Michael Jackson’s Family Celebrate 60th Birthday In Las Vegas With Usher & More

Published: Thursday 30th Aug 2018 by Sam

Last night saw family and fans of Michael Jackson unite to celebrate the King Of Pop’s 60th Birthday.

Las Vegas played host to the centre-piece event designed to honor MJ’s immeasurable impact and legacy.

The celebration saw the late legend’s children Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson take a central role – accepting an award on their father’s behalf and hosting a special auction.

Usher, who Jackson showered with praise and performed with, took to the stage for a surprise tribute medley. Elsewhere, talent from the Michael Jackson ONE show by Cirque du Soleil and DJ Mark Ronson rocked the house.

Celebs in the building included Gabrielle Union, Angela Bassett, Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson. Also present were Michael’s brothers Tito and Jackie Jackson.

Speaking with accepting an award for their father from Quinn Tivey of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (he’s Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson), Prince said:

“On behalf of my sister and myself, it is a privilege and honor to be here about something that my dad was so passion about and who he held so near and dear to his heart. The way my father led his life, he led by example. Even though he was the King of Pop, he never thought he was too big for any person, no matter what you did no matter where you came from.”
Peep more from the spectacle below…

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  1. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 30, 2018

    Great to see a celebration of Michael’s life. Long live the king. On another note: Usher looks like a cross between a perv and a weasel. His facial hair and clothing are both NO’s!

    • I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish August 30, 2018

      Damn, look at what you just said about Usher the same way they made fun of Michael calling him a pervert child m******* making fun of his looks now all you guys looooove him riiiight ? ???$

      on behalf of Michael Jackson f*** all of you

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 30, 2018

        @I hate… – No people referred to Michael as a pervert because of the accusations against him. I do see your point but it doesn’t change what I said about Usher.

    • Rasputia Latimore August 30, 2018

      Yall missed my special tribute to MJ. Now I ain’t get there till 1 am but I was on stage by 1:30 am and I performed Mt little tribute. Usher was salivating like he wanted to give me the hero but yall know Resuptia ain’t never catching no n|ggas diseases so I just performed, got my check, got my drank on, smoke a blunt, and bounced.

    • Diane September 28, 2018

      A cross between a perv and a weasel??? U got some jokes man. Just because u think so does not make it true anyway. So keep thinking whatever you want if it makes ur life go any brighter LMAO

  2. Just_blaze August 30, 2018

    Im not trying to be mean but i still dont think those are micheal jacksons kids i cant i need dna samples and everything. But its a cute celebration. Everyone looks nice

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.! August 30, 2018

      @Just.. – They are his kids because he loved and raised them. That doesn’t require DNA.

      • SMH August 31, 2018

        Lol whatever. Those kids are not blood Jacksons.

    • Rasputia Latimore August 30, 2018

      U are just being real. Those aint his kid’s biologically. He wanted to be white and have white kids to play wit so he bleached his skin, changed his nose white, got a white man”s chin, and a white woman wig to be a white woman and then adopted. He was doing the Catllyn Jennee before there ever was one.

  3. Jackx August 30, 2018

    Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpson and tinashe are slaying??????

  4. Keith August 30, 2018

    Glad to see the Jackson family and also good to see Usher back on the stage. New music from him is long overdue…

  5. DanYiel Iman August 31, 2018

    I mean that’s cool…

  6. Shaquiiii August 31, 2018

    Where’s Blanket?

    • SMH August 31, 2018

      That’s a very good question, you never see him as much as those other two.

  7. ??? August 31, 2018

    lmaooo those are not Michael’s kids, idgaf what lie those Jackson are trying to sell us lmfaoooo.

  8. Tino August 31, 2018

    When you combine actual album sales, hot 100 success, global impact, dancing and live performance Usher is the closet thing we’ve had to Michael Jackson

    • Diane September 28, 2018

      True that. Well said. But you forgot one thing: TALENT lol. All those things combined plus talent. In today’s stupid music industry, ANYONE especially talentless people can sell lol. Usher like MJ actually influenced so many people like Chris Brown, Trey Songz , Jason Derulo, Omarion and so on. They said that themselves: after MJ, they were lookin up to Usher. #FACT

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