Ciara Announces New Song ‘Freak Me (ft. Tekno)’ / Drops Friday

Published: Wednesday 8th Aug 2018 by Sam

Ciara is keeping the heat coming!

Fresh from rocking the net with viral smash ‘Level Up,’ the dynamite diva has announced new song ‘Freak Me’ and it’s coming sooner than you may think!

Details below…

Seconds ago on Twitter, CiCi revealed that the track is a collaboration with Nigerian superstar Tekno and boasts an Afrobeats sound. It’ll be unleashed on Friday (August 10th):


Yaaaaas! Yes!

It looks as though Mrs Wilson is quite literally sticking to her promise of “making the world dance again” with her new material.

She’s wasting no time keeping her momentum moving and we’re all the way here for it!

Your thoughts?

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  1. MBD August 8, 2018

    Good for her!

    • ? + ✈ = ? August 8, 2018

      Hopefully its not her usual talk rapping flop mess sound

  2. Dreazy August 8, 2018

    Ok Ci!! Let’s keep that energy! It’s time to kill some live performances and possibly get a bigger tour. For as long as she’s been on the scene I still can’t believe she hasn’t done a world tour

  3. DC August 8, 2018

    Other song flopped lol

    • Gavin Gavalli August 8, 2018

      Her Song is in the top 20, so what Facts are you going off of? Are yall even checking receipts before you scream flop? Oh I forgot its your job to just hate !

      • The Wig Snatcher August 8, 2018

        Get her, Jade!!!

      • Caleb August 8, 2018

        I think you need to check your receipts. #59 on hot 100 and #23 on hip-hip/r&b.. where is this top 20 you speak of?

      • xyz August 9, 2018

        Top 10 in digital Songs Chart, maybe that was meant.

        But whatever, the song is hot and I still bump to it

  4. Clayne August 8, 2018

    I have a feeling this is gonna be FIYAAAAAH

  5. Cardi B’s BabyBump is Fake August 8, 2018

    In the words of Aaliyah “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” Or maybe she should listen too the words of Nicki Minaj “Hang It Up, FlatScreen”

    • Markjones August 8, 2018

      Please stop hating on Ciara when Nicki Minaj can’t find a hit with her own singles. Atleast Ciara came back and lit the internet up. Give credit where credit is dime or sit down and keep it mute because you clearly don’t know how to be cute

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 8, 2018

      And in the words of nicki Minaj “it at first you don’t succeed… jump on a track with a sexual predator p******** with gingivitis “

  6. whhhewchil123 August 8, 2018

    well song will be a banger coz tekno is fyaaaa actually looking forward to hearing it.

  7. Meme August 8, 2018

    I love that she’s staying active! I’m here for it.

  8. Antincia foster August 8, 2018

    Can t wait to hear go cici

  9. Haterz Gone Hate August 8, 2018

    Level Up was a promo song and it was in the top 20. So quick to down another woman before even checking to see if the song actually flopped. Damn its ok to like more than one black female artist at a time!

  10. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 8, 2018


  11. The Wig Snatcher August 8, 2018

    Beyoncé, Rihanna and Alicia were too stupid to not catch this wave before CiCi. Go, Ciara!!!

    • Caleb August 8, 2018

      Lol what are talking about?

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 8, 2018

        I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, white girl ??

  12. Blackfirekitty August 8, 2018

    I luv Tekno!! Pana is my s***! Big Ciara fan as well! Soooo can’t wait!

  13. Jay Jay August 8, 2018

    Finally she’s being creative with her sound. Level up is doing well for her. It got people talking about her again. And I’m shocked how big the levelupchallange got on social media

  14. MUSICHEAD August 8, 2018

    I was hoping she would drop another single before the Level Up buzz died. I’m glad she will. Go Cici!

  15. A&R August 8, 2018

    I legit wrote this woman off but the way she’s moving… I might pay to see her live again. I never thought I would say this for anyone. Ciara May make history in my life. I’m glued????????

  16. DanYiel Iman August 8, 2018

    She’s a great party song deliverer!!

  17. L August 8, 2018

    I am here for it! Lets see whats she will bring to the table!

  18. xyz August 9, 2018

    Hopefully it’s a banger. Honestly, I did not know how much I missed Ciara until „level up“. I am so glad that she is bringing some uptempo this summer. Instead of all the other b****** with their midtempo s***

  19. Yonce August 9, 2018

    I’m here for it! Now all Cici needs is a live performance of Level Up & this era will be her best on in years.

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