Janet Jackson Readies New EP For This Fall, Signs Major Record Deal

Published: Saturday 18th Aug 2018 by Sam

Janet Jackson kicked off a colossal week of promotion for new single ‘Made For Now’ – her hyper-hot comeback jam featuring Daddy Yankee. 

And while the track serves as the first taste of fresh material from the Queen of Pop in three years, it’s also the first fruit from her brand new record deal.

More on Jackson’s new label home and imminent music plans below…

The Label

It’s been revealed that Jackson has signed a recording and distribution deal with Cinq Music – a move which sees her bring her Rhythm Nation Records imprint over from BMG (with whom she released 2015’s chart-topper ‘Unbreakable’).

So who are Cinq?

Part of GoDigital Media Group, the company is a global entity that prides itself on delivering data-driven strategies + results in a rapidly changing music market.

In prior times, the label – whose partnership with Jackson is its biggest yet – was focused primarily on Latin and Urban releases. They recently acquired the lion-share of rapper T.I.’s back-catalog from Atlantic Records.

Speaking on joining forces with Jackson, Cinq co-founder and President Barry Daffurn said in a statement:

“Janet is a singular talent, a pop culture icon, incredibly innovative and socially conscious, a true music superstar. Her career is a highlight reel of an artist pushing the boundaries of pop music. Together, we’ll leverage Cinq’s data-driven toolbox, global presence, and best-in-class capabilities in Latin and Urban music to connect with and grow her worldwide fan base.”

The Music

In a new interview with Billboard, ‘Made For Now’ producer Harmony Samuels confirmed that he and Jackson have been hard at work on a new EP. And though coy on details, he offered the following:

“She’s not bound to any genre of music. She does have some classic R&B, but some other stuff that’s grungy where you’ll be like, woo! What vibe is that? Kind of George Michael-esque. I can’t say more than that. [Laughs] But it’s very impressive and people that have listened before me, it feels like she’s gone back to Velvet Rope and Control but it’s new, it’s a different vibe and you can hear that. For me, that’s more than I can ask, that people feel that same connection from where she was 30 years ago. That’s amazing. This EP is going to be exciting. It’s young and fresh but it’s not young trying to be young. It’s open for everyone to receive.”

Shortly after, during an interview with iHeartRadio, Janet herself said of incoming material:

“Yes, there’s a project that will be in the fall — a little project. This is just the beginning. [‘Made For Now’ is] the first single.


We’re all sorts of amped!

Janet is firing from all cylinders and is doing so on her own accord.

The EP (before an album) approach is unique and new terrain for her. Given the “event-style” approach she’s taking this go round, it’ll be interesting to see what she has in store promo wise for the rest of what’s to come. Because, she’s launching this single with the aggressiveness of an album – something we find oh so refreshing in an era where so many acts are shunning promo (despite needing it).

Again, we’re more excited that words can capture!

Welcome back, Ms. Jackson!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Its me Gowrl August 18, 2018


    • Nina August 18, 2018

      She’s made for now

  2. ??? August 18, 2018


  3. DC August 18, 2018

    EP she can’t release full LP lol

    • Dumb H*** August 18, 2018

      B**** she is realeasing a lp after the ep!

    • Rasputia Latimore August 18, 2018

      Janet Jackson has seven number one albums on the Billboard 200 and she is the third artist to amass a number one album in each of the last four decades. Her last album, Unbreakable, debuted at number 1 in 2015 and out of her debut week sales, 109K were pure sales not streams. She has nothing to prove and she can do whatever she wants. From a business perspective, this is the first single of her new era. Depending on how well the single does she may decide to release an EP first or just release the album. Janet knows what she is doing and right now she is touring / re-connecting with her fan base and doing festivals to connect with new fans. Look how many current artists release EPs and nobody hates on them (the Weekend, Drake, Chris Brown, Chance the Rapper, Trey Songz, PARTYNEXTDOOR, etc) and artists who release EPs disguised as albums (Kanye West, Nas, Teyanna Taylor, Ty Dolla $ign, Toni Braxton, etc).

    • LOL August 25, 2018

      Yay, new material to add to her line of flops from the past 20 years! Bring those t**s out for more promo!

  4. The Wig Snatcher August 18, 2018

    After four decades of wig snatching, Janet a Jackson is STILL a premium R&B and pop music talent. I love this!!!!

  5. Sherrif August 18, 2018

    Janet is very beautiful. She ages like wine..!!

  6. JanStan August 18, 2018

    Just glad this queen is still blessing us undeserving public with her talent and UNMATCHED stage slayage. Thank you queen for bringing actual talent to a Sahara level boring music scene.

  7. Chela August 18, 2018

    It’s so good to see innovation with her new style and music, she’s always been a trendsetter in that manner. I like to see her mature and yet still connected to all ages. Most importantly her music says something, the intentional messaging and lyrical content, thanks for giving all women something to be prideful with.

  8. G7Pat August 18, 2018

    Boss moves

  9. olusheyi banjo August 18, 2018

    Bring it on Janet!Bring it on!!

  10. Trinighal August 18, 2018

    Janfan4life!!!! Busting with JOY!!! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us Janfam and the rest of the world!!!!!!❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??

  11. Lake Erie August 18, 2018

    I am SO ready! I’m glad the fall is near! Janet is just full of surprises when it comes to her artistry. Can’t wait!

  12. Haterz Gon’ Hate August 18, 2018

    She’s a Boss making Boss moves on her terms. New PR, new Recoding and Disto Deal, New producers – this rollout has been SLICK ? Happy with everything, it might be nice to see Janet work with someone new for creative direction and choreography too for the new era and let Gil look after her historic discography moves.

  13. cindy August 18, 2018

    Time is always changing and you always change with time…Thank you Miss Jackson for coming back to us and letting the haters know that you are a trendsetter and will always be on top of your Game!!!You set the bar high cause your gift comes from above The Most High….May the Lord bless you and your family always….Much Love ❤ one of your many #1 fans

  14. Stevey Ray August 18, 2018

    I’m loving this new jam!!! Knew it up J!

  15. #TeamTinashe Stan August 18, 2018

    An EP from Janet? Weird but her new single is FIYAH!

  16. Keith August 19, 2018

    Ready to see what this next era brings…I think an EP is a great idea for re-introduction. The attention span for albums appears to be waning, just take a look at any album on iTunes and you will see that consumers now pick the songs they want. I hope she keeps the interludes, though, seeing as she made that part of her “brand”. Finally, I hope this propels her SOTW tour into ports abroad. The show is too good to not be seen internationally.

  17. JOHNVIDAL August 19, 2018

    How can this “older” legends have so much trouble creating or finding material? An EP only???? Madonna to my surprise has been having trouble finding the right music or producers too for a long time. I know Janet probably wants to release only quality, and that little is better than a lot with poorer quality. But come on! Seems like Mariah and Celine (the latter doesn´t write, I know, but keeps receiving songs both in French and English like crazy) are the only ones who could release plenty of material any day they decided to. Cher is another one that seems like cannot find someone to make her songs? Have you guys listened to her version of Gimme Gimme by ABBA as a first single? Couldn´t they find something fresher for her? Although Cher and Tina are really forgiven at this point for that because they actually are old women.

  18. DanYiel Iman August 20, 2018

    I mean I hope her fan base is ready to purchase!!

  19. Monique Baity August 20, 2018

    Janet Jackson never went anywhere, the industry, main stream media, media mogules and radio abandoned Janet! Bet they can kick the hell out of themselves now! MADE FOR NOW IS CATCHY & CONTAGIOUS AND IS A SUMMER TAKE-OVER HIT! LOVE IT!

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