Did You Miss It?: Janet Jackson Visits ‘TRL’ To Dish About New Music, Social Activism, & More [Video]

Published: Saturday 18th Aug 2018 by Rashad

Janet Jackson was the picture of perfection when she took to ‘TRL’ recently to celebrate the release of her Daddy Yankee-assisted new single, ‘Made For Now.’

Using the platform to give the visual its television premiere just hours after it stormed the net, the visit was also accompanied by a lengthy sitdown with host Sway Calloway that saw her discuss how the song and video came to be, other new music happenings, her critically acclaimed ‘State of the World’ tour, and a heartfelt conversation surrounding her thoughts on racism, police brutality, gun violence, and so much more.

Did you miss any of the action when it aired on MTV?  Fret not, we’ve got you covered:

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  1. WHO?SaidtheOWL August 19, 2018


  2. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) August 19, 2018

    I love her new song. I am happy that she is releasing a new album and touring.

  3. Bencelo August 19, 2018

    Nobody cares about this old hag. Her new song is awful.

    • Rasputia Latimore August 19, 2018

      Bencelo shut up b|tch. Make yourself useful and get a job you bumb broke b|tch. After that go fetch some soap you stank b|tch.

    • Boytoy1814 August 19, 2018

      Your life is awful!!! Scram/Get lost

  4. Keith August 19, 2018

    Cute show, needed another 20 minutes of interview time. I didn’t even realize TRL was still a thing, LOL…So are all dancing youth watching POSE?

  5. dee August 19, 2018

    Pretty woman but I noticed that she picking up the weight again.

  6. Boytoy1814 August 19, 2018

    Drop dead GORGEOUS!!! Janet
    takes my breath away. Ahhhhh!

  7. RoyalKev August 19, 2018

    Janet has been treasured for decades, but she’s so amazingly humble about it! She could easily be arrogant about all that she’s accomplished, her iconic contributions to our music culture and music art, but she’s still the same sweet Janet she’s always been! This is why she’s so blessed! I truly feel so fortunate to have her here today! Made For Now is a wonderful move forward!

    • Keith August 19, 2018

      What kind words on her behalf! If only younger folks felt this way and understood that the true ones really are humble…no need to scream your accomplishments to everyone who could listen.

  8. Hmm August 19, 2018

    Janet looks nice, but whats with all the big heavy clothes……..makes her body look bigger. Now I love the new song but let me be honest her song is starting to fall down the charts around the globe. Its still doing ok in the us but she needs to be at the vmas tomorrow and get the help of those 9 – 14 million viewers to push it further. Just saying. Overall happy for her, but want to see her back on top with a song. And I feel this way with all artists in janets age range. No they have nothing to prove but nice to see our legends and icons on top

    • Keyboy August 19, 2018

      How do you know it’s falling on the charts

  9. emmaa.wink August 19, 2018

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  10. Ka August 19, 2018

    On its way to 10 million views in 3 days BOSS, that is elite status right there!!

    • ? August 19, 2018

      And she did it 10.7 million views in less than 3 full days

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