Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee Deliver EPIC Performance Of ‘Made For Now’ On ‘Fallon’ [Video]

Published: Saturday 18th Aug 2018 by Sam


Janet Jackson is wasting no time lighting the match on promotion for new single ‘Made For Now’ featuring Daddy Yankee.

Unleashed today, the song is rocking iTunes. But never one to rest on her laurels or legacy, Ms. Jackson took front stage-center on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to render the song’s first live performance.

An epic, all-out-affair, Janet, Yankee, and a troop of dancers delivered a grand spectacle – one worthy of an award show.

Peep the performance below…


From the choreography, to the staging, to the chemistry between Janet and Yankee, this was fire! Kudos.

Your thoughts?

[Photo credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC]

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  1. What? August 18, 2018

    She slayed and shut down all your faves. The woman is 52 and can still dance circles around these girls and she’s singing live.

    • Lake Erie August 18, 2018

      Circles! And I mean CIRCLES!

    • aJ August 18, 2018

      She was not singing live. She got not catching up with the track

      • Rasputia Latimore August 18, 2018

        She was definitely singing live. She has always sung live on top of a playback. Beyonce lip synch way more than Janet but us members of the Beehive never hate on her for it. As a proud member of the Beehive I say we applaud Janet and support her new single and album. Also if you go to her concert you can clearly tell she sings live too. When Janet is not singing live you can tell. This was live.

    • Rasputia Latimore August 18, 2018

      I love her performance and I can’t wait to buy her new album. The last Janet album I bought was Unbreakable but that was about 3 or 4 years ago. I loved that album. My favorite janet album is the velvet rope.

  2. JK August 18, 2018

    Not many like her?

    • Lake Erie August 18, 2018

      Could NEVER be another her!

  3. Bravo!! August 18, 2018

    Get into Janet laugh! Let ya kids know she does sing live. Great performance tho.. it just seems like her neck and up be stiff now when dancing these days. I’m happy she continuing on with the Jackson legacy.

    • xyz August 18, 2018

      She did definitely not sing live

      • SMH August 18, 2018

        Then something is wrong with your ears because she definitely sang live. Either that or you’re just hating.

      • DM August 19, 2018

        People like you always look for the negative. Too bad

    • House Nicca August 18, 2018

      She’s 52 years old for Gods sake, idiot!!!!

  4. Marcel August 18, 2018

    Whew!! Wig flew

    • Lake Erie August 18, 2018

      ? Give that scalp some air. Let that new growth begin!

  5. Brandyfan87 August 18, 2018

    Epic! Love her!

  6. ? + ✈ = ? August 18, 2018

    Wasting all this promo on a wack song ???????

    • Darron August 18, 2018

      So wacked that read the article and had to comment…. I think you’re a fan ?

      • ? + ✈ = ? August 18, 2018

        I am, just don’t like the song sis

  7. DanYiel Iman August 18, 2018

    I’m sorry her live vocals aren’t ever a powerful thing IMO…

    • Haterz Gon’ Hate August 18, 2018

      Check your facts – where did you read that Janet Jackson is as impactful as she is on Music for her LIVE VOCAL? Post receipts of whoever said that? Janet is famous for being an MUSICAL ENTERTAINER with incredible stage presence, choreography and the ability to put on a SHOW. So you out here talkin snack about something only you believe. ??‍♀️

      • Haterz Gon’ Hate August 18, 2018


      • Bam August 18, 2018

        And let’s not forget she writes most of her songs and on some she is the ONLY writing credit like “Black Cat”.

        This performance WAS FIRE and I actually really like the song now. I hope radio spins it cause we need this positivity on it.

    • Rasputia Latimore August 18, 2018

      Danyella is a contradiction. Janet’s vocals, dancing, and celebrity are so “powerful” that you will not find a single Janet post on this site without that queen Danyella on it hating and spewing the same regurgitated loathing she has for Janet. She is a fan in denial.

  8. Haterz Gon’ Hate August 18, 2018

    Wow. That was flawlessly executed. She looked amazing and the styling, stage direction and choreography was ON POINT. Having seen it live now you can’t help but feel with warm positive energy of this song. Well Done Janet, let the haterz eat dust while your other girls struggle with stage presence and an 8 count ??????

  9. Jeans August 18, 2018


  10. Jeans August 18, 2018

    She is singing live

  11. Kevon August 18, 2018

    The only way Janet really sold records is because she ride the maichael Jackson waves …

    • RoyalKev August 18, 2018

      I guess it just didn’t work for the other 9 siblings, huh?

    • I said what I said August 18, 2018

      You sound stupid af!!! In that case every Jackson would’ve been huge. Didn’t happen for them. When you have sibling as big as Michael Jackson, the pressure is on to you to live up to that level. She just Has IT! Stop hating and go wash your a$$ ugly ✌?

    • Bam August 18, 2018

      And yet she one upped him signing one of the biggest record deals EVER. And is still the ONLY artist to ever have Grammy noms that span five genres and this was back when the Grammys actually were worth a damn and not easy to rack up.

    • Rasputia Latimore August 18, 2018

      Not at all. I believe Janet over you queen. She clearly stated it was her father who made all of the Jacksons stars. It was also Terry Jam and Lewis that produced many of her earlier hits. Michael certainly helped advised her but he never took Janet under his wing like a manager would nor did he sign her to his label. In fact the earlier material she did with Michael flopped on the charts. Janet became a star with the Control album which was independent of Michael.

  12. Achooo! August 18, 2018

    I love Janet Jackson eyes. I couldn’t get past Daddy Yankee child birthing hips. Let’s hope his hips don’t expand to Sweetie’s Pie Tim level. Hips don’t lie!

    • China August 18, 2018

      Child. You know LATINO/SPANISH MEN bisexual by nature. Daddy Yankee fans (female) – if you get the chance…check his butthole – i bet it’s loose. JANET IS QUEEN OF THE STAGE….

    • Lake Erie August 18, 2018

      Ugh! Smh. This COMMENT!! ? I feel bad for talking about him but I can’t lie… my eyes got bigger when I saw his hips. .. I never really saw him in full so idk. … lol… I didn’t know what to think..it just shocked me I guess.

      • WHO?SaidtheOWL August 18, 2018

        First thing that came to mind when I saw his shape was the penguin from batman? yikes! Bad body yankee

  13. RoyalKev August 18, 2018

    It’s amazing to see this woman putting on the kind of show that she is delivering in her 50’s! The energy is great and Janet has not lost a beat! … JDJ really is in CONTROL! This was just glorious!

    • Lake Erie August 18, 2018

      Yes! Not a beat! ❤

  14. Johny5 August 18, 2018

    SICKENING!! Just flawless, amazing energy and so unexpected. Janet is the originator… Still QUEEN. This is the new All For You with some Together Again thrown in. I am here for this era. Downloaded the song you should too

  15. Oscar August 18, 2018


  16. JanStan August 18, 2018

    This is NOT worthy of an awards show performance. It’s too good. Have u seen the fail performances on them these days? Janet’s slayage is legendary and sans bey and Gaga all others are an embarrassment in comparison.

  17. DeanD August 18, 2018

    Stunning. Janet killed it! This might be my favorite live performance she’s given outside her concerts. Can’t wait for the new album!

  18. Barbie B**** August 18, 2018

    She’s appropriating African culture and doing the whole African thing this era because of Black Panther’s success just so she can gain relevancy again

    • G7Pat August 18, 2018

      U mad..seethe

    • Bam August 18, 2018

      Let me guess you were born in the 2000s…
      Go do some research kid.

    • dee August 18, 2018

      How long did it take for you to think of that unintelligent and half-witted comment?

    • Rasputia Latimore August 18, 2018

      Keep seething white trash. When I think of you, escapade, together again, and lots more of her singles / videos were African influenced. Janet is a leader and not a follower. You cannot appropriate African culture when you are black. African culture is your culture you dumb ass when you are black or hispanic.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.! August 18, 2018

      @Barbie B – Lies! Janet did a similar “African” vibe with the song “Runaway.”
      #You’re An Idiot

      • dee August 18, 2018

        Don’t forget about Got Till Its Gone. The video was inspired by the South African aparteid.

  19. eric August 18, 2018

    I can appreciate the style, the dance and celebratory spirit of the song, but the song itself is really not a favorite of mine.

  20. Kai2dasuan August 18, 2018

    Well she does live. I recently just saw her and you can hear when she is singing. Mind you she doesn’t sing the chorus but even Beyonce doesn’t say the chorus. Now that is when the back track is playing ???

  21. dee August 18, 2018

    Yes Janet! You came through.

  22. Yolanda August 18, 2018

    Three slow claps. Great job!!

  23. Steve August 18, 2018

    Smart move. It will sell in America and south America and across the globe.its not just the afro beat it’s the massage. Kudos!

  24. meng meng mok August 27, 2018

    Well, I am a big 80s and early 90s Janet. Don’t like her musical direction after that. I miss Miss You Much, Pleasure of Principle, Diamonds, Nasty, Control, The Knowledge.

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