Cardi B Claps Back: “You Can’t Buy A #1 Or The General Public”

Published: Wednesday 15th Aug 2018 by Sam

Cardi B may be cradling her newborn Kulture, but she still has time to clap-back at the naysayers.

With the music community still ingesting the album release of a rival, it’s sparked a broader discussion about the who’s who of the female rap arena.

As with most debates, credibility, payola, and politics lay at the center of the discourse. And Cardi has had enough.

Taking to Instagram, she served quite the response about the chatter thrown her way of late.

See what she had to say below…

Well said.

While politics is rife, it’s somewhat unfair to draw on it as the blanket means of explaining someone’s success.

Sometimes certain acts just have an organic movement and resonate with the masses in a way that cannot be denied.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jeans August 15, 2018

    Tell em Cardi. Meanwhile, she may get her 3rd number one next week since her song with Maroon 5 is now at #2. Nicki could never!

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      True but Maroon 5 been doing good on the charts on their own and so has Bruno Mars. When she make a newcomers song or someone who never did good on the charts song go #1 then she can pat herself on the back. If Maroon 5 goes #1 that’ll be an easy #1 for her. I’m sure the song would’ve dine the same if she wasn’t on it.

    • China August 15, 2018

      You tricks now full well. NIK WAS COMING FOR CARDI in that interview. Cardi is the new “IT” girl, Nik HATES ON Lil Kim but bit Kim/Biggie sway on DREAMS

      • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

        Nicki don’t even talk about Kim no more, that’s old news.

      • Pink Tingz August 15, 2018

        Sway brought up Kim in that interview.

  2. Intro August 15, 2018

    I do think the label can buy a number one album, I’m not saying that is what happened in her case though. Meanwhile, three of lil’ kim’s Albums released decades ago, are climbing up the iTunes Charts.

    • Just_blaze August 15, 2018

      Bcuz i feel lil kim is coming legit hard. And billboard knows it as well as her fans.

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      Thanks to Nicki, people didn’t start downloading Kim’s music until people started talking about Barbie Dreams was a copy of Lil Kim’s song Dreams. Coincidence, I think not. Kim release a new single 2 or 3 weeks ago. Nobody was downloading her music until Nicki’s album dropped.

      • Nicki scared August 15, 2018

        Girl stfu! Get off Nicki’s diiick she speaks of having. It’s karma coming back biting her in that @$$! Cardi is winning now! Take the L and stfu h0£!!!

      • Pink Tingz August 15, 2018

        Look tired h** Retardi bought her number 1’s

      • Intro August 15, 2018

        So if nicki’s dream is the reason for Kim re-charting, then why are THREE lil’ Kim albums back on the chart? Hmm?

      • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

        @Intro it’s possible after people heard her Dreams song they got nostalgic and wanted to listen to the rest of her music. Also, the younger generation that wasn’t around or too young when Kim was out could’ve wanted to check out her music with all the talk about Nicki copying her Dreams song. All I know is Kim has been doing interviews here and there over the years and no one was streaming her music enough for it to appear on the charts. Furthermore, as I stated earlier Kim released a single 2 or 3 weeks ago. No one started streaming her music until Nicki’s album dropped. You can’t dispute facts.

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      @ Nicki scared b**** bye,get off Cardi d***. My comnent was about Kim and you talking about Cardi. Yet you wanna talk about being on somebody d***. B**** get Cardi d*** out your mouth. Every comment is b**** this or h** that. I don’t know what you all riled up for. Especially when I wasn’t even talking about you or to your raggedy ass.

  3. Boytoy1814 August 15, 2018

    That’s right Cardi. School the misinformed & snatch their windpipes! Leave em Gaggin!!!!

  4. Just_blaze August 15, 2018

    Yes mother cardi i live for her shes the new it girl to me. She sees the bs in the industry and calls it out. I hope she remy and kim does a song together.
    But i did hear labels buying air play and all that but shes right you cant buy ppl singing your s*** and all that.

  5. AnonymousTruth August 15, 2018

    But you can buy an education or an English course or something! Damn , home girl needs to invest .

    • rthrh August 15, 2018

      yeah, now that she has the fame she needs to freaking have someone tutor her on how to properly write sentences. it’s terrible.

  6. SNF August 15, 2018

    😂😂😂 this site is funny

  7. GrapeJuice Fan August 15, 2018

    Her Spanish grammar has me 😂😂😂😂😩💀

  8. IG @ mixedboy August 15, 2018

    Invasion of Privacy came at the right time, right formula, amazing songs from start to finish. I’m still bumping it especially at the gym. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Carlos August 15, 2018

    They keep trying to bring down & belittle Cardi but her hard work will out shine the bitterness of those naysayers.

  10. Gee August 15, 2018

    Let Cardi be great!!!

  11. pat August 15, 2018

    nicki and barbz have basically turned into kim and her fans from 10 years ago…. it’s all cyclic… unfortunately nicki didn’t get a grammy or a number one out of her run tho

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      Cardi hasn’t gotten a grammy yet. Kendrick Lamar has 12 grammies with no #1 hits. Jay-Z has 21 grammies with only one #1 hit. It took about 10 years before he got his first #1 hit.

      • Meme August 15, 2018

        Kendrick Lamar def has a #1 hit. Humble was #1 on hot 100.

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      Okay well sorry for the oversight. I honestly think he should have more #1s. I love me some Kendrick Lamar.

      • Nicki scared August 15, 2018

        Yup he does, and Nicki still doesn’t have any. So your point is null and voided h0£!

      • Faf August 15, 2018

        Nicki had #1s in other countries which is how we know this is fraud she can only be number one in US territory where they are paid

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      I did some research and Kendrick has two #1 hits. I just recently started paying attention to the charts.

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      @ Nicki scared so what you the one dwelling on her not having a #1 hit. I don’t care my point was I listen to artist whether they have a #1 hit or not if I like their music. I didn’t know Kendrick had #1 hits and I still love Kendrick. That goes to show I’m not influenced by the charts. Why you talking where your #1 hit B****?

  12. Ri Ri August 15, 2018

    Yes you can buy #1 hits and albums. She’s right you can’t buy people singing along to your songs. However, #1 hits can be bought. The majority of the counts for a #1 single comes from airplay. It has been proven that people have bought airplay. Also, you can buy a lot of copies of your album to make it #1. People do that with books as well. They’ll purchase a bunch of copies of their book so it will be listed as a bestseller.

    • Faf August 15, 2018

      Charlemagne got a plaque for bodak!! She told on herself

  13. SMH August 15, 2018

    All this rant does is prove just how ignorant she is. Number one albums and singles have been purchased for DECADES by record labels, and there’s documented proof of that. She needs to do a little more research before she tries to “clap back” at anyone, because this little tirade sounds like someone speaking through a guilty conscience.

  14. Faf August 15, 2018

    But u can tho
    Lmao a 16 wk old song peaks and kworb points double the night after nicki Barbie dreams reached the top ten on iTunes
    It’s like her label is looking at the chart saying “whatever nickis song does well pay for double”

    But can somebody rap the lil 8 bar verse from girls like u? Does anyone know it?? Right

    • Meme August 15, 2018

      If you can then how come so many ppl flop then?

      • Faf August 15, 2018

        Simple logic
        If u have a 360 the label wants return on their investment

        If she didn’t have a 360 they wouldn’t care how she did

    • Jan August 15, 2018

      nope, just means her fans are going even harder to see her win

  15. Meme August 15, 2018

    Decredit and convinces…whewww chileee. The ghetto. She need to have someone proof read her ish. Also, why is she responding tho this. I just hope she doesn’t fall in the same hole as Iggy, feeding into negativity. Somethings you don’t have to respond to.

    • Pink Tingz August 15, 2018


  16. Beam Me Up Scotty August 15, 2018

    She’s right, you can’t buy a #1, but your label can pay people to play your music more than other’s and reduce the price of your music. Promotion promotion promotion. The more people hear your music the more likely they are to buy/stream it. Also, some of you are giving her too much credit. This woman requires several people to write all her rap verses. To even put her in the same category as Lil’Kim, Remy Ma, and Nicki Minaj is an insult. Lastly, working with Lil’Kim or Remy Ma would be career suicide, which is why she wants to work with an upcoming female rap artist.

  17. Faf August 15, 2018

    Documents already showed tommy Motolla paid for jlo and Mariah

    Katy Perry was doing giveaways during prism era for radio play

    And now she In bed with power 105

    Hence the beef nicki has with several djs over there

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      Funk Master Flex even confirmed during his interview with Nicki how some radio stations get paid for airplay and talking down on certain artist. He said he can’t be bought, that’s been going on for a while in the industry.

  18. Adggabels August 15, 2018

    Labels do pay known fact

  19. Caleb August 15, 2018

    “Well said.” 😑

  20. Pink Tingz August 15, 2018

    Please… no one believes that for a second

  21. YoMutha August 15, 2018

    Write your own songs then come talk to me. Illiterate hood rats . Girl bye… Every song she has is with a feature. Go feed your baby of somethinf FOH

  22. YoMutha August 15, 2018

    Queen > Invasion of pregnancy

  23. YoMutha August 15, 2018

    “ It didn’t got the results” .. she DEF wrote this !!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Ryan August 15, 2018

    I know what money can buy and that’s some education. Her grammar is embarrassing. Hood rat.

  25. IWISHABITCHWOULD August 15, 2018

    You might not be able to buy a number one …but you can damn sure buy Hooked on Phonics LMAO I like Cardi but damn just say what you want to your Publicist and have them type that shyt…reading this post was embarrassing.

    Illiteracy Its not a good look for her. She needs some charm school or etiquette training or something.

    Yes her music is good and I been rocking with her from the LLHNY days but I need her to grow into that aspect as an artist…No more bird noises during acceptance speechs, red carpets etc…

    I need more professionalism and polishing before she can be considered a new queen of genre #endofstory.

  26. next bih August 15, 2018

    Nicki fans are TRIGGEREDT.

    Just be happy that with 45k your “Queen” and her “Queen” project will be sitting pretty at number 2 on the charts. Next week sales… 25k? hahahahaha y’all are bitter.

    • Ri Ri August 15, 2018

      I think you’re more concerned about her sales than Nicki and her fans. That’s all you keep talking about. Obsession is a terrible thing.

  27. I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish August 15, 2018

    In other. Words. ..Nicki is queen rapstress…..

  28. Lake Erie August 15, 2018


  29. I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish August 15, 2018

    This b****. ..,keep on dialing Nicki like the prince song. …,.where chun li get that b****..

  30. What? August 15, 2018

    She is illiterate as f**k.

  31. Yolanda August 15, 2018

    But the public use to talk about Fantasia when Fantasia explained she dropped out of school due to a sexual assault incident. Cardi was born in America, went to schools in America, and even did a short bid in an American college.

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