Cardi B Previews Fiery New Song

Published: Saturday 25th Aug 2018 by Sam

Cardi B‘s work ethic knows no bounds.

Just last month, the 25-year-old gave birth to her first child – a daughter named Kulture – and since then she’s already opened last week’s VMAs, dropped a new video with Kehlani, and now is teasing fresh material.

Want to hear what Belcalis is cooking up? Head below…

Moments ago, the rapper took to social media to share a clip of a track she worked on in the latter stage of her pregnancy. She hinted at updating the lyrics too:

With a new project (re-release?) incoming, could this be one of the tracks lined up for the set? Time will tell.

In the meanwhile, let us know if you’re feeling it?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Xanadu August 25, 2018


  2. Erica August 25, 2018

    I live, that h o e be so pressed when you come through!!

  3. Sweetnothings78 August 25, 2018

    LOVE her. Keeps her flow hard! No cheese with this girl!

  4. Meme August 25, 2018

    Cardi needs to stop being the nice guy and just go for Nicki neck the way Nicki went for Kim.

    Imma need Cardi to call Nicki all the Has Been, Ole H**, I kill the Queen etc. she called Kim.

    Nicki took multiple shots at Cardi on her album. Literally every song has some line directed to Cardi. So Cardi needs to bite back.

    • Terrell Ransom August 25, 2018


    • Liam August 25, 2018

      Cardi needs not to reply to someone who name their album Queen but the sales are like Jester ??‍♂️ People like Cardi B cause she unbothered and just doing her thang while winning lolz ??‍♂️

      • Beam Me Up Scotty August 25, 2018

        Nicki’s sales are not far off from Cardi, so can it. Let’s see how Cardi is doing 10 years into her career. BTW, how’s “Ring” doing?

      • House Nicca August 25, 2018

        Why shouldn’t she respond? It’s HIP HOP, take that s*** to the studio sis.

      • Dev August 25, 2018

        I agree. Cardi needs to take advice from Michelle Obama. When they go low, we go higher… in the charts.
        Why entertain people who have an issue with you and you have better things to be doing

    • Faf August 25, 2018

      But that would have to be true sis
      Nicki ten years later still headlining going platinum and breaking records

      What killed kim was prison and leaving Atlantic

    • BootzShza August 25, 2018

      Yasss Meme speak on it sis. I enjoy a good old fashioned karma ass biting from time to time.

    • Caleb August 25, 2018

      I kind of admire Cardi for not getting down in the dirt with Nicki. I think it’s been awhile since the mainstream has seen two female rappers on top not having beef with each other, though clearly Nicki decided to feed into the b******* and keeps coming for Cardi. She undoubtedly wants Cardi to respond and already has it figured out that she will turn around and play the victim.

  5. Tardi payola Kimmy blanco August 25, 2018

    Who wrote this trash?

  6. Beam Me Up Scotty August 25, 2018

    Bring on the diss. I hope she has enough ghost riders in her pocket because Nicki is going to eat her alive.

    • Caleb August 25, 2018

      I would agree with you but we all saw how Nicki was eaten alive by Remy Ma.

  7. Know try August 25, 2018


  8. Kitty August 25, 2018

    Not her pin, next

    • Erica August 25, 2018

      Black monkey looking punks talking slick

  9. Bianca August 25, 2018

    Ppl killing me with this ghostwriter s*** there’s a difference between ghostwriting and co writing! I’m sure writes her own features but if u think she writes her own music alone ur sick! So she and her fans need to stop

    • Bianca August 25, 2018

      And I’m talking bout Nicki! She’s the only rapper that constantly says she writes her own yeah with help like everyone else! U don’t think safaree getting royalties?

      • Faf August 25, 2018

        2k in royalties for producing

        Safaree can’t rap what did he write ?

      • Beam Me Up Scotty August 25, 2018

        Get Safaree’s d*** out of your mouth.

  10. Codename red August 25, 2018

    I hope she don’t mess around and start wearing those white women hair but other than that I’m here for it

  11. Remey August 25, 2018

    Not being a hater here, but you all make it seemed like she opened the VMAs with a performance. Her opening was cute, but it was an awkward way to open the VMAs given the historical openings it use to have (I.e. Britney & Madonna, Meltdown Britney, Miley Cyrus, etc.)

  12. Clayne August 25, 2018

    Damn this sounds HOT

  13. Beam Me Up Scotty August 25, 2018

    The preview finally appeared…and it sounds a hot mess. Her flow is also exactly the same as always.

  14. Really August 26, 2018

    Is pop culture dying? I’m starting to get bored by it all.

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