in song are full of homosexuals. Why homosexuality is such a thing that gets the “church” feathers in a ruffle?!?! You have adultry, fornication, pastors sleeping wit the members and etc, but homosexuality always seems to be on menue for seromons and things.

  11. Jeremiah Nyles July 6, 2018

    If we are going to live as homosexuals then the least we can do is own it and not attack everybody. This woman was not coming for our community. It was clear because she also mentioned other sins prior to ours, as well. I think we are reaching with this one. If we are Christian homosexuals, we know at the end of the day, it’s not what the Bible says is okay. I can’t go with this one. My truth is, I’m a homosexua and right now I like it. I’m also grown and will live my life.

    • Jay July 6, 2018

      The insinuation here is that something happened to you for you to be gay not that you are gay by birth or in your case, according to your words, gay because you chose to be. Either case it’s offensive and people like her who have audiences and followers need to feel the burn everytime they make stupid ass comments like this. Gay people have stood around way too long and just let others put us down and it’s time to fight back. Especially when it’s our community that gave her whole family notoriety. She is nobody’s preacher. She’s an artist who makes her living off popularity not evangelism, so she needs to keep that in mind or else her sales and concerts will dwindle away.

    • Pastor Valentine July 6, 2018

      I have to applaud you on being real and telling the truth your living the way you choose to live and have an awareness of what the scriptures says i pray you do get delivered before its to late because you do know the truth and at least your not making excuses for your lifestyle but please repent and turn away so you dont go to hell with the rest of the world of sinners

      • Overpaid Consumer July 7, 2018

        Gurl; I don’t believe in a hell outside of the reality we ALL ALREADY STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE IN.. but in case there is one; please send me there as soon as FKN possible so long as none of these homophobic cnts & pastors like yourself ain’t there. Cuz tbh; you preach hate and I’d rather not spend eternity in an environment filled with hateful fks like you… Praise Jesus please don’t send me where these hateful people who pretend to preach in your name will all be. We all know they need you the most Jesus. Please help them see the way to the uncoditional love we always share with the world. Praise Jesus for delivering love to the hatefully religious monsters like Pa$tor Valentine and that slow looking b!cth Kierra!

    • Audrey August 17, 2018

      I don’t think she meant it that way there are people who say because of what happened to me I don’t do men or women. But why do we have to lash out instead of asking what we don’t know and explain so we are all better informed. I love people for who they are stop trying to tear each other down. I just love people!! Gays ,Clark sisters and most of all God he made us all different.

  12. thanosoftitans July 6, 2018

    Unfortunate. I love her music, but I will no longer purchase any new music from this woman until she issues a genuine apology.I'[ll still bump to her music that I already own, but she’ll get no further support from me.

  13. Leo bain July 6, 2018

    So when she got “delivered” from homosexuality because she stuff a advocate

  14. Karter J July 6, 2018

    SMH…God IS Love and that was NOT love….before you speak KNOW….very ignorant statement….I’ve never got a good vibe from her spirit since day one, never been a fan cause she seem FAKE to me and this just put the icing on the cake, but God Bless you anyway!

  15. David July 6, 2018

    She told no lies. This generation hates the truth and hate to be corrected. Actually, the only qualifier to speak the truth is that you are bold enough to speak it. Not even that you live it. So her gluttony, or her brothers fornication has nothing to do with whether or not she should speak truth. You godless people just hate truth. But the scripture speaks about this. In these days men will hate the truth and only gravitate to people who are easy to listen to because they are not challenged to change. Speak on Kierra. And lose your gay fan base. Some people rather be pleasing to God than please man.

    • Overpaid Consumer July 7, 2018

      People filled with hate & religion are the most godless hunny. #loveislove

  16. jermaine July 6, 2018

    what is she talking about. girl bye. i think someone did something to you make you FAT. SO STUPID.

  17. Joseph Reaves July 6, 2018

    I am not surprised by Ms. Sheard’s comments as she, her mother(Lady Karen Clark-Sheard), her father (Bishop J. Drew Sheard) her aunts (The Clark Sisters) and her denomination (The Church of God In Christ) are known for having ill-informed and oppressive viewpoints around gender and human sexuality but as a Q**** Christian I am nevertheless hurt and dissappointed as these views are death dealing to people like me. It’s 2018 and “The Saints” really need to cut this s*** out or risk being left on the wrong side of history. My sexuality is not victimization but empowerment. Thank You.

  18. Future faithful husband and dad July 6, 2018

    I normally don’t post comments but I just have to say there is a whole other side of homosexuality that no one talks about. And when they do it’s belittled. The side of people who SUFFER everyday, who do see it as an affliction and don’t want to live or partake in the lifestyle. There are those who see homosexuality as a sin just like any other sin. Just like with any other sin our spirit can be trained to be stronger than the flesh and we can win. I have looked within myself to discover that I want to create a a nuclear family where I am the leader and the head of my house hold. I want to be the man that my wife, sons and daughters need and deserve. Deep down inside I feel this is my duty as a man. I know that the lustful desires of my flesh is trying to rob me and my future family of this reality but I refuse to let it. I had to become mindful of where my feelings and attractions came from. I have always felt my same s** attractions to be wrong and not natural within me. I did it anyway because I allowed myself to become comfortable in it and felt the familiar rush and excitement of participating in deviant behaviors. While this may not reflect everyone, I have learned first hand It’s an flashy now widely accepted empty dead end life style full of broken hurt people hurting other people. I chose to not let this be my end. As I navigated thru the dangers of the lifestyle God has kept me. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but he has shielded me and protected me from the traps and snares like he said he would in his word. It wasn’t for nothing. I am meant for more and I chose the life that God has prepared for me. What you believe and see in your mind you become. I have never seen myself married to a man raising a family. I have tried but thats just not what God sees for me nor do I see it for myself. I’ve always seen me, my wife and kids. I realized I have a choice to make we all have choices to make. All I can do is trust God’s plan for ME and make the right decisions. I believe If you feel inside you don’t want to me gay you don’t have to. You can choose the life you want to live not society. Much love. Be blessed!

    • Heiress July 6, 2018

      This was an absolute blessing to read! I wish I had time to tell you my story, but I’ll jist leave you with this. God is going to reward you for your tenacity and perseverance to live the life that He has called you to live. He sees your fleshly struggles and desires and because you’re resisting, those spirits MUST flee!!! People don’t understand that we’re not wrestling against flesh!! It’s principalities and strongholds!! And I bind them in the Name of Jesus!! So you stand strong in who you know to be your Guide and Protector against the naysayers, which is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Blessings to you

    • CC July 13, 2018

      But man how do you do it? I’ve been right where you are. Was married for 12 years and thought that would make it go away and I truly loved my wife. Feelings never left but I remained faithful to my wife. Although divorced now I was raised up in the church and a Baptist one at that so I know how to fight and pray and fast and know scripture pretty well and am a very active member of my church but there was always a part of me that no one knew about and I just suppressed all those years and I because of the suppression I was truly not a happy person. I felt like I was not living my truth or being honest with myself. Scripture would help, praying would help, talking to friends that struggled too would help at times but not all the time and it always would come back. A constant battle and I was soooo frustrated because nothing seemed to work. I always questioned God about this and why HE wouldn’t just take it away and one day HE took me to the scripture where Paul had the thorn in his side and God wouldn’t remove it and said “My grace is sufficient” so I took God as saying this desire I have is not going away so I guess everyone has a cross and this was going to be mine. I don’t wasn’t to put another woman through this as it’s not fair to them and I would be doing them a disservice. They wouldn’t get all of me which is cheating them out of complete happiness.

  19. Simms July 6, 2018

    Peace n ❤️…The Bible say love one another.

  20. Pastor Valentine July 6, 2018

    Yall need to stop people want believe something is wrong until its to late im sorry the bible is right and somebody is wrong

    • Truth Teller July 6, 2018

      Your oppressors taught you this mess. Watch The Pyramid Code and get the facts, and while you are at it order patterns of evidence: Exodus and see how we have been lied to. Religion is the oldest practice in the book on controlling nations and people within them. You read a bible that King James edited and added to! You don’t know what the truth is, but real history not western history will tell you the truth. Seek and you shall find. Have a blessed day Pastor!

  21. Truth Teller July 6, 2018

    Some people have to learn from their ignorance! I can’t believe in man and won’t! God is love and our oppressors have taught us to hate everything that makes us strong physically and spiritually aka religion! We don’t have to agree. Everyone has the right to be themselves and to be free of judgment. What the church should be preaching is love, and anything that is hateful is what destroys love. God doesn’t care who you love as long as you don’t exit him out. We all have to work on ourselves, but to preach this nonsense is exactly why the church will continue to fold. Jesus in his time destroyed the church in disgust at how the church was operating. He preached love and said “He who is without sin cast the first stone!” We don’t have the answers! God does! We must start communicating with Him in a spiritually by following our hearts and not in the religious form for which we have been taught. She doesn’t know and is acting on impulse of what she thinks she knows! She was taught this way and is not awake! Last time I checked God says he doesn’t even judge you based on your sin but by your heart. We are weighed by the matters of the heart!

  22. Tom Johnson July 6, 2018

    OK, what is wrong with what she said? Look at the debauchery of the entertainment industry, every week someone is dying of an overdose, getting arrested, committing s******. It is evident that all this LGBTQ, legal weed, do anything you want lifetsyle is not leading to happiness but a void. THe sinful world and habits promoted by pop culture does not lead to peace but confusion. Women wanting to cut off their b****** and men their penis’ is not normal but yet is heralded as brave. THis is an upside down world where a woman of integrity dares to call out this foolishness in a loving way and is attacked on social media , yey women dancing around naked singing about their p****s and sucking d***s etc are feminist heroes, truly demonic forces are at play.

    • None of your business July 6, 2018


  23. None of your business July 6, 2018

    Though I don’t necessarily agree with Kierra’s view on homosexuality, I do agree with what the Bible says about it. And even if I’m in it, I won’t denounce what the Word says about it. We have to stop being so thin skinned that we are so easily offended. Lastly, I don’t think her heart was in a bad place, she’s very pure, I think she just tried to make sense of something she doesn’t understand like we all have in the past and some even presently! Don’t hate her, pray for her and then enlighten her… in love!

  24. Mik July 6, 2018

    I’m sorry the gay community/supporters needs healing. Everytime someone says something about it being wrong! Y’all go into bash more. Furthermore she was talking to the people I’m attendance. So therefore victimized ppl may have been in attendance. God knows what’s he’s doing stop trying to bully ppl into silence!

  25. Rock July 7, 2018

    I don’t understand y u people get mad people don’t have to support ur being gay if they don’t want to it’s America you entitled to feel how u want to if u want to b gay then do so but people don’t have to like it get over it, n e time someone speaks against gay y’all get mad obviously it makes u uncomfortable if u get mad about it, live ur life n don’t care who approve or disapprove!

  26. Tanya July 7, 2018

    I think she actually brings up a good point. I’m sure there’s reasearch as well that doesn’t contradict what she’s attempting to convey. And why do we all have to support homosexuality and slam people when they speak out against it. Even pastors are back tracking and changing their views to satisfy their audience…

  27. Truthwillmakeyoufree July 10, 2018

    Its unnatural and against the biology of the human body to put things into the place God created waste/dung/poop/feces to come out of . As a nurse, I know what I’m talking about. The desire for things against nature is not Gods plan. Whether you believe the Bible or not it is a sickness and perversion of the natural ways in biological creation. It will always eventually produce sickness, disease and destruction of the body. Whether it is now or in the future. It’s not the way you were created. It’s a lie and a great deception. The enemy of your soul comes to kill, steal and destroy. Killing pride you life by seeking truth in humility is thd first step to freedom.

  28. John February 19, 2019

    Kierra has my full support. She has all rights to speak what she feels is the truth. Why should your perspective cancel hers? Stand strong Kierra.

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