Ariana Grande Tributes Aretha Franklin On ‘Fallon’ / Talks New Album, Engagement, & More

Published: Friday 17th Aug 2018 by Sam

As headlines go, Aretha Franklin’s death has gripped on a global scale.

Yet, as the age old adage relays – the show must go on and such is the case for Ariana Grande who sprinkled new album ‘Sweetener’ on the masses today.

True to form, the powerhouse vocalist is leaving no stone unturned and her latest stop was The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

During her appearance, Grande paid homage to the Queen of Soul by teaming up with The Roots for a live showing of ‘Natural Woman.’ She also spoke about her encounters with the legend.

Elsewhere, she opened up about her LP, her engagement to comedian Pete Davidson, teaming with Madonna for the ‘God Is A Woman’ video, and more.

All the Ari action awaits after the jump…

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  1. China August 17, 2018

    The girl can sing, but she swallows words almost as quickly as you g_ays swallow D_icks. Now to tribute Aretha how about the 1st Diva’s live with Aretha and Mariah doing Chain of fools….. now that’s a tribute.

  2. erica August 17, 2018

    That was beautiful especially at the end!

    • shay August 18, 2018

      Bless her lil heart lol she tries to sound like an RNB soul singer so much but she DOESNT have it! It was cute but she just does not have enough emotion in her little weak runs… However it was nice of her to memorialize Aretha although this was also a plug for her Album.. MEH she still wont be getting me to purchase it

  3. truthtea August 17, 2018

    I’ve never cared for her. The girl got some pipes but her vocals are very monotone. In addition, she’s just not very relatable and it’s always awkward to watch.

    • Sweetnothings78 August 17, 2018

      Are you deaf?
      Single and album sales definitely disagree with your industry talent for being Simon Cowell….

      • truthtea August 17, 2018

        Honey, sales has nothing to do with your talent! Just look at Taylor! The reason Ariana is so popular is because she rode the Mariah comparisons fresh off Disney. She’s got s** appeal! She’s tiny and skinny. Trust, the industry will spit her out the second she gets married and knocked up! I sense her Britney 2007 moment is coming!

      • xyz August 17, 2018

        She has this Lolita thing. She still looks like 14 and the pedos in the industry love her for it.

      • truthtea August 17, 2018

        Speak on it sis! She’s mostly looks and s** appeal and generic beats!

  4. Liam August 17, 2018

    It was a nice tribute

  5. Sandra August 17, 2018

    I’m going to be cynical and realistic
    This was for record boost sales, if Nicki had any decent singing ability she would too be doing a tribute.

    Now, I didn’t listen to it all because mid way through the second verse it was apparent that she was going to remain void of soul so decided to cut my losses.
    As someone said in another post
    Jojo, Jessie J or Kelly Clarksin would’ve tore this up. I even think that Joss Sone would’ve done a more soulful rendition.

  6. Nas August 17, 2018

    I think people don’t realize, Ariana can only truly sing in her head voice which is different than Aretha natural deepness. Aretha didn’t have to sing with a lot of air just to get an amazing note. I notice a lot of singers now a days are very nasally, and lack of the fullness of our past legends.

  7. Juan August 17, 2018

    fingers crossed that Madonna makes an epic cameo at the VMA’s since she’s performing “God Is A Woman.”…. let’s make it epic!!

  8. Tribe August 17, 2018

    Clearly this was last minute. Chances are excellent she was originally gonna do God is a woman for the first time.

  9. China August 18, 2018

    Pink. Joss Stone. Kelly Clarkson. Jesse J – would have Slayed this song.

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