Janet Jackson To Perform New Single ‘Made For Now’ On ‘Fallon’ / Music Video Details Revealed

Published: Monday 13th Aug 2018 by Sam

Janet Jackson is lining up a week of excitement for the launch of her new jam ‘Made For Now.’

The Harmony Samuels production serves as the first taste of fresh material from the megastar in over three years and she’s treating its release like the event it is.

Fresh from announcing its release and unveiling its cover, Jackson has revealed that the cut’s Dave Meyers directed video will arrive simultaneously (on August 17th).

And, as if that wasn’t titillating enough, she’ll be taking to the stage on a major platform on the same day to perform the song alongside Daddy Yankee.

Details below…

In a press release issued moments ago, it was confirmed that this Friday Jackson will be taking to the stage on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ to perform the track.

‘Made For Now’ encourages people to enjoy their lives and seize opportunities today, not worry or wait until tomorrow.

Sonically, it’s touted as being inspired by Janet’s personal love of music from around the globe.

For its Brooklyn shot visual, fans will be transported to a neighborhood dance party filled with cameos from a multitude of international dancers from Ghana, Nigeria, Grenada, Trinidad and the US. All of whom who were hand selected by Janet and her longtime Creative Director Gil Duldulao.


We’re all sorts of buzzed! Song, video, and performance all on the same day?!

After a somewhat tour-focal promo of 2015’s ‘Unbreakable,’ this feels like a welcome return to the all-out, no stone unturned approach promo that Janet herself helped pioneer in the 90s.

Suffice to say, roll on Friday!

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  1. pat August 13, 2018

    can’t wait… loving the traditional promo. nothing sells a record more than great performance

    • BIGGESTAALIYAH August 13, 2018

      MTV VMA we’re waiting for you to announce her as a performer. I don’t think she’s performing anywhere else.

      • Bam August 13, 2018

        Yup she needs to be at VMAs.

      • Ok August 14, 2018

        Well the MTV VMA commercials are now saying ” you wont believe to surprise collaboration that will happen” – so fingers crossed

  2. Just_blaze August 13, 2018

    Come on queen janet

  3. velvet rope photography August 13, 2018

    I can’t wait ….

  4. Ethrob August 13, 2018

    Come through #JANET

  5. ??? August 13, 2018

    lmaoo the Queen is coming, your faves aren’t safe!!!!

    • madbrax August 14, 2018

      Queen of Flop lol

  6. Caleb August 13, 2018

    This is incredible! I am shocked she is releasing new music about 3 years since her last album. She is notorious for having huge gaps between albums. I know she will deliver something great.

  7. Wayne August 13, 2018

    YAY Janet!!! Can’t wait to hear the new song and watch on Fallon!! Already got my iTunes pre-order set up. #MadeForNow #MFN

  8. King z August 13, 2018

    A commented above said she is notorious for having huge gaps between her albums but that’s not true. She only started that after the super bowl fallout

    • King z August 13, 2018

      *commenter above

    • Ssa August 13, 2018

      86, 89, 93,97,2001,2004,2006,2008 and 2015

    • Caleb August 13, 2018

      Actually no. After the super bowl she released albums more frequently.

    • Caleb August 13, 2018

      Feb. 1986
      Sept. 1989
      May 1993
      Oct. 1997
      April 2001
      March 2004
      Sept. 2006
      Feb. 2008
      Oct. 2015

  9. olusheyi banjo August 13, 2018

    YASS jANET yass

  10. Ok August 13, 2018

    I’m so happy that our Legends are still performing and putting out music and I pray that this is something that will put Janet back on top of the charts or at least the top 10. and in addition to this new single and performance and video, the MTV Video Music Awards will air on the 20th, if I was on Janet’s team that award show would be a great platform for her to perform at as well

    • Ssa August 13, 2018

      86, 89, 93,97,2001,2004,2006,2008 and 2015

  11. stan August 13, 2018


  12. Yonce August 13, 2018

    I’m here for it! I’m glad that Janet & Ciara have gotten back to what we know & love them for which is their incredible dancing & performing skills. I hope that this song at least becomes a top 20 hit for her. I also hope that Kendrick Lamar & Bruno Mars will also be featured on her upcoming album.

  13. Jeans August 13, 2018


  14. Face August 14, 2018

    Megastar? She’s one of the biggest selling artists and Has been in entertainment for over 40 years…

    You mean *legend.

  15. Boytoy1814 August 14, 2018


  16. madbrax August 14, 2018

    no one is coming for you Janet, just hang it up already you’ve been embarrassing yourself for the last 15 years

    • DanYiel Iman August 14, 2018

      I agree ☝?

  17. Terrell Garnett August 14, 2018

    Ive heard the song already without Daddy Yankee on it I the Studio with Harmony and it is a feel good make you want to move record!
    It’s almost tribal/island but loved it!
    – @TerrellGarnett_

  18. DanYiel Iman August 14, 2018

    Hopefully she isn’t whispering throughout the whole song !!?

  19. social1 August 16, 2018

    So excited! Love Janet. This is how music used to make the listeners feel — the anticipation gets the fans going. I can’t wait to see and hear the new era of Ms Janet Jackson. 🙂

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