Madonna On Pop’s New Generation: “They All Sound The Same”

Published: Wednesday 8th Aug 2018 by David


Madonna isn’t impressed with the new wave of Pop purveyors hoping to follow in her commercial footsteps.


Her estimation below…

The vocalist told ‘Vogue Italia’ that she’s recording her new album in Lisbon to escape what the U.S. Pop scene has to offer.

Why she loves the city?

It’s a  nice antidote to what’s going on in the music business now where everything’s so formulaic, and every song has 20 guest artists on it, and everyone sounds the same.

Fortunately, her decision has seen her meet a number of musicians she believes have the talent to remedy the problem.

I’ve just met lots of really amazing musicians, and I’ve ended up working with a lot of these musicians on my new record.


Do you agree with her?

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH August 8, 2018


    • Bravo!! August 8, 2018

      She tells no lie..

    • Fancy BISH August 8, 2018

      The Queen Of This Pop Ish has spoken! 👸🏼 Madonna is a low-key genius! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again! These new artists try to be a “brand” first and foremost! They try to sell t-shirts, homeless looking clothes, stank perfume, cheap liquor and whatnot! I don’t recall MJ, Janet, Madonna or Whitney trying to sell me homeless looking clothes before the start of a new era! These artists try to sell concert tickets before an era that hasn’t even proven itself worthy of any coin of any kind! And the music…LAWD, this try hard, too cool for school, hitless mess! Why does every artist think they are Beyoncé level? lmao 🤣 If ya’ll don’t get ya’ll no name assses out there and promote! They think they can just drop a surprise album with no hits and promotion…you can’t do that when NO ONE KNOWS YOU. And they are almost allergic to hit songs lol…like, they are almost scared of a signature song! Everything is just an average piece of crap! The whole album sounds like ONE LONG DREADFUL SONG. And they can’t write for ish, but yet want to write each and every song on their album like they are Prince! Let’s talk about it lol 😂🤳🏽

      • BeyNika Marajyonce The 1st August 8, 2018

        You’ve said everything I was thinking.

      • A&R August 8, 2018

        Yo.. this is real in many ways🤔

  2. China August 8, 2018

    At 60 years old, they will NEVER have the legacy and hits she has. People joke her about being older. But she’s the B_itch they all want to be. She is the Icon. Michael Jackson, Janet jackson, and Madonna. The original OG’s. Biggest Selling Female in History and has NEVER even hit a vocal D5. Work Bit_ch.

    • Caleb August 8, 2018

      Her career is the blueprint for all the pop stars.

    • Phyl August 8, 2018

      YES!!!! @China & Caleb….. #TalkThatRealTalk!!!!!!

  3. 2bad2bme August 8, 2018

    She gets on my nerves a lot but I’m just search for the lie in this statement

  4. Gee August 8, 2018

    Madonna spit nothing but straight facts with this particular statement.

  5. Lake Erie August 8, 2018

    I don’t really care for her at all…. but she’s right.

    • China August 8, 2018

      You may not CARE for her, I’m ALMOST certain she gives ZERO fuks. But what I do know. ALL YOU Q***** /JEERS FAVES LOVE AND ADORE HER. THEY WISH THEY HAD 10% OF HER CAREER WINS.

      • JU2Serious August 8, 2018

        Simmer down, hun.

  6. Lupita August 8, 2018

    This is the artist who had an almost four decade carrier without drug and alcohol or other criminal activity scandal.
    She is totally right.

    • xyz August 8, 2018

      She is actually really a bad ass b**** with such a strong personality. The majority of those starlets are not able to take the success without being high or drunk. Meanwhile there is Madonna who stood the test of time without having to go to rehab. And that while being one of the most successful stars out there. Even in times she has flopped she was like „f*** it“. One may not be ok with all her stunts, but she is a really hardworking and stable personality with an impact that looks for its match

    • gina August 8, 2018

      Shes right but shes not scandal free. All of her scandals involve exploitation of s** & the gay community. And lets not forget her under the table adoptions & her involvement in the breakup of A-Rod’s first marriage.

  7. Seth August 8, 2018

    100% true. She was pissed how her last albums had to be made and has saying to say about it! And is determined to prove she can still deliver a cutting end masterpiece like Confessions, her last truly great album

    • Sweetnothings78 August 8, 2018

      Absolutely on point. That was her last and best body of work.

  8. Olusheyi August 8, 2018

    She’s telling the truth

  9. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine🙋🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️ August 8, 2018

    Madge is right. Popular is at its lowest ever in history!

  10. Martaevia La’wayne August 8, 2018

    I agree

  11. FACT CHECKER August 8, 2018

    So y’all gone act like Madonna ain’t been riding off for features for at least a decade. Or better yet how she rode Cyndi Lauper and Cher sound into Pop Glory then stayed on the charts by working with everyone else Hit Making Producers to dabble in their sound. She may have fooled a lot of people but she has yet to fool me.

    • SMH August 8, 2018


  12. Bane Riff August 8, 2018

    Indeed, most music these days are hard to hear apart, and no one really stands out. Too busy making what they think will sell streams not what is good.

  13. RebelBoy August 8, 2018

    I completely agree with her and I look forward to this new sound that she is going for. I’m happy that she’s going back to being experimental. Also, let’s get into that video that’s posted up above where she sings for the 1st and only time ever “Bad Girl” in SNL. She sounded and looked exceptionally AMAZING!!! I remember watching that live as a kid on TV and being totally blown away. I miss that era.

  14. truthteller August 8, 2018

    Although she is right to an extent, she is also guilty of using guest starts in recent years like Nicki Minaj and Timberlake in recent years. She also tried to capitalise on 90s hip-hop and RnB with Bedtime Stories

  15. SMH August 8, 2018

    She may be right, but lets not act like at least half of her career wasn’t powered by guest features & chasing current pop music trends to stay relevant. She only made this statement because that method isn’t working for her anymore (Rebel Heart’s sales).

  16. DanYiel Iman August 8, 2018

    I don’t listen to her music but I guess she’s right!!

  17. Music Extraordinary August 8, 2018

    Maybe if she wasn’t giving B**** I’m Madonna or Girls Gone Wild it’ll be different she better take notes from Janet Jackson

    • Caleb August 8, 2018

      Rebel Heart and Unbreakable were both very good albums so no need to take notes.

    • Flopnet August 8, 2018

      Take notes from Tranet? What a joke. She hasn’t been relevant to the gp since that Super Bowl fiasco. Where is Tranet’s tours in the top grossing tour of all times? Her cute tour numbers shows lack of interest from gp, but only from her slowly decaying fan base. Madge has already outsold her in albums too? So why would she need to take notes from a lessor?

      • Vanessa Walker August 13, 2018

        This is why I don’t like Madonna her RACIST ASS FANS

  18. Michael Bosket August 8, 2018

    Ya same ol sounds it’s dragging me down not good for my body 😔 she better look how Janet Jackson can stay relevant today.

    • Caleb August 8, 2018

      I don’t understand. Y’all are acting like Rebel Heart and Unbreakable didn’t sell the same amount. And both have successful tours.

      • michael bosket August 8, 2018

        Unbreakable outsold

    • Flopnet August 8, 2018

      Relevant to her small & silly fanbase. Look at the tours:
      a. Number Ones: USD26M (LOL)
      b. Unbreakable tour: USD15M (and cancelled due to her gold-digging pregnancy)
      c. State of the world tour: USD33M

      a. Sticky & Sweet: USD408M
      b. MDNA: USD305M
      c. Rebel Heart: USD170M

      Tranet’s tours are like mall shows & confirms how small an interest people have on her.

      • michael bosket August 8, 2018

        Who’s Tranet?

      • Vanessa Walker August 13, 2018

        Say what you want about JANET she comes from a BLACK DYNASTY racist ass Modonna fans…

  19. Josh August 8, 2018

    But didn’t she release some s*** song with two features, M.i.a and nicki minaj.

    • Caleb August 8, 2018

      That was 6 years ago.

      • 1989 August 8, 2018

        Yes she did, but at the time M.I.A. was not at least at my knowledge a huge mainstream singer and Nicki Minaj was ending her Pink Friday phase. Se didn’t took some new hitmaker girls who sounded all the same, but choose two talented young artists with interesting sounds.
        Btw in my opinion Gimme All Your Luvin’ is brilliant and love the vid as well.

  20. xedos August 8, 2018

    Well as someone produce a hit everyone runs to them to get a hit.

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